Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 111

In Miguel’s forty years of life, never had he partaken such a frustrating and awkward meal.

Conversely, there wasn’t a hint of embarrassment on Sophia’s face despite being the reason for him feeling such a way. Instead, she rather enjoyed the meal.

As Miguel stole a glance at the woman who was wiping her mouth, his expression darkened even further.

She looks pleasing to the eyes, but why is it that she has an unforgiving mouth?

Only after Sophia had taken a sip of coffee did she languidly turn her gaze to the two people across from her who had long since finished eating. “The food is pretty good, Mr. Johnson.”

The corners of his mouth twitched, but still, he held his temper in check. “Have you finished eating, Ms. Yarrow?”

“Yes.” Flashing them a smile, Sophia continued, “I’m sorry, but I’m a bit slow at eating. Let’s start discussing business now.”

While speaking, she took the document from Yvonne’s hand beside her and handed it to Miguel. “Mr. Johnson, I’ve done my research about Rhapsody’s situation. In recent years, toy stores have mushroomed, and the competition in this industry is growing increasingly intense. However, Rhapsody’s products lack innovation as well as research and development. That is also the reason your company’s sales have been dropping in the past two years. And as far as we know, Rhapsody suffered a cataclysmic plummet in sales last year because an educational toy brand was successfully listed within the country. The brand is known as Little Savant. I think you should understand the situation. All of Little Savant’s toys are self-innovated and developed. Bluntly put, the competitiveness of Little Savant in this market is far above that of your company. Of course, your company has been established for eight years after all, so it still has a certain reputation in the toy industry. In view of that, this is the price we offer.”

Having said that, she lifted her hand and put out three fingers twice.

“Three billion?”

It was clear as day that Miguel hadn’t expected Sunshine Group to offer that much.

Sophia’s remarks were downright unpleasant, but he had to admit that Rhapsody’s current situation was as she said.

In the early years, when the domestic toy industry was unbalanced, Rhapsody once monopolized the entire market for a year or two. Almost all the toys on the market were produced by Rhapsody. But as increasingly more people entered the industry in the past few years, Rhapsody could no longer rest on its laurels.

Back when he founded Rhapsody, he poured a lot of money into it from Prosperity Enterprise. Regardless of whether Charles had been turning a blind eye or wholly ignorant of it all, he had to sell off Rhapsody as soon as possible. Otherwise, he and Richard would have been working for Charles in vain all these years once the latter intervened.

Yvonne was likewise stunned when she saw Sophia’s offer. Truthfully, three billion was indeed too much.

Yvonne was likewise stunned when she saw Sophia’s offer. Truthfully, three billion was indeed too much.

Unexpectedly, Sophia abruptly chuckled. “You’ve misunderstood, Mr. Johnson. I meant one billion three hundred million.”

“Sophia Yarrow, did you mistake me for you? One billion three hundred million? Are you taking me for a beggar?”

“If it were a beggar, thirteen bucks would have sufficed. You hold yourself in too low a regard, Mr. Johnson.”

Miguel was so livid that his face flushed bright red. His lowest price was one billion eight hundred million, while his ideal price was two billion five hundred million.

However, Sophia offered one billion three hundred million. That was an utter insult to him.

His blood boiling, he sprang to his feet to leave. Despite that, Sophia remained seated without coaxing him to stay. Instead, she even poured herself a cup of cappuccino and sipped at it.

Not bad. It’s quite fragrant.

“Consider carefully, Mr. Johnson. Sunshine Group awaits you with open arms, but I’m afraid Rhapsody hasn’t the time to waste in this matter. Considering its condition now, we might not even be able to offer this price after some time. Besides, the fact that you met with us today might have reached Charles’ ears.”

The footsteps of Miguel, who had just stepped out of the door, faltered. Beside him, an anxious Caiden reminded in a low voice, “Mr. Johnson, the company’s debt is snowballing. Ms. Yarrow is right. The debt of three hundred million might become four or five hundred million if we drag our feet for a few more days. At the end of the day, you’d be the one to bear these losses.”

Hearing that, Miguel almost blew his top. “Didn’t you hear the price she was offering?”

Caiden knew that the price was low, but the situation of the company then meant extra losses with every single passing day. That would be meaningless as well.

If Miguel and Richard were willing to fork out three hundred million to fill the hole, Miguel wouldn’t have come over that day and endured such humiliation.

“But are you and Mr. Richard going to settle the three-hundred-million debt first?”

That remark gave Miguel pause. This is obviously a bottomless pit. I can afford to take out three hundred million, but the problem is, it’s not merely that amount later on. The situation will repeat itself again and again.

Despite being furious, he could still put up with it at the thought of the money.

Beside him, Caiden continued persuading, “Mr. Johnson, Ms. Yarrow has only offered a price once. Let’s go back and discuss this further. We might be able to negotiate for the price you want.”

Miguel was startled for a moment, realizing that he had been too hasty.

However, he found it too mortifying to turn around and head back.

Caiden knew the man best, so he added, “Mr. Johnson, considering the exorbitant amount of money involved, just endure it for a bit.”

He’s right. That’s a king’s ransom there, so what if I give in slightly?

Ultimately, Miguel turned around and returned to the table. His face was still flushed with rage, but his words were distinctly more amicable. “One billion three hundred million is indeed too low. Please offer a more reasonable price.”

Sophia glanced at Yvonne before languidly turning to look at the man. “Don’t worry, Mr. Johnson. We’re here today with full sincerity. But you also know Rhapsody’s situation. It’s a definite gain for you, but for us, we have to deal with Rhapsody’s debt and the subsequent transformations.”

A definite gain?

Miguel almost burst a blood vessel upon hearing that. If it weren’t for Caiden holding him back at the side, he would have even gotten physical.

“So, you’re saying that you’re not going to compromise on this price?”

“Not exactly. Suny told me beforehand that she knew you’d find it exceedingly difficult to accept the price of one billion three hundred million, Mr. Johnson. Unfortunately, the company can only offer this much. If you’re really sincere, she can add another two hundred million privately. However, she has a request.”

Miguel’s mind was fully occupied by thoughts of the two hundred million. “What’s the request?”

“You’re acquainted with Ms. Elise Gardner, yes?”

Miguel was momentarily taken aback. “What has this got to do with her?”

In response, Sophia’s lips curved into a smile. “I’m not sure about this. I only know that she seems to be rather lacking in her words and deeds, having offended someone she shouldn’t have offended. Well, she even dared to make a move against a bigshot like Suny. Suny has nothing but money. Since Ms. Elise doesn’t know how to behave, she’d like to teach her a life lesson. But she heard that Ms. Elise is seemingly your close friend, Mr. Johnson. Out of consideration for you, she hasn’t made a move against her.”

Since she had said as much, Miguel would be a fool if he still didn’t understand.

His expression changed imperceptibly. He was pretty fond of Elise, but when money was involved, he could still make a clear distinction about his priorities.

Furthermore, the woman was only a mistress he kept outside. People like her abounded in the entertainment industry, so he could simply find someone else if he couldn’t have her.

Contrarily, it was advisable to be on good terms with someone like Suny instead of the other way round.

“You can go back and tell Suny that she doesn’t need to consider me.”

“In that case, it’s a deal, Mr. Johnson?”

Staring at Sophia, Miguel gritted his teeth. “It’s a deal.”

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