The Lycan Princess and the Temptation of Sin chapter 11 by moonlight muse

11. A Sister’s Wish

“Ah, it’s hot! Careful!” Kataleya scolds as she swats my hand away gently from the sizzling grill that sits in front of me.
“Does it matter? I will heal.” I remind her, sucking my finger clean. We are down at Kayoko’s Grill, grilling our own meat. It’s sizzling hot and d*mn delicious. We used to come here with Song and Azura, have some sake and enjoy chatting about boys, life, and stuff in general, but both of them have graduated. In fact, Azura has a cute little three-month-old baby now!!
“Missing them?” Kataleya asks knowingly.
I nod. “Yeah, you know the four of us were pretty wild.” I wink at her.
Her smile falters and she nods. You and Zu were, but yes… it’s not the same. It’s still nice, me and you. “Yes, it is… What is it, Kat?” I ask. There’s more…. she’s not telling me, but something is on her mind.
She tilts her head, her long sandy brown hair falling over her shoulder then her dark eyes stare at the sizzling cubes of meat on the grill. 1… I won’t be here for graduation… I’m going to leave Sky.” Her words are barely above a whisper, but they strike something inside. I suddenly feel like I can’t breathe and suddenly there is a pr*ckly feeling in my eyes as I look at her, trying not to show how those words hurt. “Leave?” I ask, not knowing why I feel so upset.
I knew it was coming, but I swear I thought I’ll have her by my side until graduation.
“Oh wow, really?!” I say, jumping forward and knocking my elbow into the pot of chilli sauce, making it splatter everywhere. It flicks across my face, and I flinch as it gets into my eyes. “Oh, s*it.”
“Oh no Sky, are you ok!” She’s by my side in minutes as the tears I am unable to hold back well up in my
She’s leaving.
“F*ck, yeah I’m fine, I’m so d*mn clumsy” I glare at the chilli pot as she quickly dampens a corner of a tissue with some water. I got it thanks.” I try to take it from her, but she refuses.
She smiles sadly at me, and I smile back as she begins cleaning it up.
I’m fine
A waitress comes soon and clears the spilt sauce from the table and Kataleya returns to her seat.
She’s leaving.
“So, you’re leaving so soon? Is Dad cool with that?” I ask nonchalantly.
She blushes and nods. I’m not going abroad immediately… but he’s ok, reluctant, but he’s happy for me to go. Of course, I have to have two guards with me. With my grades last year being perfect for the exams i sat, I don’t really need to re-sit them this year. I don’t want to waste any more time Sky…I need to do this.”
She wants to go to the boy who helped her as a child, a boy who lost his hand for helping her a boy whose picture she wears around her neck… She’s been waiting for the time she could leave 12 years. I want to scream and beg her to stay, at least until graduation but she’s been waiting longer I can’t be selfish.
“Leo may have the answer Sky you know the machinery he used to keep himself alive? It was able to handle the change and was compatible with his wolf to an extent when he shifted. He thinks he can
make a bionic-engineered limb with the same concept. Azura asked him. He said he’ll also be willing to take me on as a student for a year as I want to learn too…” Her eyes are full of tears and I can’t help but fight my own back. s
For years she’s looked for some solution but there is nothing that advanced that will transform when he shifts that could handle a full-on run or battle. She’s trying to create him the perfect limb for what is gone, and Leo may just be the one to be able to help her. More than my own happiness, I want her to be happy
Soon… she’s leaving so soon…
But even then, I want her to do this. I want her happy. I reach over and cup her face. My angel.
“You need to go! I’m so ecstatic for you! Don’t hesitate! You have worked so hard to learn about bionic engineering and if Leo is willing to teach you, go pick those brains. He stole far more from the Rossi gene pool than his fair share anyway!” I say, as she reaches over, wiping my stray tears away. She smiles sadly as I reach over and wipe hers away too.
I’m sorry for leaving you Sky, so soon.. Will you be ok?” She asks softly, moving back. I begin removing the meat from the grill and add some more.
I nod, giving her my best smirk, making myself believe it so she doesn’t see through me. “Obviously, yes, I’m having issues with control, but hey I’ll be getting some training to help work with that. So when exactly are you leaving?”
“I just need to gather some of my reports and stuff, but I shouldn’t be here longer than a week.”
So soon…
“Great! How about I come and crash at Azura’s next hols?”
“That would be amazing!”
“Ah, I’m just jealous you’ll get to see that little minion! I just want to gobble her up.” I say, thinking of my cute little cousin? Niece? Urgh, this entire family tree is a confusing mess.
“Oh, I can’t wait to spend time with her, plus, now that Uncle is with his mate, maybe they’ll have babies
I scrunch my face up. “Ah yeah, the pretty blonde. I like blondes. “I grumble, my mind turning to the Ardens… both brothers seemed to have their attention on me… both were off limits but somehow that made it all the more fun, although Royce playing hard to get is more appealing. Aleric seems to relate to me somewhat
“Oh, did you see the new teachers? They are both blonde.” She giggles innocently
Did I see them? Girl, I stripped in front of one of them. “Yeah, they’re extremely handsome.” I say with a smirk. And f*ckable. z
She nods her agreement as she innocently flips the meat on the platter. I pick up my phone, staring at the chat between me and Reign. Not one message since he cancelled on me. I had texted him once, asking for an explanation, but nothing. Nothing at all… He just left me, like everyone else.
