The Lycan Princess and the Temptation of Sin chapter 21 by moonlight muse

21. A Discussion
I know the way it was portrayed by members of staff who mentioned it in passing just
yesterday in the teachers’ lounge. They all were pretty clear on the fact that she didn’t really
seem to show remorse.
“We all know she has compassion towards others, that’s clear by the affection she shows towards her cat.” I say, remembering her excuse about her childhood trauma. I try not to smirk at that, especially with the man in question is sitting right here.
He c*cks a brow. “And where the f*ck have you seen her around her cat?” He asks sharply.
“Well, due to her childhood trauma, she brought her to school with her, but it was a one off-”
“What f*cking trauma involves Malevolent?” Alejandro frowns.
“I don’t actually know.” I reply smoothly.
“Oh yeah? Well, don’t believe everything that Lucifer incarnate says.
I smile faintly.
“I’ll try not to.” I reply, still hiding my amusement.
It’s clear he doesn’t want to share anything more about her, and without any insight, I don’t really know the best way to help her… I’ll try once more.
“Does Skyla have any additional abilities that might contribute to her lack of control?”
He tilts his head. “What? Not going to put her losing control, down to her having a f*cking attitude?”
“Like everyone else? No. We both know there’s more, I just don’t know what it is… but if that is information you want to withhold, I respect that. A yes or no will suffice.” I reply quietly.
Our eyes meet and his flicker red, I can feel his aura surging around us, filling the room. Trying to weigh down on me, is he trying to show me who he is? Suddenly I realise that even a powerful Alpha would have looked away by now and I smoothly break our stare down, looking
away. 3
His eyes burn into me, and I glance up to see they’re still blazing red when there’s a sharp knock on the door and he reins it in a little.
Thank the goddess for the interruption.
“Enter.” I say, the door opens, and her scent hits me first.
As intoxicating as ever…
She’s dressed in a s*xy little pleated leather mini skirt which makes her long toned legs that are d*mn fine look even longer. Paired with over-the-knee boots with killer heels and an emerald, green silk Cami that’s tucked into her skirt, she looks incredible.
That is a colour that makes her eyes stand out even more. It takes every inch of self restraint not to check her out thoroughly, forcing my eyes away after the initial glance.
“Dad” She says looking between us suspiciously
“The f*ck you wearing?” Alejandro asks her frowning, glancing at her tiny skirt. 1
“Clothes? And they’re no shorter than what Mama wears and used to wear so you don’t really. have an arguement.” She saunters in, not even sparing me a glance before stopping in front of her father, blocking me from his line of view as she turns sharply towards him, her back to me, and giving me the perfect view of that s*xy a*s and legs once more,
A rivet of pleasure rushes through me, and my eyes flash.
I’m about to look away, not wanting to have a semi hard on right now, but then, she bends. down, giving him a kiss. a
For a d*mn few seconds my mind goes blank, and all I can focus on is her a*s. Her tiny skirt barely covers anything when she bent over, showing off the bottom of that s*xy peach and I see a flash of her green lace panties before I look away and she stands up straight and turns. towards me. I glance back at her, and she smirks,
She knew exactly what she did.
Her smirk only grows as she drops into the seat beside her father and crosses her legs.
“You called?” She asks him, sounding bored.
“Yeah, I f*cking heard you had Malevolent on campus, and your excuse was some trauma or some sh*t. Care to f*cking share?” Alejandro asked.
The way he talks is… interesting. Dad has mentioned it a few times but hearing it in person is an entirely different thing. Each to their own, I guess.
But I don’t mull on it for long when her piercing eyes turn on me accusingly. “I thought that wasn’t going to be mentioned.”
“I didn’t complain about it, I mean support animals are pretty common.” I counter smoothly. He’s watching us, judging my every move, and right now all I can think of is how good she felt wrapped around my fingers and that a*s.
Her eyes flick to mine and for a moment I’m lost in their green, that mischievous glint in them illuminating her face. I raise an eyebrow, looking away, knowing that Alejandro’s intense gaze is fixed on me once again.
I swallow, trying to push that image of her away, as she pouts, huffing slightly, turning back to her father. “Dad, trust me you don’t want to hear it.”
“I actually f*cking do.” Alejandro says, sitting back and taking a drag on his cigarette. “I have all f*cking day.”
I don’t think you want to hear this… 7
But Lil Lucifer has her own plans. She grins, her popping red lips only adding to her devilish expression “Well it’s your fault.” She says sceptically.
Do I want to be here for this conversation?
No. I don’t really think so… but then, there’s a part of me that is already trying to stop my mouth from twitching upwards. To hide my amusement at what’s coming at the king’s
“I’m all f*cking ears.” Alejandro growls.
She rolls those gorgeous eyes of hers that hold so much life, despite the sh*t she hides inside “Well..”
Don’t tell me she’ll actually say it.
“When I was younger, I heard you telling Mama that you were going to eat that p*ssy once we left, and since then I’ve been terrified for my poor little p*ssycat.”
Yep, she just did.

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