Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 116

Sophia was done eating and took one last sip of coffee. “I’m done, so I’ll take my leave.”

After saying that, she grabbed the receipt and headed to the cashier. However, Alexander grabbed her wrist before she could do so. “Wait a moment.”

While looking at her restrained wrist, Sophia raised an eyebrow. “Mr. Xenos?” Her smile had faded.

Alexander loosened his grip on her hands and flung the receipt in her hands toward Samuel. “He’ll pay.”

Samuel was currently slurping on pasta. Looking toward Alexander, he almost cursed but stopped himself, noticing the former’s gaze. Fine. I can’t beat him in a fight.

Sophia looked toward Alexander before fixing her gaze on Samuel. “If that’s the case, thank you, Mr. Schild.”

Since he was so determined to pay, she decided to satisfy his weird behavior.

“You’re welcome.” Samuel laughed. When he looked at Alexander, his lips twitched. You’re too much! Is looking at her off-limits, too?

Sophia exited the restaurant while carrying her bag, with Alexander following right behind her.

Neither of them spoke to each other.

After finding her car, Sophia stopped and glanced at Alexander. “What do you want, Mr. Xenos?”

“I didn’t drive here. Do you mind giving me a ride?”

Although he seemed polite, he did not seem embarrassed to be troubling her.

At that, Sophia chuckled in exasperation. “Using this trick once is already enough, yet you’re doing it again. Do you think I’m that easy to be fooled, or you’re the one that’s dumb?”

“I am.” Without even thinking about it, he gave her his answer.

Sophia did not expect he would admit he was stupid so quickly. Therefore, she was speechless for a moment.

A car exiting the parking lot disrupted her thoughts, and Sophia pursed her lips. “I’m sorry. I don’t want to be troubled by you.”

“I can drive.”

Sophia was irked that Alexander did not understand her, so her expression began to turn frosty. Looking up at him, she said, “Alexander, I don’t like to joke around.”

Some things only needed to be told once. If one repeated it, they were not leaving room to bargain for both themselves and others.

“I’m not joking.” Alexander looked at her with a solemn expression. “I hope you can give me a second chance.”

Alexander was dumb back then, but not anymore.

Despite being confessed, Sophia did not feel anything while looking at him.

After being disappointed repeatedly, one would feel dejected and no longer hope for more.

She had long gotten over her innocence and wishful thinking from her earlier years. Yet Alexander wanted her to jump right back inside. Dream on!

“I’m sorry. No.” After saying that, she opened the door and sat inside.

“I’m sorry. No.” After saying that, she opened the door and sat inside.

Alexander pursed his lips. Before Sophia started driving, he walked over to the passenger seat and knocked on the window.

As the distance between cars in the parking lot was not spacious, he was just looking to get run over by standing there.

Sophia was in a foul mood as she winded down the window. “Are you trying to stage an accident?”

“I hope you can send me home.” Although he did not open the door presumptuously, he did not walk away either and continued standing there like an annoying person.

Sophia looked at him coldly. The duo reached an impasse for around two seconds before Sophia opened the passenger seat’s car door. Great. He’s the one who provoked me in the first place.

Alexander got inside the car as he wished. Turning his head sideways, he looked toward Sophia.

She did not talk, and the usual polite smile was gone as she drove concentratedly.

As nobody talked inside the vehicle, the atmosphere in the car was quite tense.

The car slowly drove out of the parking lot and onto the main road.

Alexander again turned his head to look toward Sophia, deciding to break the silence. “We met nine years ago.”

Sophia did not look at him. “I don’t think so.”

“I remember now, Sophia. I saved your life.”

As it was a red light, the car slowly came to a stop.

Sophia gazed at him. “So you want me to repay you, is that what you’re trying to say?”

“I know why you like me.”

Many women in this world idolized strong people, and those emotions would soon blossom into love.

A melodramatic story of a hero saving a beauty could capture the hearts of sixteen to seventeen years old the most.

Sophia froze, ashamed that Alexander had revealed the truth just like that.

Although she wanted to keep calm like usual, she could not do it.

Outsiders would only see her strong and collected side, but she also had her soft side.

She would also mind about some things. Alexander was one, and things in the past that she tried so badly to hide.

The hand gripping the steering wheel tightened, and green veins soon bulged on her pale hands.

Alexander did not expect Sophia to have such a big reaction after hearing his words. Immediately, he covered her hands with his. “I’m sorry, Sophia.”

He had apologized to her countless times. Actually, the person he owed an apology to most was the young woman he saved.

With a sincere heart, the young woman had faced challenges after challenges to appear before him. Then, she held onto their marriage for three years just because her heart had fluttered a few minutes for him.

“I’ll never forgive you, so you don’t need to apologize to me.” After saying that, she closed her eyes and swallowed her emotions.

The green light flashed at that moment, so Sophia flung his hand away. “I need to drive now.”

Alexander did not say anything else. Instead, he lowered his head and stared at the palm holding onto Sophia’s finger just now.

It was so soft and petite; he could have held onto it so easily back then. However, it became something he could only wish for.

Everyone would have to suffer for their own actions.

As the car sped through the road, Alexander thought of many memories that happened in the past three years.

Unfortunately, he and Sophia did not interact much during the three years of marriage.

The only memories they shared that he could think of were the few family gatherings and some mandatory parties.

However, he would never notice her back then. Therefore, he could not think of any memory even when he tried.

It was too painful for him, so he decided to close his eyes and think back to the day he saved Sophia.

The incident did not make an imprint on his memory. If he had not looked at Sophia’s past photos after they divorced, he would not have linked her to this incident. Sophia’s looks had once amazed him, after all.

The car stopped, so he slowly opened his eyes.

He looked toward Sophia, who had calmed herself in silence for half an hour. “You can get out now.”

“What should I do to make you forgive me?”

Upon hearing that, she smirked. “I can forgive you if you’re able to make Jadeborough snow in June.”

It was currently summer, so there was no way it would snow.

Sophia was just giving him an impossible task. Then, she looked at him. “You can get out now.”

Alexander stared at her for a moment before exiting the vehicle.

When he closed the door, Sophia suddenly called out, “Alexander.”

Alexander felt his heart skip a beat as he leaned down beside the car door. “Go ahead.”

“Give me your phone.”

Without a single doubt, he handed his phone over to her.

After Sophia took over the phone, she ordered, “Back away a little.”

Just when Alexander backed a few steps away from the car, the black sedan sped off.

Alexander furrowed his eyebrows in confusion when he noticed Sophia had dropped him off on the outskirts of Jadeborough, with his phone taken away, no less.

She’s quite ruthless. Looking in the direction where the car disappeared, he smiled.

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