Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 55

Loving my Rejected Luna by Blossom Harold
Chapter 55
Zane went quiet for a while as he didn’t have an answer to her question.
After a while, he opened his mouth to speak but then he heard her snoring softly
and knew that she had fallen asleep. He sighed then continued caressing her
“I wanted to trust you, I really did but the videos and the pictures, you were the
one in them, Kiara. I know every inch of you and that was you. I admit maybe I
should have given you a chance to defend yourself but I know you were going to

deny it and that was going to make me angrier and at that time, I felt like a
failure, I was feeling a whole lot of emotions all at once and I guess, I just didn’t
want to hear what you had to say” He murmured with a sad look on his face then
he sighed and leaned down to place a kiss on her forehead before pulling her
When his breath evened out, Kiara opened up her eyes slowly and silent tears
slipped out her eyes.
How could he have seen evidence of her cheating when she hadn’t cheated on
him? Something wasn’t right and she didn’t know if she had the strength to find
out the truth.
It was already midday and the sun was shining brightly in the sky when Kiara
woke up.
She was about to stretch when she noticed the pair of strong arms wrapped so
tightly around her that she was unable to move an inch.
She laid there for a while, not wanting to wake him up and just kept staring at his
perfect gorgeous face.
She raised her hand slowly and caressed his face with her fingers softly. She
trailed her fingers along his eyes then his nose then situated at his lips. She
caressed it lightly and was about to lean in and kiss him when Zane’s eyes flew
She gasped softly but refused to break eye contact with him which made him
smile. He leaned in and placed a swift kiss on her lips.
“Am I that handsome?” He questioned as he pulled away with a cheeky grin
which made her roll her eyes.

“Let go of me, I need to pee” He let her go and chuckled as he watched her run
into the room.
A few minutes later, she came back out with an innocent look on her face and
Zane immediately knew that she was about to ask for something.
“What do you want?” She sighed dramatically as she walked up to him and
grabbed his arm.
“Paris is known for their pastries, right? And I just noticed, we haven’t really had
any pastries here” He nodded slowly.
“Yes, so?” She frowned at him.
“I want pastries. I want everything, croissants, a cake, everything!” He chuckled.
“Don’t worry, we’ll get to taste some today at the venue we are going to. You
better go have your bath and dress up because this place is kind of far from
here. Oh and wear that orange flair gown that has flowers all over it” He told her
and she furrowed her eyebrows.
“How come you know everything I bought from the mall that day? Did you make
sure I bought those particular clothes?” He grinned.
“Let’s just say I know your taste and I may or may not have had the clothes I
didn’t want you to get hidden in the shop while you were shopping” She sighed.
Why did he always have to be so extra?
“You just like throwing your money around, don’t you?” He shrugged.
“What else should I do with them?” She sighed. How wish she was as rich as
him, maybe she’d understand him then.

She didn’t say anything else and just walked into the bathroom and got ready.
When she was done having her bath, she walked towards her luggage and pulled
out the gown before placing it on the bed.
Wearing this kind of gown meant they were going somewhere that had flowers
or a clearing? Were they going for a picnic?
She smiled at the thought. She knew Zane was going to go all out and it would
end up not being like a regular picnic.
She wore the dress and did a little minimal makeup before wearing her brown
sandals. She weaved her hair into a ponytail, letting Pieces of her hair fall on
face before glancing at herself in the mirror with a smile.
She looked cute and she knew Zane was going to agree. She grabbed her
brown bag then took a deep breath before walking out of the room.
As soon as Zane saw her, he froze slightly then a slow smile appeared on his
face as his eyes trailed down her body.
“Is it just me or you’re getting more beautiful as the day goes?” She giggled as
her cheeks turned red.
“Thank you. I love the gown, it’s so comfortable” She murmured then did a little
spin before turning back to him just to see his eyes following her every move.
“I’m glad you like it because you look breathtaking” He murmured and she froze
when he walked closer to her. She stared into his eyes for a while then gasped
when he wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her closer to him.
“It’s getting harder and harder to keep my hands off you, Kiara” He murmured
into her ear then began placing soft kisses on her neck.

She grabbed onto his arm as she bit her lower lip to stop herself from moaning.
“We can’t…. We can’t do this, Zane” She muttered and he groaned slightly.
“Why? Why are you fighting this when it is obvious we both want each other?”
She sighed then used all her will power to push him
“Go get dressed so we can leave” She murmured and before he could say
anything else, she walked towards the kitchen, closing the door behind her.
She groaned slightly as she sat down on one of the chairs then closed her eyes
when she heard the room door close.
She sighed and was about to go out of the kitchen since Zane was gone when a
phone rang. She turned towards the phone and noticed it was Zane’s.
Since It wasn’t her phone, she was about to turn away and ignore its ringing
when she caught sight of the caller Id and her face turned sour.
She immediately grabbed the phone and received it before pressing it to her ear.
“Hello, Zane? I missed you so much, My baby. Are you not done with your
revenge yet?”…

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