My Hockey Alpha chapter 252 by Werewolf

My Hockey Alpha Chapter 252 My Hockey Alpha Chapter 252: A Little Kindness Goes a Long Way Enzo As if I wasn’t already shocked enough by Nina’s sudden high energy and motivation, she then told the rest of us about her plans to help Selena get enrolled in some classes.

At first, I had to admit that I was pretty angry by this decision. I wished that she had mentioned it to me ahead of time; Selena had, after all, made our lives a living hell for weeks. She had brainwashed me, poisoned my father, tried to kill me, and tried to keep Nina as a prisoner.

But, the more I thought about it, the more I realized that Selena really was just the Luna’s puppet after all. She was a frightened little girl who was being manipulated by someone who was far worse, and although it didn’t absolve her of her crimes, it did help me understand why she did what she did a little bit better. And besides: we needed Selena’s cooperation if we were going to take down the Luna.

Selena was the only one who knew about the Luna’s real plans. The Alpha King was stuck in the Luna’s grasp, and it would only be a matter of time before she accomplished her goal of cleansing the earth of all humans. In fact, I was already fairly certain that she was working with the Crescents all along and that her plan was already underway. So, when Nina showed her kind hearted yet brilliant nature and decided to let Selena enroll in school here, I finally had to admit that it was a good idea. After all,

I couldn’t crush Nina’s spirit. Her kind heartedness was one of the biggest things that I loved about her, and I didn’t want that light to go out. If she was so certain that her plan would make Selena join our side, then I was willing to support her until the very end. I loved her, and soon, she would be my mate. “I hope it’s going okay in there,” Luke said, subtly peering in through the infirmary window. I followed his gaze to see that Selena was now sitting up and glaring at Nina. Nina was standing in front of her with her arms folded across her chest. She looked confident, which made me confident. “I’m sure it’ll be fine,” I said. “Selena did enjoy being a student here. And who knows; maybe this really will make her trust us a bit more

.” Matt stared at me for a moment with a dark look on his face before speaking. “After everything she did, are you really sure that we even want her help?” I shrugged. “People can change. She was the Luna’s puppet; we don’t know what sort of manipulation was going on behind the scenes. The Luna had years to get inside her head.”“She had years, and we only have days at the most,” Matt replied, sounding defeated. I looked over my shoulder again at Nina and her sister. They were looking at each other now; neither was speaking, but I saw something flash across Selena’s face. Something soft and innocent. “The Luna didn’t have the power of the twin bond on her side,” I said. … Eventually, much to everyone’s surprise, both Nina and Selena walked out of the infirmary. Selena was standing behind her, glowering at the floor with her arms folded across her chest. But she wasn’t being overly standoffish or aggressive. “We’re going to talk to the dean,” Nina said with a bit of a smile as she looked up at me. I nodded and pushed myself off of the wal

l. “I’ll come with you.” The rest of the group stayed behind while Nina and I walked Selena to the dean’s office. Selena was silent the entire time and only stared down at the ground, but I could tell that something had changed. Even if it was only just a tiny change, it was a change nonetheless. When we reached the dean’s office, all three of us went inside. Dean Cynthia was sitting at her desk and shuffling through paperwork when we arrived, and when she saw us, her eyes widened. “Enzo! Nina!” she said, standing abruptly. “Where have you been?” “It’s a long story,” Nina said, then stepped aside to reveal Selena, who had been standing behind us. “And she would like to enroll in school here.”

Cynthia stared at Selena with wide, unblinking eyes, taking in the scene in front of her. She hadn’t seen Selena before — or at least, she had never seen Selena without a magical disguise. “U-Um… Nina, I didn’t know you had a twin sister,” Cynthia said hesitantly. Clearly not wanting to explain too much, Nina just nodded slowly. “Introduce yourself,” she said to Selena. Selena slowly stepped forward. Her face was red and she fiddled with her fingers as she spoke, much unlike the evil princess I had come to know. “I’m Selena,” she said. “I want to enroll here.” Cynthia stared back and forth between all three of us for a few moments before clearing her throat. “I’m afraid the semester is just a few weeks from ending,” she replied.

“Maybe you should enroll next semester.” Selena jerked her head up and looked over at Nina with pleading eyes. Nina, sighing, stepped forward. “Are you sure she can’t just enroll in a class or two for now?” she asked. “And can she have a dorm, too? Please. It’s really important.” For another few moments, Cynthia stared at Nina before finally nodding

. “Alright. You can enroll in two classes, Selena. Next semester, if you want to enroll as a full-time student, let me know.” “And a dorm?” Nina asked. “Yes,” Cynthia replied. “It’s too late to bunk with another student, but I think we do have a few empty single dorms. I’ll take a look and see what we can do.” I didn’t say anything. Nina thanked the dean, and then the two of us left the room to wait outside while Selena and Cynthia got to work. They were in there for a while, and the entire time, I had to admit that I still didn’t know how to

feel about the whole situation. Nina, noticing this, took my hand and smiled up at me. “This will all turn out alright,” she whispered as we leaned against the wall outside the dean’s office. “I promise.” “I hope you’re right,” I replied with a sigh. If she wasn’t right, then… We would be giving too much freedom to someone who would only use it to stab us in the back. But if Nina was so sure that it would all go according to plan, and that Selena would eventually change her ways and help us take down the Luna and maybe even stop the Crescents,

then I was willing to believe her. Finally, Selena came out of the dean’s office a little while later with a bundle of papers and a dorm key in her hand. She stood outside the door for a few moments, staring at us and not saying anything. I couldn’t quite tell if she simply didn’t know what to say, or if she didn’t want to give us the satisfaction of her gratitude. “Well?” Nina asked. “What classes did you enroll in?” Selena stared at Nina for a few more moments. Then, with a hmph, she simply flicked her hair over her shoulder and stormed down the hallway without a word.

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