The Lycan Princess and the Temptation of Sin chapter 12 by moonlight muse

12. An Attack
I don’t move, the first rule of survival… stay calm. I keep my breathing steady, my eyes blazing plum purple, the exact colour of whatever or whoever that is we’re pretty far but those eyes look almost…. reptilian. I’m not completely sure as I’m not close enough and then again, there shouldn’t be snakes out here this is England, not Australia
I briefly wonder if I actually ended up falling asleep and dreamt that I’m in the land down under. I finally get why they call it that. That place must be hell with the number of things trying to kill you over there.
Focus Sky
The smell of the earth and the crisp air are enough to tell me that I’m definitely wide awake.
Neither of us moves for several seconds and I slowly rise to my feet, eyeing the reptilian or whatever it is. Wait, maybe it’s a snake shifter! Do they exist? Hell, anything can exist, I mean, I’m a Lycan.

Despite how calm I am, that sense of foreboding is only growing, and my gut is telling me that I should assess the situation and start by getting inside… but before I can, I hear Malevolent meow from behind
“Go inside.” I say, terrified for her life as those purple eyes turn towards her
“Meow?” Malevolent tilts her head, looking at me. She’s on edge. I can see the way her fur is standing on end as she stares into the darkness. I don’t think she can see it, but she knows something isn’t right.

“Go inside. Shoo.” I mutter as I begin edging towards her, wrong move.
I hear a sinister hiss and then that thing is darting straight towards us. It’s incredibly fast, so fast for some reason, I’m unable to see it. There’s a darkness surrounding it and at times I swear it feels like it disappears, but I don’t stop to ponder, darting towards Malevolent as I shift into my Lycan form.
I tower nearly 7 feet tall. My pure white fur stands out in the darkness, sadly unlike Dad, I don’t really blend into the night. I slash out at the thing as I block the doorway to the cottage. No one touches my kitty!

I growl menacingly, as the darkness surrounding it seems to flicker and then it seems to materialise fully. I see the body of what looks like a huge snake, its thick body covered in shimmery black scales that hold a dark plum hue to them. It’s gorgeous I give it that… why couldn’t my fur be that colour?
But I don’t have long to ponder over it, as I realise how terrifyingly huge it is. I may be 7 feet tall, but this thing is way, way, way, bigger
It spins around, its tail catching my right flank and throwing me to the ground. The impact knocks the breath from me as pain rushes up my side. I’m glad that it no longer cares about Malevolent. Its menacing eyes turn on me as I jump to my feet, launching myself at it. I manage to throw it off balance for a few seconds, taking the chance to try to rip into it but my claws don’t even manage to dent it. The
scales are d*mn impenetrable.
What’s the point of being a d*mn Lycan if I can’t even damage a pretty-looking death noodle?
Focus girl!
It hisses, showing off its f*cking huge fangs. Those things can go right through me.. but what makes my eyes widen is when he opens his mouth and spits. Out of instinct, I roll out of the way, my eyes widening
as I see the cobbled stone path darken under what I’m assuming is poison. Jumping to my feet, I run at it. This time I manage to wrap my arms around it, but no matter how strong I am, it doesn’t even budge. I’m not even able to throw it to the ground. It flails around but I hold on, trying to sink my teeth into it.
Don’t you belong somewhere where it’s normal to have huge-a*s snakes?

Grunting, I use all my force, but I realise I’m not going to win this. I hate backing away from a fight, but I’m running out of options. The smartest thing would be to get inside or at least grab a sword or something! I need to channel my inner Hercules like how he faced the hydra!
I shake my head, pushing that st*pid thought away. I swear if we start getting some creepy spiders, I’m moving to the city or better yet, Antarctica and burning this place down. Yes, I’m living in the middle of the woods and I can cope with spiders to an extent, but anything oversized like this, just nope! It’s pretty much a secret, but the one thing that gets to me is spiders and crying babies. Both terrify me equally*

Its tail thrashes into me, knocking me away, and I’m thrown against the side of the cottage. I gasp as pain shoots through me, and he darts at me. I catch its mouth, feeling its sheer power as I force its mouth open, my arms screaming in agony as it tries to bite down on me. F*ck, these fangs are so big. I push it in the other direction just in case it uses that poison it spat, hissing when its fang digs into the side of my breast. My eyes flash and I use my legs to kick it off me, just as a little ball of soft black fur launches itself at me, nudging my face as I stumble back.
I wrap my arms around her as I’m forced to shift back. The smell of blood overpowering everything else, I struggle to my feet, clutching Malevolent to my chest when I hear another hiss; I turn to see his long. forked tongue slipping out, his sharp fangs gleaming sinisterly promising the bite of death, but before I can make a mad dash inside, he’s lunging at me.
I dart around the house, f*ck I need to shift! But I’m bleeding far too much. I st*gger around the side of the house, hearing it slither behind me. Is it just me or is it getting colder? 2
No. I’m right… the floor is literally iced up. I didn’t even realise the temperature has dropped so much.
“Malevolent, you need to protect yourself.” I mutter as she nuzzles against me. “I know you want to protect me… but that’s not a spider.” I trail off as she blinks up at me with those piercing green eyes.
Aww, she is soo cute! And she’s always there for me she was only trying to help
My heart’s racing as the huge snake is struggling to get through the trees and I take the chance to scan the area. I look at the cottage and slam my elbow into the small bathroom window, shattering it. I cant hear the rustling of the snake-like beast rushing closer.
I quickly place Malevolent inside before I hurriedly pull out the large shards of glass and drag myself through the tiny window. I bite my lip when the glass scrapes my stomach. It’s getting closer and I grab Malevolent, trying to calm my pounding heart, backing away towards the tub in the corner. It’s on the same wall as the window and I’m praying it keeps us out of sight.
Time seems to still as I edge towards the tub..

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