The Lycan Princess and the Temptation of Sin chapter 2 by moonlight muse

The Lycan Princess and the Temptation of Sin by Moonlight Muse Chapter 2 2. A Prince SKYLA. Those few seconds feel like forever, until I see the three dots that signal that he’s typing. Reign707: Wow… I may have a PhD in English, but I’m pretty lost for words right now… The tattoo is far sexier than the draft you sent me last month. Secondly, maybe I’m crossing the line, but you’re even hotter naked, and I didn’t think that was possible. My stomach flutters and I smirk and text my reply. LuciferessX: Thanks XD. Soo, do I get a picture in return? It’s kind of hot in here, and even when I slip between the sheets of my freshly made bed, I still can’t shake that feeling away. Reign707: I guess it’s only fair, but I’m pre-warning you, I have just consumed a 20” pizza. LuciferessX: Don’t worry, I’ll keep that in mind when I admire your food baby. Reign707: Lol A picture loads and I find myself staring at the most drool-worthy eight-pack I’ve ever seen.

Oh damn, he’s sizzling… he’s tanned, and every groove of his chiselled body is perfect… I can see the band of what appears to be some black boxers, and from what I can see, he’s sitting in a black leather chair. One hand had his white tee pulled up, showing that he just took a quick snap right now. Oh fuck… Reign707: Lost for words? And feeling a little bothered? LuciferessX: Damn, you are totally lickable. Do you taste as good as you look? I bite my lip, knowing we were crossing into uncharted waters… I’m not sure where we stand. This wouldn’t push him away, will it? Reign707: I don’t know, want to test me out? LuciferessX: Don’t tempt the devil with sin. Reign707: Isn’t it the devil who makes others sin? LuciferessX: The temptation isn’t easy to deny… so tell me, how are you holding up? Silence. Maybe I shouldn’t have asked him that. I mean, I just killed the mood, but after a few moments, I see he’s typing. Reign707: Not bad at all. I have someone who keeps me occupied. Plus, a pretty gorgeous picture that’s kind of knocked the ball out of the park.

I bite my lip, running my fingers through my short black hair. I had it cut just last week. I love long hair, but it’s a headache to look after. LuciferessX: If you ever want to talk about it, you know I’m here. There’s silence and I wonder if I should send a follow-up. I may have crossed the line, but I’m pretty upfront. I’m thinking what to reply when he’s typing again, and I look at the second message that pops up, and my heart thuds as I read it. Reign707: I think it’s high time we meet. I want to know the woman who’s ruined my nights. That could be taken two ways… We text until one of us falls asleep… usually me… or it could mean more… My heart thumps as I sit up, making Malevolent stir from where she’s sleeping comfortably on the edge of the bed. Meet… I want to meet him, I really do, but there’s a part of me that’s worried it will just mark the end for us. If I lose control,

if I can’t control my Lycan, I might end up hurting him. That’s why I’m out here and not at the academy dorms. Reign707: That silence doesn’t sound good, are you afraid? We’ll meet somewhere crowded. You said you moved south. Let’s meet at Dolce Vita. I won’t bite. I might… He doesn’t even know where exactly I am, after all, he doesn’t know I’m attending Midnight Academy, I told him I’m moving this way for work… Yeah, one lie to make sure nothing leads back to who I am. What shall I do? He never told me what pack he’s from and I never told mine either… Would he recognise me? LuciferessX: Sure. Let’s meet tomorrow at ten? Reign707: Excellent, see you tomorrow. It’s rather late, you should get some rest. LuciferessX: Sure, but how will I know it’s you? Reign707: I’ll recognise you. I’m certain of it. LuciferessX: Mmm, now that sounds fun. Reign707: I agree. Goodnight.

