The Lycan Princess and the Temptation of Sin chapter 3 by moonlight muse

The Lycan Princess and the Temptation of Sin by Moonlight Muse Chapter 3
3. Stood Up
I lead the way to the kitchen. I kiss Malevolent and place her down on the table
before I begin rummaging in the drawers. The quicker we find it, the quicker I
can get rid of him.
He walks over to the sink and washes his hands, and for a moment I get
distracted by the way his arms flex. I quickly turn away and open the next

drawer, relieved when I spot the box. I carry it to the table, and open it, I take
out two rolls of gauze.
I quickly snip a long piece off and then begin cutting it down the middle for my
poor little kitty. I then wrap her leg gently and she meows, not happy with it, but I
hold her in place but she struggles, not letting me tie it.
“Malevolent, behave.” I scold lightly.
“Here, I’ll help.” He says and I allow him. His hands are already healed, and only
a few extremely faint scratches remain. “So, what made you move out here at
this time of year?”

“What makes you say I moved out here recently?” I counter, mimicking his tone.
Our eyes meet and he smirks, his blond hair falling over his shoulder as he holds
Malevolent firmly, yet gently. He reminds me of a Disney prince.
“I would have known if such a beautiful woman was living out here by herself.”
His gaze dips to my lips, and I look away.
“Surprised you can call me beautiful when I’m soaking in sweat.” I retort.
“I didn’t notice.” His gaze is a bit much, so I focus on tying the tiny bandage,
which is a little fiddly. “So, what made you move out here?”
Pushy much?
“I just needed some space from my dad. He’s kinda… controlling. I just want to
live my life the way I want, without anyone telling me what to do.” I sigh.
He lets go of Malevolent, his eyes seeming to hold a sharp, calculating glint to
them, but it is gone as fast as it came.

He’s about to ask me something when my phone beeps and we both glance at it.
It’s closer to him and I see his gaze linger on it before I reach over, snatching it
“Thank you for allowing me to wash my hands.” He says, glancing around before
he strokes Malevolent’s head, and she purrs in response. “It’s not often I see a
she-wolf with a pet cat.”
“Well, I’m not your standard she-wolf.” I reply, scooping my kitty up.
“Oh, I have no doubt about that.” He says as I slowly lead the way to the front
door, opening it and I fake a sweet smile.
“Bye, until next time.” He says. His gaze flickers to my phone before he gives me
a nod and steps out.
I shut the door and look down at Malevolent. “Thank the gods… Come on, I’ll
give you some treats and I promise, although Mama isn’t here, I’ll have you all
healed up soon. Tell me, why do you always get into trouble?”
She meows and I pout.
I get it, you’re just like me.
I put some food on her plate before I look down at my phone. There’s the start
of three messages on the screen.
Reign707: Can’t actually believe I’m about to meet…
Grumpy Bear: I’m still waiting for that call from you…
The last one is from a music streaming channel.

I ignore Dad’s message and text Reign instead.
I need to figure out where about the club is, and how long it’s going to take me to
get there. Well, time to start prepping for tonight…

I’m wearing a long-sleeved fitted black dress with a boat neck from the front and
it’s backless with several silver chains going across the back. I’ve paired it with
black killer heels, smokey make up, and finishing with red lips. I have some large
silver earrings and a couple of rings.
As soon as I reach the club, the bouncer smirks, looking me up and down. I raise
an eyebrow at him when he pulls the rope aside and allows me to enter.
Hey, if allowing his wandering eyes to roam freely gets me in faster, I wasn’t
going to complain.
Stepping inside, the strobing fluorescent lights and pulsating loud music assaults
my senses. Along with the blinding lights there is a mix of sweat, alcohol and
expensive perfume. It fills my nose, making it burn a little as my sense of smell is
overwhelmed with so many bodies mashing together as people dance and
Reaching into my small shoulder bag, I take out my phone. Trying to zone out the
music that seems to be banging around inside of my head.
There’s still plenty of time. I sigh, flicking my hair out of my face with a jerk of my
head. I glance around. There’s still an hour before he’ll be here… but I don’t mind
being early. Gives me time to drink down some liquid courage and hopefully
settle my nerves, although I know it won’t work.
Should I text to see where he is?

