My Hockey Alpha chapter 276 by Werewolf

My Hockey Alpha Chapter 276
My Hockey Alpha Chapter 276: Warmed Up
“Come on,” Enzo said, sitting up. “Let’s get you some dry clothes.”
By now, I was completely soaked from the snow… But that wasn’t the only
thing that was soaked. While playing in the snow with Enzo, I couldn’t stop
myself from getting wet for him, and the thought of going back to his
apartment with him to be alone made me throb. We had just had sex twice
already that morning, and yet I already wanted him again. Was this what it
was like to be with my mate? Secretly, I hoped that this lust for each other
would never die down.

While the rest of the campus continued playing in the snow, Enzo and I slipped
back into his dorm hand-in-hand and headed up the stairs. His dorm was
warm and dark when we entered.
As soon as the door closed behind me, Enzo suddenly whipped around and
slammed his hand on the wall above me, pressing me into the wood of the
door with his body. I felt myself shiver as his glowing eyes stared hungrily
down at me. A low growl rumbled in his throat as he took me in, and his free
hand slowly unzipped my coat to reveal that my t-shirt was completely soaked
all of the way through. I wasn’t wearing a bra, and my nipples were showing
through the thin fabric of my shirt. As he looked at me, he growled deeply
“Undress for me,” he whispered in a domineering tone of voice. “Your clothes
are wet.”

Enzo took a step backwards. I felt my face go red as I shimmied off my coat
and dropped it on the floor, then pulled my shirt off over my head to reveal my
cold breasts and hard nipples. Then, I began to take my pants off.
But before I did, Enzo grabbed my hand and stopped me. His eyes burned
with an intense hunger, and he clicked his tongue as he shook his head.
“Don’t just take them off. Dance for me.”

My face went an even deeper shade of red.
“You want me to… d-dance?” I whimpered, feeling myself overcome with
embarrassment as Enzo slowly nodded. He walked over to his bluetooth
speaker, turned it on and tapped on his phone for a moment, then began to
play some music. When he returned, he folded his arms across his chest and
leaned on the wall, drinking me in with his eyes.

“Go on,” he said. “My patience is wearing thin. Don’t make me rip them off of

I swallowed, my hands trembling a bit as I began to shimmy my pants down. I
turned around and swung my hips as I did, bending down so that my ass
rubbed up against his cock through his pants. I was wearing lacy red panties,
and when he saw them, he growled again. But he didn’t touch me, waiting
patiently instead for me to finish my show. I turned back around to face him,

biting my lip and feeling a bit of confidence surge through me as I began to
move to the music. I pulled my damp pants off the rest of the way and
sauntered up to him, wrapping one arm around his neck with my other hand on
my breasts, squeezing and rubbing them sensually. Enzo moaned again as I
grinded myself into him, feeling his erection against my thigh.
As I danced up against him, he pressed his body harder up against me until he
had me sandwiched firmly against the wall.

“Turn around,” he demanded. “And pull your panties down.”
I did as I was told, feeling myself become more wet from his dominance. I
turned and slowly pulled my panties down; but I apparently wasn’t fast
enough, because he suddenly grabbed them and ripped them down. I heard
the fabric tear, but I didn’t care. In one swift movement, he pulled his hot cock
out and thrust it into me, and we both erupted into a chorus of moans as my
pussy adjusted to his size. He began to twist his hips back and forth, still
pressing me up against the wall with his hand pushed against the back of my

“Have you ever tried anything in your ass?” he whispered as he slowly worked
himself into me. My eyes widened and I shook my head, feeling myself get
nervous. Enzo chuckled at my reaction. “Would you like to?”
I had never tried it, but the thought of it had always excited me. Biting my lip, I
quietly whimpered, “Yes, please.”

