Sweet Temptation: Erotica chapter 3 by Excel Arthur

Chapter 3 Be Cool

MARILYN’S POV The next morning, i yawned as i sat up in bed and stretched. I sighed deeply and looked out of the window with my hair all ruffled up around my face. I rubbed my eyes sleepily and stood up from the bed. I walked up to the window and swung it open to let the fresh air in. “Phew. It’s a new day.“ I muttered and looked back into my room as the thought of my encounter with stupid Fredrick crawled into my mind and i scoffed. “Stupid jerk.“ I muttered and walked up to my bathroom to clean up myself. In a matter of a few minutes, i was done so i walked out of my room down the stairs to the kitchen to begin the house chores as usual. I began washing the plates singing a happy tune silently so as not to wake up the others still asleep. I adjusted my hair as i washed the plates completely unaware of the huge frame of Fredrick now at the door of the kitchen watching me intently.
FREDRICK’S POV I licked my lips as i admired the plump full curvy shape of her ass against the fabric of the thin satin gown she wore. GOD!! SHE’S GIFTED. I rubbed my hair backwards with my hand and sighed softly trying so hard to contend the lust brewing within me. Why the hell does this girl make me crave for her this way? How i ached so bad to slap that ass. GOD!! My cock was already aching from too much erection.
I had been hard all night just thinking about her. Jeez. Even sex with my new wife did nothing to bring it down. She even though I was insatiable. She suddenly turned and i snapped my gaze to her face. She paused when she saw me and took a deep breath. “Good morning.“ She said immediately and walked past me out of the kitchen not even bothering to care if i replied or not. I watched her leave and sighed. IS SHE THAT MAD AT ME? I wondered and shook my head as i walked into the kitchen and stopped at the sink. She soon returned and glanced at me standing before the sink. She rolled her eyes and walked up to me. “Can you excuse me please. I am busy here.“ She said and i glanced at l her. She avoided my gaze and looked away biting her lip nervously. I could sense her nervousness deep down within her. I chuckled and leaned against the basin folding my hands. “And if I don’t leave?’ I asked and she glared at me with beautiful Jade green eyes glittering in the reflection of the sun against her face. HOLYFUCK!! Her eyes alone are enough to give me a severe hard-on. I gulped down hard.
“I don’t want to repeat myself. Get the hell away from the basin.“ She said and i only chuckled. Her anger was giving me the chills and hard-ons. “Marilyn.“ Someone called and we both turned to see her mom at the door obviously looking sleepy. “Are you talking to your dad like that?“ She asked and I noticed Marilyn gulped. I smiled. “I am so happy you are here honey.“ I said and walked up to her. “I have no idea why she has been so hard on me since yesterday. I have been trying to get to know her but she’s just so….. mean.“ I said and Marilyn looked at me with surprise etched on her face. MARILYN’S POV IS THIS GUY KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW? FREDRICK’S POV I smiled when i saw her astonishment. “Is that true Marilyn?“ Joan asked and Marilyn turned to her. “That is definitely not true mom. He’s the one who has been hard on me for no reason like……” “All I did was correct you for a wrong you did but you took it up as hatred….“ “What?!!“ She looked at him stunned. “But….“ “Enough Marilyn.
Meet me in my private room immediately.“ Joan said and walked away. Marilyn glared at me immediately her mom left and i smiled. “Go meet up with her. You need some advice.“ I said and she looked like she couldn’t control herself anymore. She stuck up her middle finger at me before taking her exit to join her mom and i watched her go with disbelief. Now that gesture alone made me harder all the more. SHIT!! I looked out the kitchen door and watched her departing figure admiring her soft jiggling ass that bounced relentlessly as she cat walked away. OH CRAP!! MARILYN’S POV I slowly walked to my mom’s private room and stopped at the door to see her pacing about the room with her finger in her mouth obviously deep in thought. I sighed and walked in. Mom turned sharply to me and glared at me. “What is the meaning of that?“
She asked with anger evident in her voice and i looked down. “It’s not what you….“ “Then what is it? What is wrong Marilyn? I thought you were okay with the thought of having another dad.“ I shook my head visibly. I didn’t want her to think that way. “I am good with it mom. It’s okay. But not when the dad is being a jackass.“ She glared at me and i gulped. “What do you mean by that? I know Fredrick. He’s obviously so good with children. You are the first child I am seeing that is not good with him.“ I scoffed. “Point of correction mom, I am not a child. I am eighteen, please and have the right to my opinions…..“ “So tell me exactly how he’s being a jackass to you.“ She said and folded her arms. I gulped. How in heaven’s name am i going to tell mom that the man accused me of seducing him? She will definitely believe the man and spite me. I sighed. “You know what? You are right. I am wrong. I am being a jerk to him and I promise that it will not happen again.“ I said and mom sighed. “But on the condition that he should not stray into my path ever again.“ I said and walked out of the room. ***** Joan watched her leave and furrowed her eyebrows. Something is definitely not okay between the two. But what could it be?

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