Hell no, that will make me look so needy… I ignore the looks I get as I saunter
my way over to the bar and take a seat. My phone beeps and I glance down at
It’s from him!
Reign707: I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to cancel. I think this is a really bad
My stomach sinks. The sting of his message burns like I’ve been slapped across
the face. Only it hurts way more than any slap I’ve received, because I actually
let myself get excited to finally meet him.
Swallowing down my disappointment, which turns to anger, I glare at my phone.
He made me feel like a fool. I should have known better than to get my hopes
LuciferessX: Why is it a bad idea? It was your idea, remember?
Reign707: Yeah, I know, just some stuff has come up, maybe some other time.
Wow. Just fucking wow.
He stood me up.
LuciferessX: Fine.
What more was there to say?
LuciferessX: I didn’t really want to meet, anyway.
“Can I get you something?”
I look up at the bartender. “I’ll take three shots of Vodka.”

Fuck it, I don’t need liquid courage now! I need it to calm the rage that is
festering inside me, wishing I could yank him out of the little virtual chat to slap
the shit out of him.
No amount of vodka is going to fix this, but it sure will make me forget for a few
hours. Maybe it’s a blessing. He’s probably some dirty old man that stole photos
from the internet and has been pulling himself off while looking at the pictures I’ve
Staring down at the message, I kind of expected another message, but there’s
I put my phone down before I end up breaking it just as the bartender slides a
slim tray holding three shots of vodka with lime. I down them all, sucking on the
slices of lime, trying to control how angry I feel.
“Another round,” I state. It’s going to take me a hell of a lot of alcohol to get me
drunk, but I intend to try.
However, I’m drawn to look up when I sense an impressive aura move into my
surroundings. Turning, I search for the source of this potent aura that has
managed to catch my attention, and spot a gorgeous blond Alpha as he takes a
seat down the bar.
He’s the exact image of a woman’s dirty fantasy. He’s atleast 6,6 tall, with lush
blond curls with an angular jaw, not to mention those soft pink lips that look so
damn soft yet don’t take away from his masculinity.

He’s wearing a white buttondown shirt under a black jacket and black pants. From here, I can smell him… A
cool icy breeze laced with the seductive scent of cinnamon and spice. Winter…
he smells of winter…

He’s on his phone, as he orders a drink from the bartender.
Why does he look oddly familiar… It takes me a moment before my eyes widen
when I suddenly realise he looks a lot like the guy outside my house! But this one
just looks bulkier and a lot more masculine, more of the rugged one in
comparison to the princely look of the other.
His eyes snap up, and they meet mine. His face doesn’t betray anything as he
skims me over before looking away.
Brothers maybe? Twins? They could definitely pass as twins…
Dude, was this place crawling with sexy blond Alpha Gods?
Hmm… what colour hair does Reign have? I frown, remembering how he
cancelled on me.
I order another round, downing the shots that sit in front of me.

Two hours later I’m still here, hoping maybe he’d show… I don’t know why I
thought he might just come… I really don’t…
Even Mr Greek God 2.0 seems to be waiting for someone, but he’s stopped
looking at his phone and I can tell he’s getting angrier, but at the same time he
keeps watching me. Guess we were both stood up tonight.
Not sure why he would be… I sure as hell wouldn’t kick him out of bed, maybe
tie him to it so he could never leave.
I tilt my head, well… I wouldn’t mind a distraction… We’ve been eyeing each
other up for the past two hours. I’m sure an Alpha can handle me…

I smirk, and he raises an eyebrow. I don’t break eye contact, letting my fingers
skim down my neck, and I can’t help but feel satisfied when he gets up and
walks over to me. Even his walk is so damn sexy. Call me fickle, but this is a
distraction that I am not going to deny.
“Hey.” He says, sitting down. His voice is husky and deep, very deep.
Fuck me now.
Damn, he smells even better than he did from afar, I lick my red lips and smirk
seductively. Crisp and fresh and it wards away the smell of the club.
“Waiting for someone?”
“Not anymore.” I say, turning towards him. His gaze dips to my long legs that are
“Same.” He says, his eyes flash, but it is too fast for me to be sure. “That’s a lot
of vodka shots,”
“Nothing makes me feel drunk, though I still try.” I chuckle, running my fingers
through my hair.
My leg brushes his and I’m very aware of it. “How about we change that?” He
asks suggestively.
“Sounds good to me…” I say, standing up. I pick up my bag and phone, and I
walk off down towards the side door. I don’t need to turn to know that he’s
following me. I can feel his eyes on me and his aura as I slip my phone into my
Time to have some fun…

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