Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 114

Sophia founded Specter Entertainment around five to six years ago. She never revealed herself. Hence, Katherine had been managing the company in her stead the entire time.

Prior to the previous year, none of the company’s employees knew that Sophia was actually the boss behind Specter Entertainment.

Katherine had gone off to shoot a movie in the new year. Thus, she no longer had the time to deal with Elise.

Sophia contacted an acquaintance from the PR department and bade them slowly trickle out information about Elise’s scandals.

Without Miguel backing her, Elise’s scandals leaked out rapidly. The speed at which she tried to bury the scandals was far surpassed by the rate at which the dirt was released.

With that, the people in the industry were certain that Elise and Miguel had broken up. Otherwise, with Miguel’s influence, the scandals would have been easily suppressed.

If it was an issue that could not be solved with money, Miguel only had to show his face, and matters would soon settle down.

Since Elise had been unable to take care of the scandals, they came to the conclusion that the former had been abandoned by Miguel.

Elise’s team went crazy at her scandals being released so rapidly. They tried to pay off the other party, but it proved ineffective as the other party appeared to be well off. They did not lack money. Thus, they could not be easily bought off.

Throughout the ordeal, Elise had been unable to sleep or eat well. She knew that she was being targeted by someone. Previously, all she had to do was complain to Miguel. If she couldn’t get ahold of him, she only had to contact Miguel’s secretary. The matter would have been easily solved within hours.

As such, Elise was unable to silence the other party with hush money.

However, that wasn’t even the main concern. Several days had passed, but Elise and her team were still unable to discover the culprit behind the leaks.

Initially, Elise had suspected Katherine, but the investigator she sent reported that Katherine had been secluded in a closed film set for her movie shoot the entire time. The latter likely had no idea what was happening, much less had time to get involved.

Elise had made enemies of many people in the industry. If the culprit was not Katherine, they had no idea who it could be.

Naturally, Elise was greatly affected by the scandals, but soon, even the onlookers were perturbed.

In this industry, it was easy to become popular overnight. At the same time, it was also easy to fade into obscurity in a flash.

Elise had cultivated an innocent image for herself. The dirt on her went against her persona, and it served to wreck her image.

Despite that, many of these things could be overlooked by diehard fans.

To them, it didn’t matter if she smoked. It was natural for people to smoke when they felt agitated and frustrated.

Why would it matter if she drank? A person who had never touched alcohol before did not exist.

It did not matter if she spoke crassly. It was normal for a person to cuss every now and then.

It did not matter if she spoke crassly. It was normal for a person to cuss every now and then.

The fans’ tolerance made Sophia laugh as she skimmed through the comments. For a moment, she had no idea if the fans were actually supporting Elise or if they wanted to drag her down.

Sophia was amused when she saw Elise’s team run about like headless chickens for the past few days.

Sophia rarely spent so much time and effort venting pent-up frustration on someone. Most of the time, she confronted the issue on the spot.

It was a fun experience. Perhaps revenge is a dish best served cold.

After three continuous days of dirt being released on Elise, it suddenly came to a halt. No one bothered her after that.

Just as Elise’s team thought the culprit was done with her, and just as Elise thought they were just bluffing, a video of a car accident was suddenly released on the internet. The netizens on Twitter instantly had a breakdown.

The video was from three years ago, and the footage depicted Elise drunk driving and running over a mother and daughter pair. The driver in the video was clearly Elise. Back then, her manager’s assistant had stepped forward to take the fall for her.

The incident caused an uproar on the internet when it was first reported. However, Elise’s team had made her out to be an innocent victim. They shifted the blame onto the assistant, citing dissatisfaction with their job as reasons for the disgruntled assistant’s actions.

Elise had been praised for being humanitarian after the incident because she shelled out three hundred thousand to compensate the family of the victims.

Due to her actions, Elise gained a lot of fans on the internet.

The incident had taken place in the blind spot of the surveillance cameras in that particular section of the road. Not many cars passed by that area, and it was difficult to find witnesses. The people that had been present in the car corroborated their stories. The assistant who took the fall was paid a handsome sum of three million to keep their mouth shut. The driving under the influence case had been written off as a simple traffic accident.

However, Elise had coincidentally been tailed by the paparazzi at that time. The entire incident had been recorded by the paparazzi’s car’s camera.

The paparazzi then tried to blackmail Elise with the footage, but the latter did not come forward. Eventually, Miguel sent someone to destroy the footage and warn the member of the paparazzi to back off, lest drastic measures were taken to silence them.

The member of the paparazzi knew of the Johnson family’s influence and knew that he could not afford to offend them. Hence, he and his family kept a low profile and left Jadeborough.

However, Yvonne was able to locate the person in question and obtained a backup copy of the footage.

Alas, the wages of avarice is death.

The clever Yvonne had given them some money. Lo and behold, the other party immediately handed over the incriminating footage.

The video raised a lot of concerns online. Within just half a day, Elise was taken away to be investigated.

Katherine, who had been secluded in the mountains for the movie shoot, immediately called Sophia without even having a bite to eat.

Sophia had been coming out of Specter Entertainment when the phone call came. Arching her brow, she smiled and asked, “Did you finish the shoot for today?”

“Not yet. I’m having my evening break now. Soph, were you the one behind it?’

Sophia got into her car and shut the door. She made sure she had complete privacy before answering calmly, “It wasn’t me.”

After a moment, she added, “It was Yvonne.”

“Well, didn’t Yvonne do it under your orders anyway?”

Sophia laughed, but she did not deny it.

“Wow, Soph! You’re amazing! If your tactics were used in a period drama, you would absolutely be the winner of the court battles.”

Why did that not sound like a compliment?

Sophia clicked her tongue. “I can’t tell if you’re praising me or scolding me.”

“Obviously, I’m praising you!”

Sophia found Katherine’s words hard to believe. “Originally, I intended to wait for you to make a move, but after much thought, I was worried that you would drag it out forever. Since I was free anyway, I decided to take matters into my own hands.”

“Truth be told, I want to run down the mountains this instant and rub it into Elise’s face!”

It served Elise right. It’s her fault for constantly stealing my roles. She’s also such a huge bully!

Sophia laughed. “You can visit her in jail when you finish shooting your film.”

Katherine was momentarily stunned. “You’re right. I’ll have something to look forward to.”

Sophia checked the time. “All right, I’m going for dinner.”

“All right, boss. Your subordinate will take her leave now.”

After ending the phone call, Sophia could not help smiling.

Great. Now, no one else will bully Kathy in the future. Mhm, today is shaping up to be a wonderful day.

That day would be a perfect day if she did not run into Alexander while she was having dinner.

Alas, things did not go as planned.

Sophia had chosen a restaurant recommended by Yvonne. Just as she finished ordering her food, she spotted two familiar figures.

One of them was Samuel, and the other was Alexander. They were both people Sophia did not wish to see.

Just as they stepped into the restaurant’s entrance, Alexander instantly spotted Sophia seated at one of the tables.

Instinctively, Alexander wanted to go over. Before he could even take a step forward, Samuel, who had been standing by him, yelled excitedly, “Alex, look! It’s Sophia! This must be fate.”

Alexander turned around to look at Samuel. The latter wore a familiar gleeful expression.

Just then, Alexander vowed never to have a meal with Samuel ever again.

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