My Hockey Alpha chapter 246 by Werewolf

My Hockey Alpha Chapter 246 My Hockey Alpha Chapter 246: All the Power Nina “Hello, Nina,” the Luna said. She wore all white. Even her hair, her eyelashes, and her eyebrows were pure white, and her skin was as pale as a ghost.

The only bit of color on her were her red eyes, staring out at me with disdain. But while her eyes glared coldly at me, there was a smile on her face. I felt as though I was looking into the face of someone who wanted nothing more than to kill me.

M-Mother!” Selena yelled, scrambling to her feet. She scurried over to the Luna, blubbering and whining over the fact that she was a human now. But the Luna only grimaced and, much to my surprise, shoved Selena away. With the force of the Luna’s shove, Selena fell backwards down the small set of stairs that led up to the throne, where the Alpha King still sat with a blank expression on his face. Selena crumpled to the floor and continued to sob quietly, curled up in a fetal position. With an agitated sigh, the Luna picked up her skirt and slowly walked down the steps, then placed her shoe on Selena’s head and rubbed it into Selena’s temple. “You’re pathetic,” the Luna growled. “I can’t believe you let yourself turn into a filthy human…

You’re useless, and I never should have trusted you with this job.” “M-Mother, I’m sorry!” Selena whined, clawing at the Luna’s skirt with her hands and begging. “Please turn me back! I promise I’ll do better this time!” The Luna only rolled her eyes and stepped over Selena. Enzo and I began to back away, but the Luna just followed us. She raised her hand and snapped, and I heard the doors to the throne room slam shut behind us. I heard the sound of a large, heavy deadbolt clicking into place from the other side; we were locked in here with her. “Who are you?” I said.

“What do you want?” The Luna stopped, staring at me for a moment. I felt as though she was appraising me as she looked me up and down, like an animal up for auction. “You really are your father’s daughter,” she said, rolling her eyes once more. “The stupidity must run in the family.”

She turned away then and walked back up to the throne. Enzo and I looked at each other and seemed to come to the conclusion that we both needed to make a run for it. I lifted my hand to open a portal, hoping to do it before the Luna turned back around, but without even looking at me she seemed to know what I was doing and snapped her fingers

again. In that instant, I felt another invisible force shove me to the ground. It was even stronger than the spell that Selena cast earlier, and both mine and Enzo’s knees buckled beneath us. I felt as though I couldn’t even breathe. The Luna walked up to the Alpha King, who still sat staring blankly ahead. I wanted to plead with him to come to his senses, but I couldn’t. The invisible force weighed heavily on my throat, and it took all of my strength just to suck in lungfuls of air. All I could do was watch as the Luna stopped beside him and stroked his hair, almost like he was a pet, while she stared down at all three of us on the floor. “

You were supposed to be the smarter one, the more powerful one,” the Luna said, staring down her nose at me. From this angle, she looked enormous and even more terrifying. “And I suppose, you are. But you’re too obsessed with those filthy humans, and that will be your downfall.” I furrowed my brow. What was she talking about? What did she mean when she said that I was supposed to be the smarter and more powerful one? Did she mean…

That I wasn’t supposed to be the one who was stolen? That it was supposed to be Selena, and that I was meant to stay behind and be her puppet? But even then, I still couldn’t ask any of these questions. The pressure on my body was too great. I felt as though I would sink through the floor, down into the earth. It began to burn, too, even more than the burning that I felt earlier when the antidote was running its course in

Selena’s body. I began to writhe in agony, and so did Selena, just from my pain alone. Enzo began to squirm and grunt beside me as well; I felt his fingers brush mine, and I latched onto them. The burning became even more intense. A choked scream escaped my throat as I felt as though my body would turn inside out and dissolve into embers. I squeezed my eyes shut, feeling tears immediately begin to stream down my cheeks.

“If you would only realize that I’m just looking out for the best of our species, then I would let you live,” the Luna said, sounding incredibly nonchalant for someone who was torturing three people. She raised her voice to speak over Selena’s screams, like her screams were nothing but a whistling tea kettle. “But now, I’ve had to realize something of my own. And what I’ve realized is that your godforsaken family is only going to stand in the way of my plans. I can’t have that.” “W-What are you talking about?”

I groaned, somehow managing to speak through the pain even though it felt like I was vomiting up hot coals. “W-what plans?” The Luna laughed. When she did, it sounded light and airy, like a summer breeze. It didn’t at all sound like the laugh of a villain; but when I looked up at her, her red eyes were still cold and emotionless. Beside her, the Alpha King only appeared even more out of it. How long would it be before he met the same fate as Richard? “Surely you’re not serious?” the Luna laughed. “Can’t you tell already?

I want to cleanse the world of the filthy creatures that destroyed our species!” My eyes widened as another wave of pain washed over me. I let out another involuntary scream; I was going to die from this pain. I was sure of it. There was no escaping it. The Luna was too powerful, and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get up or make the pain stop. All I could do was close my eyes and squeeze Enzo’s hand as I waited for death to take all of us. But then… Silence. The pain disappeared, and the sounds of our screams were replaced by the sounds of the wind blowing through the trees and the crickets twittering in the night.

I slowly opened my eyes, and found myself laying in the center of the forest clearing; the same clearing that we left through last time. Beside me, Enzo groaned and sat up. I sat up alongside him, my pain feeling like a distant memory now, and furrowed my brow as we stared incredulously at each other. “Are… Are we dead?” I whispered. Enzo shook his head, and looked at his hands. “No,” he replied, looking up at the sky. “We’re home

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