My Hockey Alpha chapter 247 by Werewolf

My Hockey Alpha Chapter 247 My Hockey Alpha Chapter 247: Between Realms Nina “We’re home,” Enzo said, looking at his hands first and then up at the sky with puzzlement drawn across his face. I looked around with the same amount of confusion at the forest around us. It was dark out, and the waning moon gave us enough light to see. I recognized this forest clearing well; it was the exact clearing that we left from last time.

In the distance, thanks to the leaves having mostly fallen off of the trees by this point, I could see the flat surface of the athletic field and the rough outline of

the hockey arena after that. How did this happen, though? How did we get here? Neither of us had any physical injuries. The pain that the Luna inflicted on us felt distant, like it had happened ages ago. I still couldn’t believe that I was even alive, and I even pinched myself to see. Of course, I felt the pain. I wasn’t dead, and Enzo was right: we were home. But I still didn’t understand how that happened. “Did you do something?” I asked Enzo, turning to face him. “Did you teleport us or something?” Enzo slowly shook his head and furrowed his brow.

“No,” he replied. “I couldn’t. Not with the pain.” His words made me frown. I was completely astounded. I hadn’t opened a portal; the Luna had made sure to stop me before I had a chance. All I remembered was closing my eyes and thinking I would die, and then… I was here, in the forest outside of campus. The Luna wasn’t anywhere to be found, and neither was Selena. But then, I noticed something. “My wolf,” I said out loud, my eyes widening. “I can feel her. It’s not just a flicker anymore.” Enzo’s eyes widened as well. “Can you communicate with her?”

he asked. I shut my eyes and searched inside of me, prodding my wolf. She seemed to be waking up slowly, but she was there. “Cora?” I asked, my own voice echoing in my head. “Are you there?” My wolf’s presence strengthened, and finally, I heard her respond for the first time in ages. Tears instantly came to my eyes. I hadn’t been able to

communicate properly with my wolf since I escaped Edward’s lair. “I’m here,” she replied, sounding groggy after what must have felt like an eternity spent sleeping. “Did it work? Did I teleport us out?” “She teleported us,” I said to Enzo. I suddenly stood, too astounded by my wolf’s words to sit any longer. “Somehow, she teleported us out of the werewolf realm.” Enzo stared at me incredulously for a few moments, his mouth agape with surprise. It was clear that neither of us knew what to say at first. “That’s impossible,” he finally said, standing alongside me.

“No one can teleport between realms. You need to open a portal.” I simply shrugged. “I don’t know,” I replied. “She said she teleported us.” As Enzo and I stood there, something else came to my attention: Enzo’s scent. As my wolf woke up, his scent became a little stronger. It was still faint, but it was there, and it made my heart suddenly leap as though I had just run a marathon.

Enzo seemed to pick up my scent, too, and his face lightened as a smile spread across his lips. Neither of us spoke. We didn’t even need to process what had just happened yet; all we cared about was that we were home, alive and safe, and my wolf had returned. Not only that, but we could pick up each other’s scents again. A wild laugh escaped my lips and I threw my arms around Enzo, kissing him deeply. We smiled against each other’s lips as we kissed. It felt so sweet and natural, and his scent overwhelmed me, drawing me closer to him. I had never felt so at peace before.

Despite the fact that the Luna was still out there and had the Alpha King hostage, at that exact moment I only cared that I was safely in Enzo’s arms. But then, something else came to my attention. Someone was groaning off in the distance.

Enzo and I suddenly pulled away, our lips making a wet smacking noise as we pulled apart. Or bodies stayed glued together, my hand pressed against his chest as we snapped our heads in the direction of the groans. It was a female voice emanating from behind a tree. My eyes widened as I recognized the voice, and I subsequently saw a familiar shoe poking out from behind the tree. It was Selena. Enzo and I both shot each other an apprehensive look before we decided to slowly approach Selena, both too shocked to understand what had happened. How had Selena come with us?

Did she still have her wolf after all and we just didn’t know it? “Ugh…” Selena groaned. As we walked around the tree, we saw her laying in the dirt, surrounded by pine cones and pine needles with a twisted grimace on her face. She was rubbing her head with her eyes squeezed shut, but when she heard us stop in front of her, her eyes suddenly shot open. “Selena?” I asked, still confused. Selena suddenly tried to scramble to her feet, but failed.

As she tried to get up, I saw what looked like a nasty bruise on her temple; she must have hit her head when the Luna shoved her down the stairs earlier in the throne room. “Get the fuck away from me,” she snarled, backing up against the tree and pointing at me with a shaking hand. “Back off.” “Okay,” I replied, taking a step back and holding my hands up in surrender. “But… How did you get here?” “Ugh… Fuck if I know,” Selena replied. She gingerly touched her temple and winced, and when she pulled her fingers away, there was a bit of blood on

them. “I was laying in the throne room, waiting to die, and now I’m here. What did you do, you freak?” I shook my head and looked up at Enzo, who looked just as dumbfounded as I did. “I… I don’t know,” I replied. I wasn’t entirely sure if I was willing just yet to reveal to Selena that I had somehow managed to teleport between realms without a portal; there was no knowing yet if she did still have powers after all, or what she would do with that information. It did seem, however, that Selena must have somehow gotten teleported along with us.

Was it the twin bond? That was the only realistic explanation; Selena was in danger with the Luna around, and it made me wonder if our twin bond made her teleport along with me, to keep us both protected. Even though I wasn’t particularly thrilled that Selena had come along with us, and neither was Enzo, I couldn’t help but think that maybe it was a good thing. After all, in the hands of the Luna there was no knowing what would have happened to Selena. Surely the Luna knew about the twin bond, and may have killed Selena on purpose knowing that it would kill me, too. But what was I going to do now with my evil sister.

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