My Hockey Alpha chapter 281 by Werewolf

My Hockey Alpha Chapter 281
My Hockey Alpha Chapter 281: The Watcher
Nina screamed while I was fucking her.
I instantly pulled out, terrified that I had hurt her. I had thought that we were
just having kinky sex, and I didn’t mean to do anything that would have made
her uncomfortable or caused her any pain.

“What? What is it?” I asked frantically, helping her up off of the motorcycle.
“Did I hurt you?

Nina shook her head and pulled her skirt back down with one hand while
pointing shakily at the trees with the other. “Someone was watching us,” she
said. “I saw yellow eyes in the forest.”

I furrowed my brow and looked out toward where Nina was pointing. Nothing
was there. “Are you sure it wasn’t a deer?” I asked. “I don’t see anyone.” But
Nina was vehement, and just kept pointing. I planted a kiss on her forehead
and decided to walk over there just to make her feel better; surely it was just
a deer, but if it would make her feel safer, then I didn’t mind checking.
However, as I approached the treeline, a familiar scent slowly came to my
nostrils. It was fading quickly, but it was there. I recognized it immediately as
Lewis’ scent.

My eyes widened. I used my night vision in the dark trees, but he was gone
now. He must have been watching us… But why? And how did he know we
were here? The only possibility that came into my mind was that this cliff was,
after all, located close to my father’s house. I hadn’t gone there since he died,
as I had assumed that Lewis and his followers were hiding out there and I
didn’t have time to deal with it. But something told me that it wasn’t just that;
he was intentionally stalking us.

“I’ll be right back,” I called out to Nina, who was still standing by the
motorcycle with a combination of terror and embarrassment drawn across her
“Wait!” she called. She came running up to me and grabbed my arm. “Don’t
leave me out here.”

I nodded slowly. “Alright.” If Lewis was stalking us for whatever reason, I
supposed that it was best to stay together in case he tried anything. I was
already fairly certain that he was working with the Crescents; and if he wasn’t,
then he was, at the very least, up to no good. He clearly wanted my father to
not come back, and he may have already heard about my father’s death now

Either he was working with the Crescents all along or he was just trying to
usurp my father so he could become the next Fullmoon Alpha.
With Nina tightly holding onto my arm with both hands, I stepped into the

The thick pine trees made it much darker inside the forest, and the sun
had almost gone down so it was even darker now. It didn’t affect me though
with my night vision, and I kept going. I looked down to see what looked like
two imprints in the underbrush where Lewis had been standing. Nina saw them
as well.

“Do you think…” she whispered, pointing. I nodded slowly and put my finger to
my lips to indicate for her to stay quiet, which she did. We then quietly walked
further into the forest, following what looked like a very faint trail of footprints
in the layer of pine needles on the ground.

Up ahead, there was a slight clearing in the trees where a light dusting of
snow had fallen. I walked up to the snow, sniffing the air. Lewis’ scent had
long since dissipated, but when I looked down, I could see that there were
footprints in the snow. They looked like large boots, which only confirmed my
suspicions. Nina was right when she said that someone was watching us, and
there was no doubt in my mind that it was Lewis.

But I still needed to know why he would do something like that. Lewis wasn’t a
pervert; I knew that much. If he was working for the Crescents, then that
meant that he was potentially following us. How long he had been doing that,
though, was still a mystery to me. Just thinking about it made my blood run
cold; I imagined him watching us through windows, around corners, and
through the trees for who knows how long.

It made me sick to think that my
father’s Beta, the kind and caring yet gruff man who I had known since I was
a child, would have turned into someone who was perfectly okay with stalking
I decided then that I needed to check my father’s house. I hadn’t been there in
a long time; for all I knew, it was completely ransacked by now. It wasn’t as if

there was anything that I wanted in that house, and I didn’t care much about it
since we only moved there after my mother died. I hated the way that cold,
modern house looked with its enormous windows, gray appearance, and boxy
shape. I hated everything that it stood for. But I still needed to know what
happened to it since my father died, and if Lewis and his followers were there,
then I wanted to see what they were up to.

Nina and I stared down at the footprints in the snow for a few moments. I
could feel her trembling slightly beside me, although I wasn’t sure if it was
from fear or just from the cold. Either way, I gently put my arm around her and
rubbed up and down her shoulder as I turned around and guided her back
toward the motorcycle.

Once we were out of the trees, we were able to speak freely. The sound of
the ocean rushed up on us the moment we stepped out from the deafening
treeline, masking our voices.
“Who was it, do you think?” she whispered as we hurried back to the
motorcycle. “I got some bad energy from those eyes, like I’ve seen them

I swallowed hard and stared down at the ground. “I think it was Lewis,” I
finally admitted. “I’m not exactly sure what he’s up to…”
“What if he’s working with the Crescents?” Nina asked. “While you were gone,
I spent a lot of time talking to your cousin, Myra, while the Fullmoons were
stationed in Mountainview. She said that Lewis was up to no good, and she
even thought that he might  be working with the

I raised my eyebrows. Nina hadn’t mentioned that bit of information before, but
now it was all making sense.

“Do you know where Myra is?” I asked, figuring that if I could just talk to my
cousin, then we could get to the bottom of this.
But Nina shook her head solemnly.

“The last time I talked to her, she said that
Lewis was making them pack up to leave Mountainview, but she and some of
the other Fullmoons disagreed with his new power and were planning on
splitting off from the group. I don’t know what happened or if they were able to
accomplish that. For all I know, Lewis…”

Nina’s voice faltered. I knew what she was going to say, though; she was
going to imply that Lewis may have possibly killed them. At this point, I
wouldn’t have been surprised. Lewis may have wanted to kill off anyone who
dared to challenge him. I hoped that wasn’t the case, though. Now I only
wanted to check on my father’s house more than ever.

“Come on,” I said, handing Nina her helmet. “We’re going on another ride.

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