The Lycan Princess and the Temptation of Sin chapter 22 by moonlight muse

22. This Pull Between Us
I hear Royce stifle a chuckle, letting out a small cough instead as he tries to hide his smile, and is it just me or does he look drop-dead gorgeous when he’s trying to keep up that broody front. He’s gorgeous, but when he gives you that rare breath-taking smile, d*mn, it does something to me. When I had told him this story originally, I had seen it and I don’t think I will get that image out of my mind…
“That sh*t did not happen around you.” Dad growls.
Oops, did I ruffle some Lycan fur?
“It obviously did happen, and I heard it. You traumatised me as a child!” I declare defiantly, trying not to snicker at Dad’s expense.
His frown only deepens. “That f*cking sh*t didn’t happen. You were the only one who was f*cking traumatising others.” s
I cross my arms and raise an eyebrow. “Not true, you talking about eating p*ssy gave me nightmares.”
“You know exactly what the f*ck I meant. That sh*t is no f*cking excuse to bring the d*mn cat to school.” Dad frowns.
“Obviously, I know, but that still gives me nightmares. I don’t want to have that gross image in my mind.” I smirk as I fake gag.
He narrows his eyes. “Sky…” He growls.
“What? Do you expect me not to know anything about sex?”
“Quit it and learn to put a filter on that d*mn mouth.” Dad growls, taking a rather long drag on his cigarette. I can sense his obvious irritation. 4
“Just like you, Daddy Bear, just like you…” I mutter, as I lean back in my seat and cross my
Grumpy old man.
I’m completely enjoying watching him, trying to remain as unbothered as ever, although I can sense his annoyance.
Damn, what I would give to be able to read Dad’s mind right now, he’s acting like he doesn’t give a sh*t, but I bet you fifty pounds it annoyed him that I said that in front of an Arden. Hehe.
As Grandad says, Karma is a b*tch. 6
I snicker, earning another scathing glare from Dad before my gaze flickers to Royce. He has one hand under his chin as he leans against his desk, trying to remain as passive as ever. This guy and that desk… I can imagine a few things I’d let him do to me in here, mainly including me in this tiny skirt, that belt of his and, of course, the desk…
‘How’s he as a teacher?’ Dad asks through the mind link, still sounding annoyed as he snaps
me back to the present.
As a teacher?
‘Annoying, but tolerable. He’s strong though.’ I reply to Dad.
But as a man… d*mn, he’s s*xy.
‘Yeah? Do me a favour, and keep an eye on him. The f*cker has not once been intimidated by my aura… That sh*t ain’t normal. I want to know what Ken-f*cking-Arden is hiding. And trust me, he kept these two out of the public eye for years.’ 3
‘You’re telling me to spy on my teacher?’ 2
Does it involve spying on him when he’s showering? I wouldn’t mind that show… 2
Remembering Aleric, I feel a sliver of guilt. I’ve had one brother. I need to stop thinking of Royce like this.
Focus girl.
‘Just keep an eye on him.’
‘Do you think he isn’t trustworthy?’ I ask.
I know Royce can tell that we are mind-linking, but he doesn’t seem to really show what he’s thinking as he simply looks down at something on his desk, giving me a chance to drool over that side profile of his.
‘He doesn’t give off the same vibes as his father.’ Dad says, I know Kenneth is on the council, but it’s a more political move than one of trust.
‘That’s good I guess.’ I say. ‘What if he figures out what I am…’
‘He’s already suspicious of you, princess.’ Dad replies, his gaze fixed on Royce once more. ‘I’m going to leave that to you to decide… if you feel you can trust him, and want to tell him, then you can go ahead. I will trust your judgement on it.’
But the fact he said that means he doesn’t mind Royce… 2
“I’m going to go and finish off with Rivers. You know that Kat’s leaving don’t you?” Dad asks me out loud.
It hurts to think she’ll actually be going. We’re twins, we have always been close to each other
I nod carelessly. “Yup, I do, which means we need to party tonight.” I wink.
“You have school tomorrow don’t go out on a f*cking school night.” Dad replies as he stands
Royce stands too, and it intrigues me how he doesn’t seem phased by Dad’s aura at all, just like Dad had pointed out…
“Thank you for your time, Alpha Alejandro.” He says.
Goody two shoes.
I roll my eyes, crossing my arms as I stand up too. Dad takes his hand, giving it a shake before
he takes out his card.
“My personal number is on there, if you ever need to call…” Dad says, before glancing at me. No f*cking partying. I’ll take you and Kat out for dinner instead.”
“Sure, that might actually work out better. Since you owe me a lot of money, we can settle it over dinner. And maybe I will still party after?” I smirk.