We end our conversation and I lay there staring at the ceiling. I’m excited, and a little nervous, but most of all, there’s this fire inside of me. The thrill of meeting him made any sleepiness vanish. I slowly sit up and reach for my crossbody bag that sits on the floor near the bed, and lean back against the headboard as I slip my hand inside and pull out avial of deep purple liquid. The moon shines through the cracks in the blinds and I sigh. As long as nothing triggers me off, I should be ok. Last year, just before we broke up from the holiday, a group of boys had the audacity to make some lewd marks about my twin Kataleya. The thing is, I may go around and be ok to send my nudes or whatever, but Kataleya is the opposite of me, where I’m dark, dangerous and don’t give a fuck. Kataleya is light, pure, and she’s sensitive. I had lost my shit and my Lycan had taken control… and I almost killed one of them… I may not see eye to eye with Dad, but the power that a Lycan holds is intense. It’s why I don’t commit to a relationship either, sooner or later they show that fear…

fear of me. I need a partner who can handle me. Someone strong enough to not care when I lose my shit, that is what I want. I place the vial back in my bag, and curl up under my duvet. I am the Alpha King’s daughter. I will learn to control myself. I have to… just the way he learned to. —– The following morning, I left the house before the sun had even risen. I know one would think you shouldn’t venture out into the woods, but I honestly don’t think you’ll find anything more dangerous than me out there. I’m in a pair of black sweatpants and a sports bra, and my trainers barely touch the ground as I run through the trees. I’m tempted to shift, but I can’t risk it, especially during the day. I just get back to the house when I stop in my tracks, catching a rich, intoxicating scent. It smells of fresh air, roses and something I can’t place. A vivid memory of my family around the barbeque, the smell of fresh flowers and freshly cut grass fill my nose. The scent of summer. Someone’s here, and by the aura, I know it’s an Alpha. I rush up the path and through the gate when

I see a man in black pants and a white shirt standing in front of the door, holding Malevolent. There’s blood… my face pales when I see the blood that seems to drip from Malevolent’s paw, and over the Alpha’s hand. “Let her go!” I snarl, my eyes blazing, and I’m in front of them in a flash. Did he hurt her? “Hey, I’m sorry, but I found her tangled in the thorny bushes.” He says in his deep, husky voice, making me freeze. My heart thunders and my eyes return to normal as I slowly look up at him, realising I had overreacted. He raises his hand in surrender, letting me take her from him, and she meows pitifully. I take the moment to gather my thoughts as I observe him. He’s tall, at roughly around 6,4 and he’s got a lean build, but I can see the hard muscles through the white shirt. As for his hair… well, let’s just say it’s this gorgeous blond. It reaches his shoulders, falling in straight waves, framing his sharp face, which is set with sexy grey eyes. Damn… I do have a thing for blonds, but right now I don’t know what to think of him just showing up in the middle of nowhere.

I watch him, clutching my cat to my chest. “What were you doing out here?” I ask, looking him over. He wasn’t dressed for a run… “I was just passing through and I heard her meowing, and well, that’s when I saw her tangled in the thorny bush. I presumed she may belong to the new tenants here. I actually didn’t expect it to be a werewolf.” He smiles charmingly, as he shows me his hands which are full of scratches, more signs that he had rescued her from the bushes. I cock a brow. I may have a temper, but I loved animals, especially my Malevolent. She’s the only one who will never leave me. “The place is owned by werewolves; you shouldn’t be so surprised… I’m sorry for overreacting. When I saw you holding her and the blood, I was worried.” I explain. “Don’t apologise. It’s only natural to be worried about her. I’m glad she’s safe. I’m Aleric, by the way.” “Hi… I’m Skyla.” I reply reluctantly, not really wanting to give my name to a stranger. Why did his name seem familiar? I swear it feels like I’ve heard it… Think Sky… he’s alpha blooded, strong too…

Do I know of any Alpha with that name? I don’t want to ask for his Pack or surname just in case he asks mine. “You’re not one to trust strangers.” He remarks, with a sexy smile. “Yeah… I like to be low-key, and I’m a private person.” I reply. I know Mama would have probably wanted me to give him something to stem the bleeding, but I just want to be gone with him. Ah, who cares? He’s an Alpha. He’ll heal, right? I unlock the door and step inside. “I-” “Thank you! Bye!” I exclaim, trying to shut the door in his face, but he puts his foot in the door, stopping it from shutting. “Sorry to be a bother, but do you mind if I wash the blood off? I don’t want to ruin my shirt.” I can’t refuse an open request… He did help Malevolent… She meows, and I look down at my poor little kitty, and I scratch behind her neck. I guess I’ll have to help the Gorgeous Greek God. “Come in. I think I saw a first aid box somewhere.”

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