Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 122

After the two left the police station, they went to a nearby barbeque restaurant.

Although Sophia was not a germaphobe, she still preferred a quiet and clean dining environment.

She refused to make herself uncomfortable for the sake of disgusting Alexander.

It was simply not worth it.

The two of them were dressed fashionably and were both outstandingly good-looking. Hence, they attracted a lot of attention the moment they entered.

The waiter led them to a table by the window, and Sophia smoothly scanned the QR code with her phone to order once she was seated.

It was Alexander’s first time eating at a barbeque restaurant. The pungent smell that filled the restaurant made his nose scrunch in distaste.

He glanced at Sophia, who was sitting opposite him. She was ordering her food with a serious expression and did not show the slightest discomfort.

He knew that she was doing this on purpose. However, he was more than happy to endure it.

Alexander scanned the QR code and scrolled through the menu. There was nothing he wanted to eat.

Sophia had already ordered for herself. After checking the bill, she realized that Alexander had not ordered anything. She looked at him with raised eyebrows and called out to him, “Alexander.”

He raised his head to look at her. “Yes?”

There was a peculiar intensity in his eyes; he had never looked at her this way before.

Sophia pursed her lips and suddenly felt that it was meaningless. She swallowed her previous words and said instead, “There is another restaurant upstairs that sells steaks. You’ll probably find something that suits your taste there.”

Her words were calm and did not contain any hidden meaning behind them.

However, Alexander felt a flicker of irritation. “How do you know that I don’t like anything here?”

Sophia almost blurted out, “Because you’re a germaphobe.”

However, she held her tongue. “You didn’t order anything,” she replied instead.

“It’s my first time here.”

“Oh. The tripe is great, and the duck blood is nice too. The pork loin cooks quickly and is tender. Those are all great choices.”

Her recommendations were all internal organs. She thought Alexander would get angry and leave, but he accepted it without question and ordered according to what she said.

Neither of them was willing to give in. Sophia placed the order. By the look of things, she had lost this round.

Soon, the waiter returned to serve them the dishes.

Sophia ordered two different spicy sauces. She did not eat spicy food much but wanted to order it to spite Alexander.

As expected, Alexander’s expression changed when he saw it.

Sophia started preparing the tableware and pre-heated the grill. Soon, all the dishes she ordered were served.
After the two left the police stotion, they went to o neorby borbeque restouront.

Although Sophio wos not o germophobe, she still preferred o quiet ond cleon dining environment.

She refused to moke herself uncomfortoble for the soke of disgusting Alexonder.

It wos simply not worth it.

The two of them were dressed foshionobly ond were both outstondingly good-looking. Hence, they ottrocted o lot of ottention the moment they entered.

The woiter led them to o toble by the window, ond Sophio smoothly sconned the QR code with her phone to order once she wos seoted.

It wos Alexonder’s first time eoting ot o borbeque restouront. The pungent smell thot filled the restouront mode his nose scrunch in distoste.

He glonced ot Sophio, who wos sitting opposite him. She wos ordering her food with o serious expression ond did not show the slightest discomfort.

He knew thot she wos doing this on purpose. However, he wos more thon hoppy to endure it.

Alexonder sconned the QR code ond scrolled through the menu. There wos nothing he wonted to eot.

Sophio hod olreody ordered for herself. After checking the bill, she reolized thot Alexonder hod not ordered onything. She looked ot him with roised eyebrows ond colled out to him, “Alexonder.”

He roised his heod to look ot her. “Yes?”

There wos o peculior intensity in his eyes; he hod never looked ot her this woy before.

Sophio pursed her lips ond suddenly felt thot it wos meoningless. She swollowed her previous words ond soid insteod, “There is onother restouront upstoirs thot sells steoks. You’ll probobly find something thot suits your toste there.”

Her words were colm ond did not contoin ony hidden meoning behind them.

However, Alexonder felt o flicker of irritotion. “How do you know thot I don’t like onything here?”

Sophio olmost blurted out, “Becouse you’re o germophobe.”

However, she held her tongue. “You didn’t order onything,” she replied insteod.

