My Hockey Alpha chapter 280 by Werewolf

My Hockey Alpha Chapter 280
My Hockey Alpha Chapter 280: Lovers on the Beach
Jessica agreed to take over my shift at the infirmary, and I went back to my
dorm to change into something warmer. I put on a skirt with warm stockings,
wanting to at least dress up a little for what very well may have been our last
date if things didn’t go according to plan that weekend.

When I was finished, I
headed outside to find Enzo sitting on his motorcycle with a smile on his face.
He held the spare helmet out to me, then put his own on and started the bike
up — but not before eyeing my outfit up and down and unconsciously licking
his lips hungrily.

Blushing, I took the helmet and climbed on behind Enzo.
“Hold on tight,” he said, and then drove off. As we drove through the winding
roads with the tall pine trees on either side, the wind was cold but it felt good.
It made me happy to ride on the back of Enzo’s motorcycle again for the first
time in a while. I leaned my head on his shoulder as we drove and watched
the vibrant green pine trees rush past, mixed with the orange sky as the sun
began to go down.

I didn’t know exactly where Enzo was taking me, but I
didn’t care so long as I got to be with him.
Eventually, the road straightened and widened and the trees thinned out until I
realized that we were headed just outside of town, along the coast where
Enzo’s father’s house was. Just before he reached his father’s house, he
turned the bike down a narrow road that led somewhere oddly familiar.
“Remember this place?” Enzo asked as he came to a stop in a small parking
lot on a cliff overlooking the ocean.

My eyes widened. “You took me here before,” I said with a smile.
Enzo nodded and climbed off of his bike, then held his hand out for me. “I
wanted to come here with you again,” he said, leading me over to the stone
wall that looked out over the view of the ocean. “This was the place where I
realized that I was in love with you.”

I looked up at Enzo then, and his words made tears form in my eyes.
“Really?” I whispered.

“Yep.” He nodded. “I didn’t want to believe it at the time, but when I took you
here before, I knew that I loved you. Looking back now, especially on how I
acted when I thought that Selena was my mate… I feel like such an idiot.”
I shook my head. “

Don’t feel that way,” I replied, taking his hand. “You’re not
an idiot. You did what you thought was right. You thought that we wouldn’t be

able to work out if you had a different mate… But now, it’s all going to be
Enzo was silent for a few minutes as we looked out over the fading sun. I
could tell that he was thinking deeply, no doubt about our upcoming plan to
finally take down the Luna. He gently slipped his arm around me, and I felt his
hand slide up into my shirt. His fingers were cold on my waist and made me
shiver, but at the same time I felt myself begin to tingle with arousal.

I slowly turned to face Enzo and took his other hand, which I slid up my shirt to
cup my breast. As I did, Enzo’s eyes flashed red for a moment. I loved when
they flashed like that; it was a sign that his Alpha energy was coming out.
Without a word, he pushed me up against the motorcycle and slid his hand up
my skirt, feeling me through my stockings. His eyes widened when he felt
what was beneath.

“You didn’t tell me that these stopped at your thighs,” he whispered, feeling
the lacy top of my thigh-high stockings.
I smirked and bit my lower lip. “Easy access,” I replied in a mischievous tone
of voice.
A low growl thundered in Enzo’s throat. He dug his fingers into the bare flesh
of my upper thigh, causing me to wince. I reached up and pulled him down to
me by his neck so that I could kiss and nibble at his earlobe, causing him to
growl again.

Then, I put my hand on the top of his head and pushed him down further, down
until he fell to his knees. I sat up on the motorcycle seat and hooked my legs
over his shoulders, staring down at him with lust in my eyes.
Enzo knew what I wanted him to do. Still looking into my eyes, he slowly
reached up my skirt and pulled my wet panties aside. I felt his cool, rough
fingers stroke back and forth across my pussy, which was already dripping

with wetness. His touch made me shiver. I grabbed his hair and ran my fingers
through it as a light moan came out of my mouth just from the feeling of his
Slowly, Enzo slid his fingers into me. First one, then another, and finally a third
finger until I felt so full that I thought for sure I would burst. My moans
escalated, and I reached up my shirt with my free hand to massage my
breasts while my other hand still lingered in his hair.

Enzo grinned up at me and moved his fingers in and out, twisting them so I
could feel the sensation of his knuckles rubbing against my g-spot. I groaned
louder, and this time I grabbed his hair more firmly. I pulled my skirt up a little
bit and then shoved his face into my pussy as hard as I could. He growled
angrily, but at the same time he began to furiously suck and lick at my clit and
my pussy. I threw my head back, my moans floating up into the wind as I felt
the overwhelming sensations of both his fingers and his tongue.

While he fingered me, he also extended his pinky finger and gently inserted it
into my ass, which only heightened the sensation. Within moments, I was on
the verge of coming. I didn’t bother to hold it in this time; even if I wanted to, I
knew it would have been impossible.

I came hard on his face, soaking his
mouth with my juices while I felt myself tighten around his fingers. When I was
finished, he pulled away and glared up at me with those glowing red eyes.
With another primal growl, Enzo bared his teeth this time to show that his
fangs had begun to appear a bit. He stood and wiped his wet mouth with his
hand, then ran his hand along my face so that I was smeared with my own

Angrily, he then flipped me over  so that I was
bent over the motorcycle. I heard the sound of his zipper coming undone, and
then his cock being thrust into me.
“This is payback,” he growled, hunching over me and wrapping his fingers
around my neck while he fucked me. I turned slightly and grinned up at him,
causing him to slap my face lightly and then slide his fingers into my mouth. I

moaned around his fingers, tasting my pussy off of them, and as I did I heard
him moan loudly.
But then, suddenly, I looked up toward the trees.
There was a pair of yellow eyes watching us

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