The Lycan Princess and the Temptation of Sin chapter 6 by moonlight muse

6. First Day Back

Midnight Academy. Home to the annoying hormone-ridden spawns of the supernatural. One of the four schools founded by my own father, a place meant to make us fit in, to feel at home, to be ourselves. Only that depends on what is considered the norm for the supernatural. I’m one-of-a-kind, or two if you add my father. No one knows exactly what I am, but they fear me. I can see it in their eyes, smell it reeking off them.

I now glance around the halls wondering if Kataleya, my twin, has arrived. Dad had offered to collect me and drive me here, but after that argument last night, I ignored his messages just letting Kat know I’ll make my own way.

I walk down the hall to my locker, not missing the way those nearby edge away. They’re still scared after last year… but because they know I’m the king’s daughter, they won’t dare try to insult me when there’s no one around to protect them. Their eyes say it all. Pathetic c*nts.

I poke my eyes out at the nearest little putrid spawn and despite being of Alpha blood; he flinches and I smirk.

This can be a little fun.

Smirking smugly, I pop a green apple-flavoured gum into my mouth, not bothering with any more of them as I glance at the gap in Kataleya’s locker. Letters are sticking out and it’s obviously full to the max.

My twin is the opposite of me, where people avoid me like I’m the plague or the devil himself, people love Kataleya, she’s the polar opposite of me, with long Rapunzel hair, and curves that rival the s*xiest anime character. With her coy, demure behaviour, she is the girl every guy in this place craves. But they forget two things: one, she’s a good girl, and second, she has the devil for a sister.

You don’t mess with my sister… I remember last year, the trigger that had pushed me over the edge and I shake my head, blocking the thought away, not letting the unease get to me.

I take my phone out and open his chat. Not one… it’s been five days and not one message… well, I’m not messaging either. I place my extra books in my locker, skimming over my schedule.

“Mm, I can work with that.” I say to myself, it’s double training. Although I never struggled with studies and ace it all, I prefer physical training sessions, as in weapons, martial arts, or sports.

After what happened, I didn’t think I’d be able to continue… to the point that there were talks of me dropping out of the school, but that’s until Dad pulled some strings to make sure I’m staying. I know the rumours, even though he denies having a hand in it… They say the new trainer is a powerful Alpha.

Yeah, I’m strong and I’m certain there’s only a handful of alphas who can handle me.

I snap my locker shut as a familiar scent fills my nose.


I turn, my eyes widening when I find myself staring at Prince Charming from the cottage. Dressed in white pants and a pale blue shirt that is tucked into his pants, he looks effortlessly good, and I instantly remember his look-alike from the club.


“Skyla Rossi, we meet again.” He says with a small smirk.

It takes me a moment to remember his name.

“Aleric.” What is he doing here? He’s definitely not a teen.

“Ah, yes, sorry I did not realise we would meet again here. I should have clicked when you told me your name was Skyla. Forgive me. Allow me to officially introduce myself, Aleric Arden. I’m the new science professor.”

“Nice,” I say, not knowing what else to say when all I can think of is that I’m certain I made out with someone who looks so similar to him that they must be related.

“How about we have lunch together? I wouldn’t mind getting a little tour around here by one of the students herself after?”

“Sure.” I find myself saying.

“Then I’ll see you at twelve.” He gives me one of those s*xy smirks, that I have to admit doesn’t go unnoticed.

He walks off, radiating power and I wonder why such a powerful Alpha is taking up the job of teaching here, I mean – My heart thunders as I realise a small, vital detail.

Aleric Arden.


The name of the Alpha family of the Shadow Wolves Pack, the Alpha, is a man that Dad doesn’t like. My stomach twists as I continue to stare at his receding back. Alpha Kenneth Arden has twin sons…


That means I made out with the other Arden twin.

Oh, I’ve f*cked up… bad.

Someone brushes past me, jolting me to reality.

“He’s so hot…”

“Ah, I’m so jealous, he talked to her…”

“Well, she is the King’s daughter…”

I ignore them, trying to focus when I’m busy stressing over what I’ve done.