Enzo chuckled again. I felt his hand slide down my back and squeeze my ass.
He slapped me lightly down there, and then brought his hand back up and put

his thumb in my mouth, all while still pumping himself into me. I whimpered as
he worked himself deeper and deeper. Once his thumb was sufficiently wet,
he reached back down and began to rub my asshole with it while reaching
around with his other hand to rub my clit.
“You sure you want it?” he asked, dropping his dominance for a moment to
check on me.

I nodded. “Yes, I want it,” I said through my moans. I felt a bit of pressure as
he pushed his thumb into my ass, still thrusting deeper into me. And as he did,
I felt myself become overcome with pleasure. My moans suddenly heightened
in intensity at this new feeling, and I felt my hand slap against the wall. My
legs shook beneath me, and Enzo just laughed at my ecstasy before pushing
his thumb deeper.

“Don’t cum,” he growled into my ear as my moans heightened. He continued to
thrust, harder now so that I could hear the sound of flesh clapping together.
His thumb was firm and thick, and it made my pussy tighten. I felt myself
almost succumb to an orgasm, but I managed to hold it off, not wanting to
disappoint him. But his moans got louder as my pussy tightened, and his
moans made it impossible to hold it in. I came instantly.
Enzo froze, his cock twitching inside of me, and stopped rubbing my clit.
“Did you just disobey me?” he asked.

“I-I’m sorry,” I whimpered. “I couldn’t hold it.”
He clicked his tongue again, then took the hand that had been rubbing my clit
and slapped my ass, hard, causing me to whimper even louder. He then pulled
his thumb and his cock out of me and, grabbing me by the neck, walked me
over to the couch. He pushed me down over the back of the couch and
slapped my ass again before he leaned down and began to eat me out from
behind while his fingers worked their way up into my pussy. From the feeling
of his tongue rubbing across my clit and my asshole, I came again, this time.

harder as he fingered me roughly. I came so hard that it almost hurt, and when
I was finished, I felt too sensitive. But he just kept stimulating me until I was
screaming out, begging for him to stop.
“Say you’re sorry, and I’ll stop,” he said firmly.
“I-I’m sorry for cumming,” I whimpered. “I won’t do it again.”
“Good.” Enzo straightened and stood again, then shoved his cock back inside
of me and pumped himself into me. He put his thumb back in my ass while I
lay helpless over the back of the couch; and when he was almost finished, he
pulled out of me and grabbed me, spinning me around and forcing me onto my
knees. In the darkness, I felt his cock slide down my throat. I gagged as he
finished inside of me.

When he was finished, he let out one last growl before pulling his cock out of
my mouth and panting heavily. I swallowed the load inside of my mouth and
wiped my mouth with the back of my hand as he slid down to the floor next to
“Are you okay?” he whispered, taking my hand gently. “Are you sure you liked
all of that?”
I nodded, unable to contain my grin now. “I loved it,” I murmured, laying my
head on his  shoulder.

That night, I fell asleep in Enzo’s arms after a warm and comforting shower. I
felt safe and protected in his arms, and fell asleep with a smile on my face
from the afterglow of our kinky sex.
But not long after I had fallen asleep, I began to dream. And the dream that I
had was terrifying, to say the least.

The Luna was standing in front of me in a dark room, her eyes glowing a
haunting deep red as a twisted grin spread across her lips.
“Hello, Nina,” she said, her voice echoing so loudly around me that it hurt my
ears. “I’m watching you.”

I covered my ears and groaned, falling to my knees. Above me, the Luna only
laughed maniacally, and her laughs filled my skull with even more pain.
Suddenly, I woke up in a cold sweat and sat up abruptly in bed. Enzo, who
was sleeping beside me, jolted awake to see me panting heavily and clutching
my chest beside him.
“Nina?” he asked, sitting up. “Are you okay?”

I looked over at him, seeing his soft features in the dim light of his bedroom,
and slowly nodded.
“Yeah,” I whispered, laying back down in his strong arms. “Just a nightmare.”
But part of me didn’t think that it was a nightmare at all

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