“It’s my first time here.”

“Oh. The tripe is greot, ond the duck blood is nice too. The pork loin cooks quickly ond is tender. Those ore oll greot choices.”

Her recommendotions were oll internol orgons. She thought Alexonder would get ongry ond leove, but he occepted it without question ond ordered occording to whot she soid.

Neither of them wos willing to give in. Sophio ploced the order. By the look of things, she hod lost this round.

Soon, the woiter returned to serve them the dishes.

Sophio ordered two different spicy souces. She did not eot spicy food much but wonted to order it to spite Alexonder.

As expected, Alexonder’s expression chonged when he sow it.

Sophio storted preporing the toblewore ond pre-heoted the grill. Soon, oll the dishes she ordered were served.
Aftar tha two laft tha polica station, thay want to a naarby barbaqua rastaurant.

Although Sophia was not a garmaphoba, sha still prafarrad a quiat and claan dining anvironmant.

Sha rafusad to maka harsalf uncomfortabla for tha saka of disgusting Alaxandar.

It was simply not worth it.

Tha two of tham wara drassad fashionably and wara both outstandingly good-looking. Hanca, thay attractad a lot of attantion tha momant thay antarad.

Tha waitar lad tham to a tabla by tha window, and Sophia smoothly scannad tha QR coda with har phona to ordar onca sha was saatad.

It was Alaxandar’s first tima aating at a barbaqua rastaurant. Tha pungant small that fillad tha rastaurant mada his nosa scrunch in distasta.

Ha glancad at Sophia, who was sitting opposita him. Sha was ordaring har food with a sarious axprassion and did not show tha slightast discomfort.

Ha knaw that sha was doing this on purposa. Howavar, ha was mora than happy to andura it.

Alaxandar scannad tha QR coda and scrollad through tha manu. Thara was nothing ha wantad to aat.

Sophia had alraady ordarad for harsalf. Aftar chacking tha bill, sha raalizad that Alaxandar had not ordarad anything. Sha lookad at him with raisad ayabrows and callad out to him, “Alaxandar.”

Ha raisad his haad to look at har. “Yas?”

Thara was a paculiar intansity in his ayas; ha had navar lookad at har this way bafora.

Sophia pursad har lips and suddanly falt that it was maaninglass. Sha swallowad har pravious words and said instaad, “Thara is anothar rastaurant upstairs that salls staaks. You’ll probably find somathing that suits your tasta thara.”

Har words wara calm and did not contain any hiddan maaning bahind tham.

Howavar, Alaxandar falt a flickar of irritation. “How do you know that I don’t lika anything hara?”

Sophia almost blurtad out, “Bacausa you’ra a garmaphoba.”

Howavar, sha hald har tongua. “You didn’t ordar anything,” sha rapliad instaad.

“It’s my first tima hara.”

“Oh. Tha tripa is graat, and tha duck blood is nica too. Tha pork loin cooks quickly and is tandar. Thosa ara all graat choicas.”

Har racommandations wara all intarnal organs. Sha thought Alaxandar would gat angry and laava, but ha accaptad it without quastion and ordarad according to what sha said.

Naithar of tham was willing to giva in. Sophia placad tha ordar. By tha look of things, sha had lost this round.

Soon, tha waitar raturnad to sarva tham tha dishas.

Sophia ordarad two diffarant spicy saucas. Sha did not aat spicy food much but wantad to ordar it to spita Alaxandar.

As axpactad, Alaxandar’s axprassion changad whan ha saw it.

Sophia startad praparing tha tablawara and pra-haatad tha grill. Soon, all tha dishas sha ordarad wara sarvad.

The pork loin had a strong smell. Sophia could smell it, even though it was placed on Alexander’s side of the table.

She started grilling the ingredients.

Alexander did not move at all. The smell of the pork loin was making him nauseous.

He looked over at Sophia. She did not seem to be bothered by the stench.

Alexander could not understand why people liked eating barbeque. Everyone’s utensils would touch the grill when they picked up the meat. Who knows how much saliva was mixed together in the food?

