My Hockey Alpha chapter 253 by Werewolf

My Hockey Alpha Chapter 253 My Hockey Alpha Chapter 253: Redemption Nina Without a word, Selena made a hmph sound and took off down the hallway. Enzo gasped slightly and went to follow her, but I held my arm out to stop him and shook my head. “It’s fine,” I said, watching as she disappeared around a corner.

“Luke is gonna watch her. Besides, where would she even go?” Enzo relaxed a bit and nodded in understanding. “I guess you’re right,” he replied. “I just worry that she’ll try to pull some stunt and screw us all over.”

“She won’t.” I took Enzo’s hand and began walking down the hall with him. “She’s powerless. She knows that the Luna wants nothing to do with her. We’re her only chance at survival at this point, because soon the Luna might come to kill both of us.” Enzo froze at my words, his hand tightening around mine. When I looked up at him, his brown eyes were wide and there was worry drawn across his face. I knew that he was immensely worried about the Luna and what she would do if she found me; and I couldn’t deny the fact that I was worried, too. But right now, we needed to just do our best to have a positive outlook. In my mind, that was the only real way to prepare to fight back against the Luna’s plan. “Come on,”

I said, tugging on Enzo’s hand a bit. “Just for today, can we pretend that we’re a normal couple? I’ve spent too long missing you to want to stand around all day and wait for doom.” Enzo paused for a few moments. His eyes searched my face, and his jaw clenched and unclenched. But then, finally, he nodded and followed me. I led him down the hall and back out into the fresh winter air.

The sun was out and there was a cold breeze blowing across the campus. Soon, it would be Christmastime. Every year, the campus was decorated with garlands and red and green ribbons to celebrate the end of the semester, and I always enjoyed the festive spirit. No matter what, the Luna and the Crescents wouldn’t get in the way of that. I would stop them before that happened. As Enzo and I walked across campus,

I noticed that he was still silent. I was determined to cheer him up and get him to relax, even if it was just for one day. “I’m hungry,” I said, tugging him in the direction of the town. “Let’s go to the diner.” It seemed that my persistence had an effect on Enzo, because he let out a low chuckle and wrapped his arm around my shoulders. “I’m hungry too,” he

said, giving me a squeeze. … A little while later, Enzo and I were seated at a booth at the diner. The town felt as though it was returning to normal; the hockey team had done a good job of keeping the town secure, and many of the shops and restaurants that had previously been closed were open once more. As we sat, we looked up at the television that was mounted high on the wall to see that there was local news coverage of the rogue outbreak, and it seemed that more towns were fighting back. I had been so preoccupied with everything with Enzo and Selena that I didn’t notice at first, but Luke had in fact distributed some of the antidote to our surrounding towns.

They distributed even more during the time that Enzo and I were gone, and images were already on the news of people being turned back into humans and reuniting with their families. Things were looking better on our island. I just hoped that the Luna and the Crescents didn’t throw a wrench into things before we had time to fully regroup. But at least, if they did attack again, we would be prepared.

“I still don’t fully understand why you’re so willing to forgive Selena,” Enzo said, picking at his French fries as he spoke. “I guess you know something that I don’t, but still…” I shook my head. “I’m not forgiving her. I’m giving her a chance to redeem herself. We need her help, and this is the only way to do it… Now please, can we talk about something normal for once? I’m tired of only worrying about all of this.

I just want to feel okay, just for a few hours.” Enzo nodded and popped a couple of French fries into his mouth. He chewed slowly, thinking, then swallowed. “I miss hockey,” he said suddenly. I was a bit surprised by Enzo’s sudden candidness, but the fact that he was so open made me smile. I reached across the table and squeezed his hand.

“Maybe you should play some hockey tonight,” I said. “The team misses you, too. Matt is a good captain, but they miss you.” Enzo paused for a few moments, staring down at his plate. I felt as though I could almost see the gears turning in his head, like he was considering whether or not he could bring himself to relax enough to play hockey and actually enjoy himself, even if just for a few hours.

“Enzo,” I said, still holding his hand. I softened my gaze, but kept it firmly on his. “I know you’re worried, but we’re going to figure everything out. Like Selena said, the Luna has what she wants right now. Look at the news!” I gestured up to the television. “Even our antidote is allowing people to change back, and it looks as though the Crescents are on the run.” “But it doesn’t mean that we have much time before things get worse again,” Enzo replied quietly, finally lifting his gaze from his plate to meet mine. “She could send the Crescents to attack tonight, for all we know.

You are the only real thing keeping her from reaching her goals. You and your antidote. Without you, there would be no antidote, and so taking you out would be the first thing she would want to do. We should just run; we can buy plane tickets, get as far away as possible, lead her on a wild goose chase…” My eyes widened. I sat up straight, shaking my head vigorously. “We won’t run,” I said. “We won’t. I’m not leaving. Enzo stared at me for a while longer, his brown eyes fixed on mine unwaveringly.

I knew that he was upset, but I needed him to listen to me. “Remember how you said that I needed to trust you when we were in the Alpha King’s mansion?” I asked. Enzo nodded. “Well, I need you to trust me now. We can fight the Crescents. We’re prepared, and we have allies from all over. If people around the island hear news about our town getting attacked again — the town that saved them with the antidote — they’ll fight by our

sides. The Crescents’ numbers are dwindling. And with my abilities… I think it’ll help us a lot.” For a long time, Enzo just looked at me. I could see an entire range of emotions flash through his eyes, causing his face to soften and harden over and over again, before it finally softened again. He nodded, still holding my hand. “Okay,” he said. “I trust you. And I think I will play some hockey tonight.

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