Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 115

“Long time no see, Sophia. You’re as gorgeous as ever.” Samuel was pretty thick-skinned, sitting in front of Sophia without being invited.

Sophia took a sip of coffee and looked at him indifferently. “Same goes to you, Mr. Schild.”

While saying that, she smirked and looked at Samuel. Although she did not finish her sentence, he could understand that she was indirectly saying he was thick-skinned as ever.

Alexander followed and sat down. Looking at Sophia, he asked, “Are you very busy recently?”

“Not really. I’m not as busy as you, Mr. Xenos.” It was obvious by Sophia’s indifferent face that she did not welcome the duo.

Both Alexander and Samuel could see that.

However, one did not want to leave, and the other was unwilling to.

All in all, the duo were highly thick-skinned.

It could be said that all birds of the same feather flock together.

When Sophia saw the duo accepting the menu from the waiter nonchalantly, she knew that the two men were not planning to leave.

“What did you order?”

When Sophia retracted her gaze, Alexander’s hand appeared in her vision of sight.

Seeing his long, slender fingers and prominent knuckles, Sophia thought he would make a good pianist.

While she was lost in thought, Alexander grabbed the receipt on the side of the table.

After looking at it from afar, he told the waiter to add another set of what Sophia had ordered.

Beside him, Samuel snorted and ordered something else.

After ordering their food, Samuel looked at Sophia. The latter was sitting there calmly, not at all embarrassed or awkward from his teasing.

Samuel rubbed his nose, feeling awkward for some reason.

“Why is Mr. Schild looking at me like that? Do I have something on my face?”

After Sophia finished talking, Alexander shot her a deadly gaze.

When he thought of the scene of Sophia beating up Miguel in the training ground, he felt his heart sink.

“Don’t misunderstand, Ms. Yarrow. I’m just wondering how did you cause Miguel to be so badly injured?”

The duo had heard what happened to Charles’ cousin. Miguel was obnoxious and haughty, so they were surprised Sophia could destroy him like that.

Besides Alexander, Samuel was also curious about how Sophia managed to do that.

Sophia raised an eyebrow and looked at Samuel in amusement. “Do you want to try, Mr. Schild?”

When Samuel looked at Sophia’s gaze, he was struck by how similar her expression was to Alexander’s when he asked if Samuel was looking for a beating.

Samuel looked toward Alexander. I must be blind to think Sophia is not worthy of Alexander. They’re simply a match made in heaven! They are made for each other! If the duo is together again, not only will their lives be exciting, but even for outsiders like me as well!

Samuel looked toward Alexander. I must be blind to think Sophia is not worthy of Alexander. They’re simply a match made in heaven! They are made for each other! If the duo is together again, not only will their lives be exciting, but even for outsiders like me as well!

Therefore, Samuel decided to ship Alexander and Sophia. It was not that he wanted to watch drama, but he wanted his friend to lead a happy life. That’s right. What an honorable and wonderful friend I am!

“I’m not interested to try. I only want to hear about it.”

Sophia laughed. “What are you scared about, Mr. Schild? I’m just an assistant, that’s all.”

Samuel looked toward Alexander before smiling at Sophia. “Don’t belittle yourself, Ms. Yarrow.”

After all, even if Sophia could not punish him, Alexander was definitely able to.

Upon thinking that, Samuel shuddered in fear.

Sophia smiled. At that moment, the sushi she ordered was sent over by the waiter, so she decided to help herself.

After all, the duo was the one sitting uninvited at her booth. Therefore, it was acceptable for her to eat before them.

“Since my food is here, I’m going to eat first, Mr. Schild and Mr. Xenos.”

After saying that, Sophia squeezed some wasabi and dipped a piece of sushi into it. Then, she started to eat.

Alexander did not eat much with Sophia before, so he always thought the latter was only a pretty face.

However, when he saw her eating slowly and in small bites, nobody would believe she came from an average family.

Although Samuel and Alexander sat before her, she ate calmly and did not feel awkward.

No ordinary person could keep their cool like her.

Suddenly, Alexander thought of that night when she was fighting. It was as if her entire figure was shining, and every single part of her attracted him.

At that moment, Alexander realized that he liked everything about Sophia.

He loved all sides of her, and he could feel himself sinking deeper and deeper in love with her.

Noticing Alexander’s gaze, Sophia could not help but look up and furrowed her eyebrows. “Are you hungry, Mr. Xenos?”

Instantly, Samuel felt embarrassed by Alexander’s behavior. When did he become so lovestruck? He stares at her like he’s begging her to know he likes her.

Therefore, Samuel could not resist but bump his forearm against Alexander’s. After Alexander turned sideways to look at him, he furrowed his eyes and replied to Sophia, “A bit.”

There was not a single change in his expression. It was as if he was really spacing out because her food attracted him.

Sophia raised her eyebrows but did not say anything else.

After all, there was no need to say something she did not wish to.

Samuel, who was watching the scene unfold beside them, could not help but think that Alexander was the most thick-skinned person he had ever met.

At that moment, the food Alexander and Samuel ordered had also arrived.

Although Samuel seemed like he could not do anything right, the food he ordered looked surprisingly delicious.

Samuel placed the food he ordered in the middle of the table generously. Then, he explained the dishes to Sophia. “Ms. Yarrow, come and try this! This caviar is air-flown and imported from Irethiel!”

Sophia took a look at it. I heard a small scoop of caviar costs around a few hundred. As it’s air-flown here, it’s definitely worth the price.

With a smile, she rejected politely, “Thank you, but I think the food I ordered is enough for me.”

After being turned down, Samuel flashed an awkward but polite smile. “Oh. I’ll treat you to something else next time, then.”

Meanwhile, Alexander furrowed his eyebrows and glared at Samuel.

The latter was utterly baffled by that.

At that moment, Alexander choked after squeezing too much wasabi onto his sushi. Immediately, his face turned red from coughing.

While watching Alexander humiliating himself, Sophia took a sip of her coffee and grinned. When she was enjoying the scene, the cup in her hand was suddenly snatched away by him.

She could only watch as Alexander sipped on the spot where she had drunk. Samuel had also noticed what was happening and suddenly lost his appetite to eat the caviar. Am I stupid to sit here?

The smile on Sophia’s face had also faded. “Mr. Xenos, this is inappropriate.”

“The wasabi is too spicy.” Compared to Sophia’s noticeable change in tone, Alexander’s reply was relatively calm.

Pursing her lips, Sophia signaled toward the waiter standing not far away. “Please bring one more cup over.”

Alexander, sitting opposite her, could not help but smirk. It’s such a rare occasion to see her getting angry.

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