The Lycan Princess and the Temptation of Sin chapter 5 by moonlight muse

5. A Father’s Demands

I left. I don’t know, that just was not a conversation that I wanted to embarrass her with, by overhearing. Whatever was going on between her and her father was her business… but it did feel like I was stood up twice.

The passing streetlights soon become sparse as I drive my Bentley up the winding hill towards home. I can’t get either woman out of my head. Lil Lucifer, as I like to call her, didn’t even send another message since her surprising last text that read; ‘I didn’t really want to meet anyway.’

My replies to her were ignored, although she came online several times after I sent those. Maybe she got cold feet, but she should have given me an explanation or voiced her concerns rather than just cancelling on me without even a heads up.

Then there was Little Miss Green Eyes, s*xy and sinful all at once, and now I kind of wish I had just f*cked her first and played later. By the time I get out of my car and toss my keys to the valet, I’m even more aggravated than before.

I take the marble steps two at a time that lead to the massive mansion’s entrance and before I even reach the double doors that lead into the mansion, our butler Charles opens the door.

“Good evening, Master Royce.” He says politely, bowing his head.

“Evening Charles.” I reply not in the mood for conversation. I head across the huge foyer, walking past the fountain and taking one of the two flights of stairs.

Reaching my bedroom, I toss my jacket onto the couch, only for someone to reach out and catch it before it hits the sofa.

“What do you want, Aleric?” I ask, shutting the door behind me and head across the huge room and through to the bathroom. I leave the door open as I wash my hands and face, staring at my reflection as I try to calm the festering anger that is bubbling beneath the surface.

“This jacket smells of a rather delicious woman and sex…” He states lightly as I grab a towel and step out of the bathroom.


He smirks as he sits there, leaning back against the sofa, his right ankle resting on his left knee.

“If you need to engage in meaningless sex, at least be discreet about it. We have a reputation, Royce.”

I ignore him, unlocking my phone and staring at the last messages we exchanged.

Reign707: Can’t actually believe I’m about to meet the real little Lucifer. I’m intrigued to see the you that you’ve so teasingly refrained from revealing.

LuciferessX: Me too. See you tonight. Can’t wait. Xx

And then her next message.

LuciferessX: I didn’t really want to meet, anyway.

Reign707: Whoa, are you cancelling? Or shall I assume you texted me accidentally?

Reing707: Hey… are you really bailing? Talk to me, let’s figure out what’s going on.

Not one f*cking reply.

Clenching my phone, I toss it onto the sofa next to Aleric. He glances at it but says nothing. “Well, father wants to see us first thing in the morning. In fact, he was waiting for you to return, but you took your time.” He says, standing up.

“Hm.” I reply as I begin to unbutton my shirt.

The door shuts behind him and I walk to the bathroom again. Closing the door behind me, I enter the shower.

Undressing, I step under the shower, closing my eyes as I let the cold water douse me. Lil Lucifer… from her s*xy snippets she sends me… the way she talked… I try to put a face to her, only to conjure up the s*xy bottle-green eyed Goddess from tonight…

I wrap my hand around my d*ck, imagining it’s her… imagining her hand or better her lips around my cock… I begin stroking it hard and fast, pleasure rushing through me. Her screams of pleasure as she lost control fill my mind as I replay the moment, the way she came undone around my fingers. The way her juices coated my hand and her thighs.

I throb hard, feeling the pressure building. I imagine f*cking her, picturing that rose vine tattoo running up her waist and down her arm… the way her breasts rose and fell, her parted red lips…


Pleasure rips through me as I come. Shooting my cum across the stone-tiled wall of the shower, I place a hand on the wall, breathing hard as I watch the milky substance wash away. This isn’t how I wanted my night to end…


I barely slept last night, my mind a tornado of emotions, I couldn’t stop thinking of the Green-eyed goddess at the club and I woke with another hard-on.

Perfect isn’t it?

And Lil Lucifer? Not one text from her… I’m not going to message her again, she’s the one who cancelled on me. I now make my way to Dad’s office, not in the mood for one of his lectures.

Aleric is already there, his long blond hair pulled into a ponytail, which reminds me of one of those dumb princes from cartoons. All he needs is a bl*ody bow in it.

“Royce, you finally made it.” Dad says from behind his enormous desk. His pale blue eyes are sharp and calculating, and his blond hair is sleekly styled back, as he now watches me.

“I’m on time.” I state, glancing at the clock on the wall.

He raises an eyebrow, giving me a small smile. One that is anything but pleasant. He may be a werewolf, but he’s slyer than a fox.

“You weren’t home last night.”

“No, I wasn’t.” I will not give him any more information than that.

“You two are meant to be working on attaining the favour of the King, yet you are far too busy elsewhere.” Dad replies, his eyes on me.

I cock a brow, relaxing back in my seat. “With our status and power, I don’t even know why it is so important to you? The king is not above us, aside from the fact that he’s a Lycan.”

“Powerful. Indeed, we are, yet tell me, son, who holds the ultimate title?” Dad asks, his eyes cold as he glares at me.

I look away, trying not to shake my head as Aleric walks around the table, stepping between Dad and I. Always the pacifist.

“Of course, we understand, father. We know the plan… The Lycan’s troubled daughter… rest assured; we will deal with her. In fact, I had a run-in with her yesterday. She’s easy game.” He says confidently.

Obviously, all girls fall for his charm.

I clench my jaw, trying not to react. I was the one who applied at the Academy initially. That was when Dad came up with his entire idea and now Aleric has taken a position there, too.

However, I’m not there for his sick plan. I don’t give a sh*t about it. I’m going there because I want to for myself, so I can get a breather from him. I miss America and being away from his constant intrusion into my privacy.

“You both are going to the Academy soon… make the most of this and let the girl become obsessed with you. Do whatever you need to. I have planned this carefully. Do not disappoint me. Alejandro would do anything for his princesses. But remember, be careful. Ultimately, she must become ours at all costs.” Dad continues, and I’m counting the minutes, wanting out of here.

“I had a thought, they are twins, father, yet you want us both to try our chances on the rebellious one?” Aleric muses staring down at a photograph, which I’m going to assume is probably of the King’s daughter.

Dad smiles. “Because there’s something about her that Alejandro is trying to hide, just the way he has kept his son a secret. That boy is not normal… There’s something special about this one, there’s a secret that I want uncovered. At the end of last year, she almost killed a student.”

“She was only seventeen then… how could she have almost killed someone?” Aleric asks thoughtfully.

“Exactly my point. I want to know what she is, and what she’s capable of. Understood?”

“Yes, Father.” Aleric replies.

I don’t reply, to think they want to use a young girl for their own incentives? Dad is power hungry; he always has been, but Aleric? I don’t know why he is so determined… So adamant to please Dad.

I stand up and head to the door when Dad speaks.

“Royce, you did not reply… am I understood?”

I clench my jaw, staring at the door in front of me.


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