I slip my phone into my pocket as I look around the groups of people sitting at the tables, chatting. laughing and enjoying their food. They’re all humans, the music and the warm lighting add to the
ambience of the restaurant. i raise my hand.
“More meat please!” I call.
Tonight, I will eat and laugh with my sister, because every moment should be cherished. who knows when the next person will leave me?
I stare at the red light on the digital clock on the bedside table.
I sigh as I roll onto my back. I’ve been tossing and turning all night. Even Malevolent got fed up and is now sleeping on the pillow next to me. I sit up, remembering Kataleya’s concern as I dropped her at the academy.
Are you sure you’re ok Sky? Please talk to me I’m perfectly fine, Kat, I promise you. I am. Ok, I’m glad, I am worried about you Sky. Don’t, I’m the devil herself, I’m perfectly fine.
I wrap my arms around my knees and pick up my phone, unable to stop myself from messaging him. LuciferessX. I can’t believe I’m being this ridiculous, but I’m messaging you first, although you f*cked me up. I’m sorry if I did something, but I swear if you keep ignoring me I’ll find you and trust me, I can. I have a cousin who is the world’s best hacker! As*hat.
There Technically I didn’t lie, Leo can. He’s Alpha of the Sangue Pack and trust me, he’s as smart as Kat thinks he is. In fact, I’ve heard Dad say he’s become a prominent member of the council without even participating in the meetings in person.
I sigh, staring at my phone. He isn’t going to be online, he’s probably asleep
Scrolling through my phone, I stare at Mama’s messages
Are you eating? Please call me, darling.”
“How was your first day? You missed my call ”
There’s more but I just feel guilty. I don’t want to talk to her because she knows when I’m not ok.
And I’m not ok
I look at Dad’s next. There’s far more
I’m still waiting for a f*cking call
I’m giving you a f*cking week, or I’m coming down
Call me Skyla, I’m f*cking pis*ed.
Fifteen pounds there, Dad.
I sigh as I switch to the group chat with Kataleya, Azura and Song I drop a message or two there before climbing out of bed. I walk through the small hallway to the front door and, opening it, I sit down on the front step Resting my head against the door frame, I stare at the moon.
Why did you make me a Lycan? I ask her bitterly
I don’t want to be different
Yet she’s just not there.
I look down at my phone, noticing that Dad’s online he must be working as Mama hasn’t been on in hours Sighing I hit call and place the phone to my ear. He picks up instantly
“Hey “I say, remembering our last conversation
“Hey,” His voice is thick with sleep, and I frown
† muss his voice
“I saw you online. Why are you awake?” I ask.
“They say the devil’s hour is around three or some s*it, so I thought you’d be online. His reply comes and
I frown, looking around, wait, has he got someone watching me?
“Dad, please tell me someone isn’t watching me?”
“Sky, no, I *ucking don’t have anyone watching you. Chill the fck out.”
I sigh. “Fine, just making sure, alright.” I growl back
“Good, so what made you remember your old man tonight?” He asks, and I hear the rustle of the sheets and the sound of a peck.
Their love it’s beautiful.
“So what’s keeping you up?” He asks.
7 just how do you learn, Dad… When does it get easier?” I ask, cursing inwardly as I feel choked up.
“It’s always a struggle the beasts within us. they always look for a chance to take over Controlling your emotions helps. and of course… when you find someone who becomes that tether for you… that calmness that you need, it then becomes easier as your mom is to me. Are you struggling?” There’s concern in his deep rugged voice.
“No.. I mean I got angry this morning, but no one was hurt… like bad anyway, just a few scratches on the gym teacher”
“Oh, yeah?” To my surprise, Dad snickers and I hear him light a cigarette.
“Yeah, you’re amused?”
“Yeah, seems like Ken-f*cking-Arden’s son isn’t up to par with my girl.
Mm, I’m not so sure…
“Well, he’s powerful, but he underestimated me.” I sigh.
“Oh yeah? They are a powerful pack. I’ve talked to Rivers. You’ll work with one of those blond Ken Dolls on some one-to-one lessons. It may not help with control, but you can at least keep up with your training”
Ken Dolls?
I snicker before I mull over Dad’s words. “Yeah, one of them offered.. but yeah, I’ll try my best.”
“That’s the girl I know.” He replies as he takes a drag on his cigarette.
“Yeah, yeah, you love me regardless of if I pi*s you off.” I say.
I want to tell him I love him, but it just doesn’t come out easy. I’m not Kat
“Of course I f*cking do, and you know I’m always here for you.”
“Yeah, obviously, that’s what parents are for.”
“Yeah, f*cking good ones, so appreciate us.”
I smirk. “Sure Dad, anyway, I’ll see. Bye Dad, get some sleep. I’m sure Mama will wake up soon if she realises you’re missing.” I tease.
“I don’t f*cking mind her waking up.” I can hear the smirk in his voice.
“Yuck ee gross! Dad! Bye!” I hear him chuckling as I hang up and smile down at my phone.
Thanks, Dad
I inhale slowly before exhaling as I stare at the sky, feeling a little better.
I should head inside… but I feel at ease out here, even if the weather is windy. I rest my head against the door frame again and close my eyes. The sound of the wind howling in the trees, and the rustling of the branches mix with the occasional sound of an animal or two out in the woods.
So soothing.
I’m drifting off when a chilling feeling suddenly overcomes me and my eyes snap open, scanning the surrounding area. There’s something out there…
My heart’s thudding as I sit up slowly, my eyes blazing as I scan the trees that surround the cottage, and that’s when I see it…..
Something so dark I can’t even make out its body, but what I can see are the two glowing plum eyes that are staring right back at me….

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