Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 56

Loving my Rejected Luna by Blossom Harold
Chapter 56
Kiara froze. Revenge? What revenge?
“Oh and Kiara…” Zane’s voice Suddenly sounded as he walked into the kitchen.
He halted in his steps when she slowly turned to him with confusion written all
over her face.
“What do you mean Revenge, Samantha?” Kiara said into the phone while
maintaining eye contact with Zane.

His eyes widened slightly and he wanted to drag the phone away from Kiara but
she swatted his hand away.
“What do you mean Revenge, Samantha?” She yelled into the phone furiously but
Samantha just groaned.
“It doesn’t concern you, Kiara. Not everything involving Zane concerns you so
give him the phone because I don’t want to waste my time talking to you” Kiara
furrowed her eyebrows while still staring at Zane. He furrowed his eyebrows at
her then walked closer and grabbed her waist.
“Is something wrong?” Before Kiara could answer, Samantha screamed out of
the phone.
“Zane? Is that you? Why are you letting this old hag hold your phone? You never
let me touch your phone” Samantha whined and Kiara immediately pulled the
phone away from her ear with a grimace and handed it to Zane.
“When you’re done with her, you and I have to talk” Zane grabbed the phone and
immediately hang up.
“She doesn’t matter. What do you want to talk about?” He silently wished in his
heart that Samantha hadn’t said anything to her but he made sure, his
anxiousness wasn’t shown on his face.
“She talked about revenge, what does that mean?” Zane groaned inwardly. He
should have never told Samantha about that.
“Oh that… it’s nothing serious. I said I was going to get back at Raymond for…
for what he did to me when we were younger but I forgot to do it because I’ve
been so occupied with you” Something was off with his explanation.
“Are you sure?” He nodded with a smile then leaned down and placed a kiss on
her lips.

“What did you think she was talking about? Who else would I take revenge on?”
As he spoke, she stared into his eyes then let out a sigh before a smile
appeared on her face.
“Let’s forget about that for now. We have somewhere to go, right?” Zane stared
at her for a while then heaved a sigh of relief inwardly before smiling at her.
“Yes, I just wanted to tell you that your shampoo is finished because I used it all
on my head and I’m going to use the remaining on my head now. Okay bye” He
uttered then immediately ran away before she could stop him.
She sighed as she shook her head. That man was a man child but she couldn’t
deny that she found it cute.
She carried her bag from the table then walked over to the living room and sat
down on the couch with a bad feeling at the pit of her stomach. It had
disappeared before but after the phone call with Samantha, the feeling came
Samantha stumped her feet hard on the ground with an angry look on her face.
How dare Zane hang up on her because of that worthless Hag? How dare he?!
She should have just revealed his plans to Kiara then Kiara would have left him
for sure.
She paced around her room while biting her fingers. Zane was hers and she
wasn’t going to let Kiara take him away.
She was about to grab her phone and tell Kiara all about Zane’s plan for her but
then she stopped when she heard a knock at her door. She groaned slightly then
walked over to her security video camera and furrowed her eyebrows when she
saw Rose standing outside her gate.

“Let her in” She told the security then wore her coat before walking down to the
living room to meet Rose.
As soon as Rose walked into the house, Samantha grimaced when she took in
her appearance.
“Were you hit by a truck? What the hell happened to you?” Rose groaned as she
limped over to the couch.
“That’s why I’m here to talk to you” Samantha furrowed her eyebrows as she
stood in front of the couch Rose was seated on.
“We are not friends so why would you want to talk to me? And another thing,
why do you sound like that?” Rose sighed.
“I know we are not friends but we both hate the same person and are in love
with the same man” Samantha’s eyes widened.
“You are in love with My Zane?” Rose sighed.
“Yes but I’m willing to give him up for you but I just want to make Kiara suffer”
Samantha raised an eyebrow as she folded her arms.
“Why?” Rose raised her arms exasperatedly.
“Look at what Zane did to me because of her. I was beaten up mercilessly
because of her and he even yanked out my tongue. My brother didn’t even want
to sew my tongue back in but eventually did. I was in a lot of pain for days and
I’m still in a lot of pain. I just want Kiara to go through the same as I did”
Samantha tilted her head at her.
“Why though? Kiara did nothing to you. If you want to be angry, You should be
angry at Zane” Rose furrowed her eyebrows.

“Since when do you think reasonably when it comes to Zane and Kiara? Need I
remind you that you have hated your sister since forever because you loved her
“He’s my man now and I’m not going to let her take him away from me but you,
he’s nothing to you so why would you like to take revenge on her? Leave, I don’t
have anything to say to you” Rose scoffed.
“You don’t want to help me take revenge on Kiara, right? Fine then but I’ll tell
everything the truth about what happened two years ago” Samantha froze then
turned to her with wide eyes.
“What?” Rose smirked.
“Are you going to help me destroy Kiara or not?” Samantha frowned. It was no
news that she hated her sister and wished she was dead so she could have
Zane to herself but she didn’t like working with anyone and like doing things on
her own and on her time.
“Why can’t you do it on your own?” Rose sighed.
“Because I’m practically disabled now. Do you need motivation? Okay. When I
met with Kiara and Zane, they looked so in love and Zane was being careful
around her. With the way it seemed, they might actually get back together by the
end of this trip” Samantha clenched her fist.
“That’s never going to happen, over my dead body. I’ll get us a plane, we are
going to Paris”

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