Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 110

When Sophia received a phone call from Yvonne, she was cutting fruits after having dinner. Seeing that it was Yvonne calling, she put it on loudspeaker. “Ms. Leighton?”

“I’m sorry to intrude, Ms. Yarrow. This afternoon, Mr. Miguel’s secretary gave me a call and said that he wishes to see you.”

Putting down the fruit knife in her hand, Sophia washed her hands before picking up her phone. “See me?”

“Yes. He wants to sell Rhapsody to you.”

Upon hearing that, Sophia chortled softly. “Okay. Set up a time, but it’s not Suny meeting him. Instead, it’s me.”

Immediately, Yvonne understood her meaning. “Sure. I’ll inform you when I’ve confirmed the time.”

“Thank you,” Sophia murmured.

“It’s my job.”

At that, Yvonne paused for a moment before continuing, “By the way, Ms. Yarrow, I’ve already sorted out the information on Rhapsody’s situation in recent years and sent it to your mailbox.”

As expected of a secretary who had been working with Sophia for many years, she knew her intention from a single utterance.

If there were money to be made, Sophia naturally wouldn’t turn it down.

As for the matter regarding Elise, that would depend on Miguel’s sincerity.

“Got it.”

After hanging up the phone, Sophia took the fruits into the study and turned on her computer, logging in to her mailbox.

When she had read all the information Yvonne sent over, she couldn’t help lifting an eyebrow. Miguel will probably burst a blood vessel at the price I offer.

Yvonne was very efficient. The very next day, she had already confirmed the meeting time.

The dinner meeting was set for six o’clock in the evening. It was still cold in Jadeborough in February, so Sophia wore a white cashmere coat, casual but not sloppy.

As soon as her car came to a stop, Yvonne walked over. “Ms. Yarrow.”

Sophia nodded in acknowledgment. “They’ve arrived?”

“They arrived five minutes ago.”

Well, well, well. It seems that Miguel is at the end of his rope this time that he’s lowering himself to wait for someone else.

At that thought, Sophia snickered. “Let’s go in then.”

“Sure, Ms. Yarrow.”

Yvonne led the way ahead. When the two of them reached the private room, it was two minutes before the agreed-upon time. Verily, Sophia calculated the time precisely.

“Mr. Johnson, Mr. Woolf, this is Suny’s assistant, Ms. Yarrow. She’s the main person in charge of the matter this time.”

The moment Miguel caught sight of Sophia, his expression visibly changed. However, he wasn’t as arrogant as before to show his dissatisfaction and disdain openly. “Suny’s assistant, huh? It looks like we underestimated you, Ms. Yarrow.”

Nonetheless, Sophia pretended as though she didn’t hear the mockery in his words. She politely flashed him a smile. “You flatter me, Mr. Johnson.”

Miguel’s expression promptly went cold. His secretary beside him, Caiden Woolf, hurriedly smoothed things over with a bright smile. “Ms. Leighton, Ms. Yarrow, it’s late now, so you both must be hungry, yes? How about we order some food first?”

Miguel’s expression promptly went cold. His secretary beside him, Caiden Woolf, hurriedly smoothed things over with a bright smile. “Ms. Leighton, Ms. Yarrow, it’s late now, so you both must be hungry, yes? How about we order some food first?”

Eyeing Miguel with a half-smile, Sophia put her handbag down and took a seat. Then, she unceremoniously took the menu from him. “Thank you.”

Caiden smiled before turning to Miguel. “What would you like to eat, Mr. Johnson?”

Miguel initially thought that Suny would come in person. Unexpectedly, it was Sophia who came.

Verily, everyone in their circle knew who she was.

So what if she’s impressively capable? Without Alexander, who’s willing to spare her a single glance? But then, she indeed has some capabilities. I never thought that she’d become Suny’s assistant in the blink of an eye.

At that line of thought, Miguel’s gaze darkened a shade.

“You don’t seem too pleased to see me, Mr. Johnson?”

