Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 112

“We’ll prepare the contract as soon as possible. The one and a half billion will be immediately credited to your account after the necessary procedures go through, Mr. Johnson.”

When Miguel saw Sophia’s smile, he had to force himself to smile as well. “All right. I still have things to do, so I’ll go first.”

Despite Sophia’s pressure, deep down, Miguel did not take her seriously.

Nonetheless, Sophia was unconcerned. After all, the incident that day had left Miguel and Richard extremely irritated with one another for quite some time.

It made no difference if they looked down on her or not. They would have no choice but to beg her when the time came.

Miguel gave her a brief nod before departing with his secretary.

Sophia, who remained seated, sipped her cappuccino slowly. ”Ms. Leighton.”

When she heard that, Yvonne’s gaze met Sophia’s. Even though Yvonne’s face was slightly flushed, she quickly regained her composure. “How did you know he’d agree to that price, Ms. Yarrow?”

Lips quirking into a smirk, Sophia responded, “If he refuses, Charles won’t even let him get the three hundred million.”

For a moment, Yvonne was startled before she realized what had happened. “Will Mr. Johnson of Prosperity Enterprise object if that is the case?”

Sophia laughed as she drew out a tissue. “Of course they’ll have reservations.”

She returned her gaze to Yvonne as she picked up her bag and stood. “But I don’t really care.”

The moment Yvonne looked into Sophia’s lovely eyes, her heart skipped a beat.

My goodness! How can such a captivating woman exist in this world!

When Sophia said those words with a smile, Yvonne was completely captivated.

If this continues, there’s a good chance I’ll fall for her!

What she liked about Sophia was her overflowing confidence and stunning appearance, not her wealth. Sophia, in fact, exuded the confidence of a woman who had assets worth tens of billions.

I wish I had that kind of confidence.

“Ms. Leighton?”

While Yvonne was lost in thought, Sophia had already walked out of the private room. At that moment, she was standing at the door and smiling back at Yvonne.

Feeling embarrassed, Yvonne quickly picked up her bag and followed Sophia. “I apologize, Ms. Yarrow. I was preoccupied.”

“What were you thinking about?”


She lowered her gaze as she spoke. In reality, she was almost unable to keep the truth from Sophia.

What was I thinking? Of course, I was thinking of your money, Ms. Yarrow!

Sophia cracked a faint smile when she heard that. “What a surprise. An annual salary of three million is still insufficient for you?”

“I-I didn’t mean it that way!”

“I-I didn’t mean it that way!”

“There should be a follow-up from Magic Sense in two months. When they raise another round of funding, I’ll give you five percent of my stakes in Magic Sense. You’ll be in charge of it in the future.”

Yvonne immediately shut her mouth after hearing that. Wow! I’m going to be wealthy!

Yvonne, who had always been a cold and composed secretary, was fighting the urge to hug Sophia at that moment.

After all, she had been working for Sophia for five years. Any project that Sophia was interested in had a very good chance of succeeding. Despite the fact that the next financing cycle for Magic Sense had not yet begun, she was aware that Sophia intended to increase her investment in it, if the latter’s words were any indication. Sophia would never let Magic Sense go out of business.

Yvonne was trying her best to keep a straight face when Sophia mentioned that she would be giving Yvonne five percent of the shares.

After noticing that Yvonne was delighted, Sophia continued, “Help me investigate Elise.”

Yvonne immediately calmed down upon hearing that. “Understood. I’ll send it to you via email this afternoon.”

Sophia was grateful to have such a dedicated and intelligent secretary. If she had not given Yvonne a raise, she would have felt bad.

“Thanks for your hard work.”

“I’m simply doing my job.”

Pursing her lips, Sophia said, “All right. I’m leaving first, so I won’t see you off.”

“Understood, Ms. Yarrow.”

Yvonne took a step back, watching Sophia get into her car and drive away. Then, she called the company’s driver to come and pick her up.

After she hung up the phone, she immediately called her assistant to look into Elise.

In truth, she had looked into Elise a few months before. However, she had only discovered a few minor details in order for Sophia to learn more about Elise. But, this time, Sophia’s instruction to further investigate could only mean that she wanted more information on Elise.

Without Miguel’s support, it would be a piece of cake to teach Elise a lesson.

Meanwhile, Miguel, who had only recently returned to his company, suddenly had a realization. He frowned as he looked at his secretary. “When did Elise and Suny meet?”

Few people knew whether Suny of Sunshine Group was a man or a woman.

Since the name was feminine, some people asserted that it was a woman, but the majority believed that it was a man. After all, it only took Suny eight years to make Sunshine Group a success as it became an investment firm comparable to Prosperity Enterprise, which had been successful for decades. This proved that whoever it was, was clearly a remarkable individual.

Perplexed, Miguel’s secretary responded, “There’s very little chance Ms. Gardner could meet with Suny.”

At that, Miguel sneered and pulled out his office chair, raising his hand to tug at his tie. “It’s difficult to say. Do you really believe Elise got to where she is now solely on her ability? People like her are constantly striving to attach themselves to powerful people. To her, I’m just a stepping stone. It was clear that a bigshot like Suny was her ultimate goal.”

He twitched his lips as he said that. “Back then, she only chose me because she couldn’t seduce Charles.”

Caiden refrained from saying anything. If he misspoke, he would almost certainly be fired the next day.

Nonetheless, the news that Elise had attempted to seduce Charles had been widely circulated back then, and almost everyone was aware of it.

Elise had only recently made her debut at the time. She rose to prominence as a result of one of the films she starred in. After that, she was the new artist Midway Media was attempting to make famous. Charles and Samuel, who had only been to Midway Media’s annual for half an hour, were immediately targeted by her.

She was fortunate that Charles chose to forgive her for Samuel’s sake, as Midway Media had invested heavily in her and had two dramas in the works for her.

That night, Elise planned to have someone else drug her, believing that once the deed was done, Charles would be hers. Unexpectedly, he instantly threw her out of the room.

In just one night, the incident spread like wildfire. Despite the fact that so many years had passed and Elise remained as beautiful as ever in front of the camera, everyone in the industry thought of her as a joke.

Furthermore, Miguel had suffered greatly as a result of Charles at the time, so Elise decided to seek him out on her own, which he accepted. He chose not to abandon Elise after all these years mostly because he was still enraged with Charles.

Nevertheless, Miguel refused to help Elise clean up her mess after she offended such a powerful person.

After all these years, he felt he had finally paid her back. “Give Elise a call and tell her to pick a car and a house. Please ask her to refrain from contacting me in the future.”

It was his parting gift to her, and this action was well known and understood throughout the industry.

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