My Hockey Alpha chapter 263 by Werewolf

My Hockey Alpha Chapter 263 My Hockey Alpha Chapter 263: Healing Love Nina Finally, I shifted for the first time. All of my agony melted away and was replaced by enhanced senses. Everything appeared brighter, smelled more intense, and I could hear for what felt like miles. Not only that, but I felt stronger than ever; and my mate was in trouble. The rogue leader had Enzo pinned down.

Enzo was kicking underneath him wildly, but the rogue leader was incredibly strong. Despite Enzo’s size and

strength, the rogue leader was still managing to get the upper hand. Baring my teeth, I didn’t hesitate for a moment before I leaped onto the rogue leader. I was smaller than him, but that also meant that I was faster and more agile, and I leaped onto his back and sank my teeth into the back of his neck. The rogue leader yelped and scrambled backwards in an attempt to throw me off of him, but I held on tightly.

I saw Enzo climb back to his feet and attack the rogue leader while I had him distracted. He clawed at the rogue leader’s throat, causing the rogue leader to throw himself backwards. Unfortunately, this allowed the rogue leader to effectively throw me to the ground. But at least I managed to get him off of Enzo and lower his defenses. Enzo leaped at him again, and they collided mid-air. “Run away,

” Enzo’s voice echoed in my mind. “I’ll handle it from here. Just get to safety.” I narrowed my eyes and a low, almost involuntary growl rumbled in my throat. It was a strange feeling, but it also felt entirely natural at the same time. “No,” I responded. “I won’t leave you. Let me fight with you.” Enzo didn’t respond, but that was only because the rogue leader slammed into him and tackled him to the ground. I watched in horror as the rogue leader’s jaws began to snap in Enzo’s face, slowly inching closer and closer to making contact with Enzo’s throat.

One more moment, and he would have his teeth sunk into Enzo’s esophagus. Another growl escaped my lips and I charged at him, slamming into him as hard as I could. I saw a flash of light from the impact. It disoriented me, but I managed to get the rogue leader off of Enzo. I scrambled to my feet where I fell beside the rogue leader, but he was also quick to get back to his feet and was now refocusing his attention on me instead of Enzo.

The rogue leader bared his teeth even more aggressively, long strands of saliva dripping down mixed with blood. “I should’ve killed you when I had the chance.” “But you didn’t,” I replied, snarling as I did so. The rogue leader and I began to circle each other. Meanwhile, Enzo climbed to his feet on shaking legs. He seemed to be healing himself, as the last impact from the rogue made him hit his head on the ground. He also seemed to be limping, although I realized that he was limping before the fight ever started. He must have been attacked earlier, and this made me even more angry.

A wild yell escaped my lips in the form of a howl. I charged head-on at the rogue leader. He rolled out of the way, his mocking laughter echoing in my skull as I nearly charged head-first into a tree. I managed to come to a skidding halt in the dirt and whipped around, dodging another attack just before he ran into me. At the same time, I swiped my claws at him and made contact with his throat. Blood dripped across the pine-covered forest floor. The rogue leader snarled. Enzo came up behind him then.

He seemed to have regained some strength from his healing, and while the rogue leader’s back was turned, Enzo leaped on top of him and sank his teeth into his neck. The rogue leader let out a panicked yelp. He shook himself violently to get Enzo off, and because of Enzo’s weakened state, it worked. Enzo was sent flying into a tree. I heard two sickening crunches — one from the tree splintering in two, and one from Enzo’s bones colliding with the tree’s hard surface — followed by a pained whimper. The rogue was dripping blood everywhere. I lunged at him, furious that he had hurt Enzo, but it was too late. A loud howl escaped his mouth, and he took off into the forest like a flash of lightning. I heard more howls in the distance.

Then, the forest fell silent. Silent except for Enzo’s whimpers. Without realizing it, I shifted back instantly. I ran over to Enzo then and fell to my knees next to him, tangling my fingers in his fur. He shifted back as well as I held him, revealing bruised flesh and blood-soaked clothes. “Enzo!” I cried out, shaking him as he laid motionless on the ground. “Are you okay?! Enzo!” He didn’t answer, aside from a pained groan. He was alive, but not for long; there was a large gash on his shoulder that was bleeding profusely, and his arm was completely broken. Bits of bone and blood stuck out from his skin. I clamped my hand over my mouth and stifled a choked sob, not knowing what to do. “Mark him,” my wolf suddenly said. “Mark him, and then you can use your mate bond to heal him.” My eyes widened. “Are you sure?” I said out loud. “Will it work?”

“Yes.” With shaking hands, I lowered myself down beside Enzo. Logically, I had no idea what I was doing. But somehow, deep down, there was a part of me that knew exactly what to do. I leaned down over Enzo and pressed my lips against his, shutting my eyes tightly. I kissed him softly as tears streamed down my cheeks, and as I did, I felt my wolf’s power surge through me again; but she wasn’t trying to shift. She seemed to be searching. Suddenly, it felt as though she found what she was looking for: Enzo’s wolf.

I didn’t know exactly what happened after that. All I knew was that one moment, Enzo was laying limp beneath me and all I could taste was the blood on his lips and my own salty tears on my tongue. And then, gently, I felt his hand brush my cheek. I suddenly pulled back and stared down at him with wide eyes. His eyelids fluttered open ever so slightly. “Don’t stop kissing me,” he whispered. I did as he asked.

I bent back down and kissed him deeply, and as I did, I felt as though our souls were intertwining. I suddenly felt so whole, as though I had only been half of a person for my entire life leading up to this moment. And at the same time, I felt as though he was inflating beneath me, like he was an empty balloon from his injuries and I was filling him with air, with life. Finally, I felt Enzo sit up as we kissed. He gathered me into his lap on the forest floor. When we finally pulled away, I couldn’t help but laugh; his wounds were closed up, and his broken arm was completely healed. And I felt more connected to him than ever. During those moments, I knew that I had marked my mate, and nothing could separate us now.

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