Sophia looked at him with a half-smile, pointing out his dissatisfaction bluntly.

Since Alexander had no interest in her, few in their circle regarded her highly.

Instead, they all felt that she was merely a good-looking gold digger.

“You’ve got quite the self-awareness, Ms. Yarrow.”

At that remark of his, Sophia was irked, but she unhurriedly took a sip of cappuccino before commenting, “I know myself quite well, but I don’t think the same can be said of you, Mr. Johnson.”

While saying that, she smiled faintly even as she turned and glanced at Yvonne.

Yvonne lifted her hand and placed the document on the table, sliding it over to Miguel.

“Mr. Johnson, this is Rhapsody’s situation in the past three years. In the past eight months, almost a hundred of Rhapsody’s physical stores have gone bankrupt nationwide when Rhapsody only has two hundred and forty-eight physical stores in total. Not only have Rhapsody’s physical sales been dismal in the past eight months, but its online sales have also taken a nosedive. According to your official data, the sales of Rhapsody’s products have been plummeting since October last year, and your profits of three hundred percent monthly now can’t even support your expenses.”

Pausing briefly, Sophia continued, “At present, Rhapsody has a debt of at least three hundred million on the books. Are you planning to settle it yourself, Mr. Johnson? Or perhaps you’re more inclined toward contacting Charles.”

“How dare you?”

She had only said a few words, but Miguel instantly deflated.

“My appointment today is with Suny.”

In other words, he was saying that he had no appointment with Sophia, who was unworthy to eat at the same table as him.

“I’m Suny’s assistant. She couldn’t spare the time to meet you, so she handed this matter over to me. If you think this isn’t appropriate, Mr. Johnson, you can wait until she’s free to see you.”

As for whether Rhapsody would go bankrupt first or he managed to wait for Suny before that happened was another story altogether.

A smile remained on Sophia’s face the entire time she spoke, but every single sentence kept Miguel’s hands tied.

Beside her, Yvonne surreptitiously gazed at her. It wasn’t the first time she saw Sophia negotiating, but she still couldn’t help admiring her.

What’s the definition of impressive? Look, this is exactly it! With just a few words, she has already put him at a disadvantage amidst casual conversation.

In fact, she could already imagine how Miguel would be suppressed even more devastatingly at Sophia’s hands later.

The mere thought of it had her growing excited.

Glancing at Yvonne, Sophia flashed her a smile before casting a look at Miguel once more. “It seems I don’t have the honor of dining with you today, Mr. Johnson.”

While saying that, she snagged her bag from the side, getting to her feet and leaving at once.

Her movements were brisk and decisive, not at all seeming as though she was being pretentious.

Before Miguel could even gather his wits about him, panic swamped him. “Wait!”

Sophia, who had already reached the door, halted in her tracks. She looked back over her shoulder at him with a smile. “Yes, Mr. Johnson?”

“You’ve misunderstood, Ms. Yarrow. That wasn’t what I meant. I came here today with great sincerity.”

When Miguel spoke again, he sounded wholly different from his high and mighty self earlier.

Chuckling, Sophia remarked, “Of course, we also came with Suny’s sincerity.”

Miguel’s secretary helped to smooth things over, gesturing for Sophia and Yvonne to precede him after walking over to them. “Ms. Yarrow, Ms. Leighton, let’s have dinner first.”

Arching an eyebrow, Sophia retraced her steps.

The entire meal was aggravating to Miguel. He wanted to say something to ease the atmosphere, but the instant he lifted his head and glimpsed Sophia’s face, the words got stuck in his throat.

Although those alluring eyes were slightly upturned, he couldn’t discern a hint of a smile in them when she looked over.

Truly, he was completely repressed by her gaze.

Consequently, the burden fell onto his secretary. Caiden rambled on as he racked his brain, and Sophia listened as she ate, but she didn’t respond to him. Despite feeling mortified, he couldn’t keep quiet either.

If he remained silent, the atmosphere in the private room would plunge into a stalemate.

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