“Yeah, we’ll f*cking see about that. I’m in town until tomorrow. I’ll be tending to a few matters anyway, and I’ll be watching you.” He says, his dark eyes piercing into me.
Annoying… glad he gave me the heads up though. I’ll behave for tonight…
I nod begrudgingly, and he gives Royce a nod before walking to the door. He opens it, glancing back at me.
“Are you f*cking coming?” He asks.
“I need to discuss something with sir,” I say smoothly.
Sir, that sounds so d*mn fake.
Dad looks between us, a small frown on his face before he nods. “Don’t be late for class…”
Our eyes meet and I nod. My heart sk*ps a beat under Dad’s intense gaze, react at all.
The moment the door shuts, I turn to him and frown.
but Royce doesn’t
“I thought you said you’ll keep Malevolent being at school a secret.” I hiss, knowing that Dad’s hearing was impressive and if it’s anything like mine, even soundproof doors won’t keep everything out.
Royce raises an eyebrow. “I was making a point, and it came up, but I don’t think your father’s going to care or do anything about it. You two are always attached at the hip anyway – I mean, checking your past records that cat has been in the school pretty often.” He responds confidently, leaning against his desk once again.
He looks down as he moves a few of the files to the side, his hair falling in front of his face.
“Why did he come to meet you?” I ask, wanting to know exactly what they had discussed.
I don’t like people talking about me. I hate when I’m treated like a matter of concern or a troubled kid.
“I actually asked him to.” He says, running his fingers through his hair, brushing it back. “Why? There isn’t any reason for it, I was behaving in training.” I frown.
“I just thought he could give me some pointers to what might help you.”
My irritation is getting the better of me, wondering what else he had told Dad. I know I’m overreacting, but I don’t like it.
“Stop treating me like I’m some sort of- just stop treating me like a child.” I growl, my eyes flash and I’m about to turn and walk off when he grabs hold of my elbow, stopping me from leaving, as he forcefully turns me to face him.
“Don’t assume, when you don’t know what was said.” He says quietly.
What angers this guy? He’s always so…
In control.
My heart thuds as I realise this is what gets to me.
His self-control.
The way that he is so good at keeping himself in check when I can’t help but act on my emotions.
How did he have it all figured out?
Our eyes meet and once again I can’t make out anything in those beautiful grey eyes.
“I say, trying to focus on the conversation.
“He didn’t really say anything anyway. Seems like he was only here to figure me out.”
I think I see a glimmer of disappointment in his eyes, but it’s gone faster than I can blink, so
I’m not sure…
My own anger is dissipating, and I’m far too aware of his hand still wrapped around my elbow. “There’s nothing for him to say… If there was, don’t you think I’d have been able to figure this out? Heck, no matter what I do, I lose my sh*t.” I find myself replying quietly. I don’t know why I feel the need to reassure him.
Our eyes meet, and that crazy pull I feel seems to come alive, my heart races and my stomach flutters like a dumb schoolgirl, ok I am still in school, but I don’t get butterflies, ever… this feeling was only ever ignited by one other… Reign… 2
Reign… I’ll message him tonight, I miss him. Maybe that’s what I need, to come clean to him so I can stop getting distracted by these Arden twins. 3)
“By the way, you owe me another ten.” I whisper, trying to push those thoughts away. I don’t want to drown in his gaze or feel this way.
“Ten?” He quirks an eyebrow, letting go of me and crossing his arms.
I smirk as I step closer and bend down slightly, placing one hand on his desk, and leaning in to whisper in his ear.
“For checking out my a*s, don’t deny it.” I murmur seductively.
I feel him tense, hear him swallow and I let his scent envelop me.
F*ck, I can get used to this…
He turns his head, just as I do mine, only to find myself far too close… Our noses are almost touching, our breath mingling before he leans back slightly.
“I don’t think that counts when you willingly gave me that view.” He replies c*ckily, his voice as low as mine, before placing two fingers just below my neck and pushing me away gently yet firmly and crossing his arms.
I’m about to argue when the door suddenly opens and Dad’s standing there. My heart sk*ps a beat, imagining how things could have been if he came in a moment or two earlier.
“I was just speaking to Rivers, but Royce, join us for dinner tonight. I’ll be expecting you there.” Dad says, looking between us. His eyes are cold and calculating as ever and I wonder why he wants him at dinner… I feel a little uneasy but remain smooth. 2
“1-Sure,” Royce says with a nod, clearly changing his mind on whatever he was about to say, before he turns to me. “I’ll see you for training, last period.”
So d*mn smooth.
“Come on Skyla.” Dad says and I feel uneasy. Sure, we were whispering but had he heard?

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