My Hockey Alpha chapter 277 by Werewolf

My Hockey Alpha Chapter 277
My Hockey Alpha Chapter 277: True Blood
Monday morning marked the beginning of finals week, which meant that the
end of the semester was only a few days away.
It didn’t really feel as though the semester was ending, though. I would be
staying on campus for Christmas break, and between the Luna and the
Crescents, time felt different anyway. I was a bit sad that I wouldn’t have
classes to distract me anymore, though.

On Monday morning, I woke up early for my first exam. I headed out quickly
and went to the dining hall for breakfast and more cramming before the exam,
but by that point I had done all of the studying that I possibly could. It was an
anatomy exam, which brought me back to the days of Luke helping me study
before he had his human disguise. Everything felt so chaotic during that time,
but now looking back I realized just how simple everything really was.

Crescents were practically unheard of, I didn’t even know about the Alpha King
or the Luna or Selena, and the main issue on my mind was whether or not I
wanted to just be friends with Enzo or not. Now, it all felt so small and silly. In
some ways I wished that I could go back to that time, but in other ways I was
grateful for everything that had happened since then. I felt as though we all
grew so much because of everything that had happened.

After I ate breakfast and studied for a little while longer, I realized that I only
had a little bit of time before the exam began. I decided to head to the
classroom early so that I could find a good seat, and so I packed up my
notebooks and headed out of the dining hall and into the cold winter morning

The snow from the weekend was still piled high around the campus, and
people’s spirits were just as high. The town of Mountainview felt safe and
lively again thanks to everyone’s efforts, and I could tell that everyone was
finally happy. Hopefully, I thought to myself as I began to walk across the
snowy quad to the lecture hall, things would only get better from here. I knew
that I just needed to take the Luna down, but I needed more information.

the dream that I had on Friday night about the Luna made me even more
nervous; even though Enzo told me that it was just a nightmare and that I
didn’t have anything to worry about, I felt strange. I felt as though my mind had
been invaded on that night. It felt as though the Luna really was watching my
every move; how long would it be before she discovered what we were up to
and stopped us from fighting back?

As I walked to the lecture hall, my mind swirled with a million different
possibilities. I tried to push them down, though, so I could just focus on my
exam instead.
But when I suddenly bumped into none other than Selena, I couldn’t push
those thoughts down any longer.

“Oh— Hey, Selena,” I said, forcing a weak smile.
Selena stared at me for a moment before brushing past me and trying to walk
away. But I was still too hooked on what she had said the last time I saw her,
about how the Luna was somehow connected to all of these genetically
engineered rogues. I needed to know what she meant, and time was running

“Selena!” I called, jogging after her. “Wait! Can I talk to you?”
Selena didn’t stop walking and even picked up her pace a little, but I was
persistent. I sped up as well and then sidestepped in front of her so she
couldn’t go any further.
“Please,” I begged. “We really need to talk.”
“Why would I want to talk to you?” she grumbled as she folded her arms
across her chest. “I heard that you Claimed even more people and yet you
excluded me once again. Didn’t I prove to you the other day that I’m

I sighed and shrugged. “I need more information,” I replied.
Selena rolled her eyes. “Well, find someone else to get your information for
you.” She tried to step around me again, but I blocked her way once more.
“Selena, please. The other day, you said that the Luna was connected to all of
those rogues. What did you—”

“Oh, fuck off!” Selena growled. This time, she sidestepped around me too
quickly for me to stop her and began to storm off. I whirled around to watch
her and, after biting my lip for a moment, I finally called after her.
“If you tell me more, I promise I’ll Claim you at the end of the week!”
Selena froze with her back turned to me. I could see her grip tighten around
the strap of her bag, and she shifted uncomfortably in her spot for a moment
before slowly turning back to face me. I walked up to her, pleading with her
with my eyes to just tell me everything.

“You’re not lying?” she whispered.
I shook my head. “If you tell me everything, I’ll know that you’re trustworthy.”
Of course, I knew that she could very well have simply lied to me, but
somehow I knew that I would be able to tell if she was lying. Maybe it was the
twin bond; I wasn’t sure.
For several long moments, Selena stared at me and chewed the inside of her
cheek. Then, finally, she spoke.

“Alright,” she said, lowering her voice. “When the Luna created her special
genetically engineered rogues, she used her own blood to do it.”
My eyebrows raised in disbelief. “How?” I asked. “That doesn’t make any

Selena shrugged. “I don’t know how she did it exactly. I just remember her
drawing quite  a bit of blood for the process. She
wouldn’t let me see the lab where she did her experiments, but I overheard
her one day… She was talking to somebody… A man. And he was telling her
that she needs to keep herself protected, because if she dies, then all of her
rogues will die since they’ve all been created from her blood.”

As Selena spoke, my eyes began to widen. I could tell that she was being
truthful; even my wolf could sense it. It still didn’t entirely make sense, but it
was extremely vital information.
“Wow…” I murmured, still taking all of this in. “Selena, thank you.”
Selena just looked at me for a few moments before she nodded and shifted
her bag on her shoulder.

“So, you’re gonna Claim me now, right?” she asked.
“You promise you won’t use your abilities to hurt anyone anymore?” I
Selena shrugged. “There’s no point. You and Enzo have already mated… That
ship has sailed.”

I nodded slowly. Admittedly, the sad look on Selena’s face made me feel a
little bit bad. There was that flash of innocence across her face again, and it
reminded me that she really was just a sad girl who wanted to be loved, and
who was manipulated by the Luna. I trusted that she wouldn’t hurt anyone

But first, I needed to take down the Luna

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