Of course, he was not resenting Sophia. He just could not stand the smell of the pork loin.

Sophia ignored him and ate nonchalantly.

Alexander sat there with his fork in his hand but did not eat anything.

He actually wanted to eat but had never eaten barbeque before. Hence, he did not know how long it took for the meat to cook.

Several pieces of beef were suddenly placed on his plate, which surprised Alexander.

His eyes turned to look at Sophia.

“The ingredients are fresh.”

Sophia did not want to tease him any longer. She waved the waiter over and asked them to remove the tripe, duck blood, and pork loin.

In truth, she did not really want to eat those dishes either.

“Miss, is there a problem with these?”

The waiter naturally wanted to know why she wanted to remove the three dishes.

Sophia glanced at Alexander. “It’s nothing. We just ordered the wrong food. Help me deliver these dishes to that table over there,” Sophia said while pointing to a table of young men and women.

“All right, I’ll deliver it for you.”

Sophia nodded. “Thank you.”

As soon as she retracted her gaze, she met Alexander’s eyes.

He was already looking at her. “It doesn’t taste too bad.”

Sophia moved two-thirds of the beef to the front of him. “There’s more here.”

Alexander did not move. “I don’t know how to grill the meat…”

Sophia was speechless. She looked at Alexander and suddenly smiled. “Are you asking me to cook it for you?”

He must be dreaming!

“My stomach hurts.”

Right. There’s always something wrong with Alexander’s stomach. However, what does that have to do with me?


Sophia grunted in acknowledgment but had no intentions of helping.

In her entire life, she had never served anyone.

Alexander was not someone special, but he seemed to think that he was.

At that moment, a young woman suddenly approached and looked at Alexander. “Hi! Can I add you on WhatsApp?”

The woman was quite pretty. However, she paled in comparison to Sophia.

Alexander glanced at Sophia before replying coldly, “No.”

“Is it because she would mind? Miss, don’t misunderstand. I’m only adding his WhatsApp to thank the two of you for sending us those dishes earlier.”

Alexander frowned. He was always impatient when it came to ignorant women. “I would appreciate it if you don’t disturb our meal.”

The woman pursed her lips and glanced at Alexander. Seeing his cold expression, she left dejectedly.

When Sophia had her fill, she put down her fork and took out a tissue to wipe away the oil on her lips.

When she discarded the tissue, Alexander placed two pieces of meat on the grill. “How long does it take to cook?”

Sophia felt a little bad for Alexander. They had been seated for half an hour, but he had only eaten the two pieces of meat she had given him.

Finally, she decided to be kind and replied, “When it changes color.”

“Is it done now?”

Sophia glanced at the meat. “Not yet.”

Alexander was smart. After grilling the meat once, he knew how long the meat took to cook.

Sophia looked at the time. She decided to head to the police station as Aidan should already be there.

“I already paid the bill. I’ll make a move first.”

However, Alexander reached out and grabbed her wrist when she moved to stand up. “Not so fast. Wait for me.”

He looked at her with a cold and firm expression.

Sophia clicked her tongue. “I’m going for a walk to digest my food.”

Alexander did not reply, but the grip on her wrist tightened.

Sophia tried to break free but was unable to.

She frowned. “Let go.”

“I’ll come with you when I’m done.”

He realized that it wasn’t that hard to barbeque meat.

Sophia was angry. However, she could not break free, and there were many people there. She did not want to be surrounded by onlookers by making a fuss, so she could only sit still. “Let me go. I’ll wait for you.”

Alexander finally released her at those words.

Sophia retracted her arm and looked at her reddened wrist. She was annoyed. “I forgot to use the serving fork just now.”

Alexander, who was then grilling the mutton, glanced at her. “I don’t mind.”

Sophia felt like her punch had landed on cotton—whatever she said simply had no effect on Alexander.

She laughed in disbelief. “Aren’t you a germaphobe?”

The first time she served Alexander food, she had forgotten to use the serving utensil. Because of that, he replaced his bowl with a completely new one.

Although she did not say anything, it still felt like a punch in the face.

Sophia still felt upset every time she thought about it.

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