My Hockey Alpha chapter 264 by Werewolf

My Hockey Alpha Chapter 264 My Hockey Alpha Chapter 264: Primal Urges Nina Just when I thought that I was going to lose Enzo, the power of our mate bond allowed me to heal him. He sat up and pulled me into his lap on the forest floor, and when we finally pulled away

, I couldn’t resist the urge to laugh out of pure joy. Even though the rogues were possibly still out there, nothing else existed during those moments. Enzo’s soft brown eyes sparkled in the moonlight, and he kissed me even more deeply than before as his hands cupped my face.

Maybe it was the adrenaline from the fight, or the power of the mate bond, or the hormones surging through me from shifting for the first time. Maybe it was all three of those things. Either way, I found myself unable to resist the primal urge to do more than just mark Enzo… I wanted to mate with him, right there on the forest floor. Enzo seemed to be able to tell. Maybe he wanted it, too.

A mischievous smirk came over his face and he laid me down on the ground. We moved quickly, our hot breaths mixing together as we fumbled with each other’s clothes. I ripped at his pants, tearing the button open and unzipping them so that I could reach down and grasp his cock in my hand. Enzo let out a strained groan and yanked hastily at my pants.

We didn’t have much time, but we needed each other right now. I helped Enzo yank my jeans down just enough to expose my panties. He cursed under his breath at the sight of me, and then roughly flipped me over onto my stomach without a word. I let out a surprised laugh, followed by a loud moan as he quickly pulled my panties aside and thrust himself into me on the ground. As Enzo worked himself into me, I dug my fingers into the dirt and felt my eyes roll back with ecstasy. He reached up and pressed his hand down into the side of my head, pushing the side of my face down into the dirt, but it only made me grin even more. My pussy exploded with wetness at this, and I arched my back and lifted my ass up to allow him to go even deeper. “Fuck,” Enzo whispered, panting heavily. He froze for a moment; I could feel him throbbing, bursting to come, and it made my smile widen.

“Go on,” I said. “Don’t hold back.” Enzo paused for a moment, debating this. Then, with a groan, he reached under me and rubbed my clit while he pumped himself a few more times.

I felt so full now when he finished inside of me. I didn’t even care that it was only a few moments of pleasure; it was all I needed right now to satisfy my animal urges. And almost as soon as Enzo came, we heard the sound of voices and people running through the woods. Enzo and I both cursed quietly and quickly pulled our pants back up, just managing to hide the evidence of what we had just done before our friends crashed into the small clearing where we sat. “Oh, thank god!” Jessica yelled, running over to me and throwing her arms around me. “

We thought you were both dead.” Lori came up behind her and yanked her off of me. With a strength that I didn’t even know that the small goth girl possessed, Lori grabbed me by my arms and hauled me to my feet. She then pulled her fist back and punched me in the arm as hard as she could. “Ow!” I yelped, stumbling backwards and rubbing the spot where she had hit me. “That’s for running off like that!” Lori shouted as tears streamed down her cheeks. She stared at me wildly for a moment, breathing heavily, before she relaxed and pulled me in for a tight hug. “And this is for being okay.” I couldn’t help but hug my friend back. I supposed that I did deserve that punch for running off, so I didn’t complain about it. Besides, now that I had shifted, something like that didn’t hurt nearly as much as it would have before. I felt as though my skin was made of metal. “Did you guys do something?” Matt asked, walking up to us. “The other rogues… They just ran off.” Enzo and I looked at each other with wide eyes. “Really?” I asked. Luke nodded. “There was a howl coming from over here, and then the others responded, and then they all left.”

I let out a sigh of relief. “Their leader,” I said. “Enzo and I fought him. He’s tough, but we sent him running. I guess he called the others with him when he howled.” My friends’ eyes widened then. “You both fought him?” Jessica asked. “How? Unless…” I nodded. “I shifted. It started happening when I was running. If it weren’t for Enzo coming to my rescue, the rogue leader would have killed me before I shifted fully. Which reminds me… The rogue leader told me something. I think it’s important.” “What is it?”

Enzo asked. When I looked over at him, he seemed to be in a state of disbelief. It wasn’t as if I had time to tell him anything yet, considering the fact that we went straight from fighting for our lives to… well, fucking. “I had several vials of the antidote on me,” I said, gesturing to my blue-stained jacket that was now lying discarded on the ground. “That was why I lured him out here. I thought that if I could turn him back into a human, the other rogues would lose some of their momentum without their leader.

But he crushed them, and said that the antidote won’t work on him because he was never human. He said that the Luna genetically engineered him.” Everyone’s eyes went even wider than before; everyone’s except for Enzo’s. His eyes narrowed as he looked at me, and I could tell that he was annoyed that I had come out fast updatehere with the antidote to turn the rogue leader without telling him. But what was I supposed to do? I knew that Enzo would have never let me try it. Even though it wound up not working in the end, I got some crucial information regardless. “We should get back,” Enzo suddenly said before anyone else could come up with a response. “They could come back at any point. Is anyone hurt?” he asked, turning to look at Matt.

Matt shook his head. “No, thankfully. A few scuffs here and there, maybe a concussion or two, but no one got severely injured as far as I know.” Enzo nodded. His face looked cold and thoughtful, as though he had once again reverted to Alpha mode. Once again, it made me worried that he was going to push away his own needs in order to lead the pack. And if he was upset with me over my plan with the antidote, then he certainly wouldn’t talk to me about it now. “Good,” Enzo said. “Let’s get back to the campus and regroup. If the Luna really is creating genetically engineered super-rogues, then she could very well come back with an army of them; and we need to be prepared.

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