Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 443

Chapter 443 Kiss You

Alexander, who was also Claudius, didn’t ask much about his own past at the dining table. Instead, he asked Sophia how long she was going to stay there.

Sophia took the last bite of her sandwich and mulled over it before replying, “My friend brought me here. Initially, my plan was to fly back to Lusterg in the afternoon and return to my country tomorrow.”

In other words, she had changed her plans. Although she wasn’t leaving yet, she couldn’t stay for too long. I chose to stay back because I wanted to find out if Claudius was actually Alexander. Now that I have gotten my confirmation, I ought to return to the country to deal with the aftermath.

Since she had already found Alexander, she could delegate the matters concerning Odyssey.

“Did you come here for business?” Claudius asked.

“Yes. I’m here for an overseas project.” Sophia wiped the corners of her mouth with a piece of tissue and looked at Claudius while she drank her juice. “You won’t be staying here for long, right?”

“Have you always been this smart?” Claudius glanced at Sophia.

“I guess so.” Sophia chuckled.

“Well, I’m more interested in smart women. Yasmin is rather dull.” In other words, he hated Yasmin.

Hearing that he had mentioned Yasmin, Sophia asked directly, “If you hadn’t met me and remembered me, would you have gone along with the marriage arrangement?”

“Would Alexander do that?”

“I think so.” Sophia raised her eyebrows.

Claudius wasn’t happy with her answer. With a frown, he argued, “I don’t think so.”

“Why not?” Sophia laughed.

“I don’t know.”

Sophia, he had never considered marrying Yasmin. That was why he would tell the bodyguards to

in response.

send you

“Thank you.”

longer alone in the elevator when they were on their way back. They had to share the elevator with a couple of men with a pungent smell of cologne on their clothes. The smell was so strong that

and Claudius were the only ones left in the elevator, the smell was still lingering in the air. As

the elevator arrived on

quickly stepped out of the elevator to breathe in a breath

then turned around to see that

“I think your mother is

hummed a quick acknowledgment and showed no sign of leaving in a hurry. “I

“What is it?”

I kissed you, did I do it like this—” Claudius pulled Sophia into his embrace and lifted

already kissing her.

already pulled away from the kiss. He hung his head

blushed and murmured,

Before he pulled away, he

Claudius responded in a deep voice. “Which

8.” Sophia retreated from his embrace and glanced at him. “I’ll go back on my



that Claudius wasn’t following her from behind, she

soon as she entered the quiet room, she closed the door behind her and touched her

doing that, she couldn’t help but lower her head and

lifted her hands to

Sophia go into her room, and he turned around to enter the elevator. That was how I kissed Sophia in my dreams last night. I thought it was merely a wet

Claudius arrived outside his room, those two bodyguards were still guarding the door. However, the room appeared to

Read Being Pursued By Ex-husband novel Chapter 443

Read Being Pursued By Ex-husband Chapter 443

Being Pursued By Ex-husband novel book pdf

The Read  Being Pursued By Ex-husband series by Novels online has been updated to chapter Chapter 443 .
In Chapter 443  of the  Being Pursued By Ex-husband series, Being Pursued By Ex-husband novel is about Sophia Yarrow, who is leaving her husband, Alexander Xenos, and his family, after being his wife for three years. Sophia had been submissive and careful around Alexander’s mother, Kristen Lambe, who always looked down on her. However, that day, Sophia showed her true feelings and did not bother to be respectful to the older woman. Sophia declared that she would not come back to the Xenos residence again and asked Kristen not to contact her again. Sophia left the mansion with her suitcase, and Kristen was furious about her behavior. Sophia signed the divorce agreement while being driven away by Katherine Quinn. Sophia felt that she had been too shameless, and Alex had given his heart to his first crush, Bethany White….. Will this Chapter 443 author Novels online mention any details. Follow Chapter 443 and the latest episodes of this series at

Being Pursued By Ex-husband novel Chapter 443

Read Being Pursued By Ex-husband Chapter 443

Being Pursued By Ex-husband novel book pdf

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