“Sky!” I turn just in time to see Kataleya hurrying down the hall, she’s wearing a chiffon dress with a little jacket on top, her long hair in a high ponytail and the moment she’s in front of me she hugs me tightly, at 5 feet 10 I’m a good 4 inches taller than her. I hug her tightly, her soft scent reminding me of home.

“Missed me?” I ask when she finally lets go of me.

“Of course I did.” She replies softly, looking concerned.

“It’s only been a week.” I reply with a smirk.

“And how is Malevolent?” she smiles.

“She’s well. She was sleepy, so I didn’t sneak her in.” I whisper.

She giggles before looking at me with concern. “Are you alright? You look… distracted?”

“I’m fine, Kat, just thinking of how to wreak havoc on the school this year.” I joke as she opens her locker, and a pile of letters spill out, making her blush as she looks around and quickly bends down and begins collecting them. I watch her fumble around, as she quickly tries to hide the number of letters, I simply smirk, amused.

Her bashfulness is pretty cute.

“Sky…” She shakes her head, standing up and tilts her head, observing me as I grab my gym stuff from my locker just as the bell rings.

“I’ll catch you later?”

She nods. “I won’t be around for lunch as I’m tutoring, but after school?” She calls quickly, opening her locker.

“Perfect! I’ll treat you to an all-you-can-eat barbeque down at Kayoko’s!”

“Ok!” She calls after me as I jog down the hall.

Yeah, I know it’s against the rules, but hey, since when has that ever bothered me?

I enter the changing rooms and, dumping my bag; I begin stripping out of the leather pants and fitted black corset top I was wearing. Other girls begin to trickle in, chatting or complaining, but I ignore them all, pulling on my matching sports bra and leggings, before donning a black tank top on top. I sit down on the bench and begin tying my laces on my trainers.

I place my clothes, bag, and phone into the locker before heading out into the hall, running my fingers through my hair.

The boys are to one side, and so is he… Zayn, the one I almost killed last year… His blue eyes meet mine, and silence falls around us. His dark brown hair tumbles in front of his eyes as he looks away first.

Some things just don’t stay in the past…

I chew my gum, walking off to the back to warm up. It’s about five minutes later when the bell rings and by now everyone for the session is here.

“I heard Coleson quit.” One boy says.

“Well, we have a new replacement this year and I heard he’s quite the looker. My sister saw him this morning.” One girl adds making a few of the others burst into giggles.

“Oh, I bet he is, I hope he’s fun.”

“We all know Daphne will be the first one trying to spread her legs.” one of the girls laughs.

“Oh, shut up.” Daphne replies, but it’s obvious she’s enjoying this.

The door opens and silence falls through the hall, and I stand up. With my height, I can see past the heads of all the girls and my eyes fall on the man who has just entered.

He’s in a white T-shirt that clings to his broad chest and muscular biceps, with grey sweats that cling to him oh so f*cking perfectly. He’s running his hand through his blond locks and a familiar scent hits my nose.

My heart thumps violently as he stops in front of the crowd, and I find myself staring at the man from the club.

Oh, hell no…

Don’t tell me our new gym teacher is the guy who made me come the other night…

“Good morning everyone, as you may already know, I’m replacing Mr Coleson. My name is Royce Arden. Call me Royce. I’m from the Shadow Wolves Pack and I will be your new instructor going forward.” He says, in that same s*xy voice that has haunted me in my dreams for the last five nights…

“Nice to meet you, sir.” Daphne is the first to speak.

Royce’s eyes snap up to look at her but they skim past her, instead, his eyes find me. He’s recognised me… I know it from the change in his heartbeat that he tries to hide. But I’m a Lycan. Nothing really gets past me…

I’m unable to look away from those gorgeous stormy eyes. My heart is racing as I stare at the man who walked out on me the other night without a word.

My teacher.

Oh f*ck, my teacher had his fingers up my p*ssy.

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