Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 156

There was silence at the other side of the phone. Heather bit her lower lip as
she waited for what Daniel wanted to say.
“Why?” She frowned.
“What do you mean why?” She heard him sigh.
“Just a few minutes ago, I was with you and you treated me like I was
garbage so why would you want to meet up with me all of a sudden now?”
She pursed her lips then let out a sigh.
“I knew it was a mistake to call you. Goodbye, Dan…”
“Wait! Okay okay, where do you want to meet up?” A smile appeared on her
“How about we meet at the park?”

“Sounds good. When?”
“Tonight,” She uttered.
“Okay, I guess I’ll see you there” She nodded to herself before hanging up.
She suddenly shrieked as she felt Liam’s hands on her shoulders.
“Good job, my love” He muttered then placed a kiss on her cheek. She slowly
turned around to face him with a frown on her face.
“You just want to talk with him right? You want to call off this whole feud
right?” Liam smiled then grabbed onto her hand.
“You should rest. You and the baby need it” She stared into his eyes then let
out a sigh before laying back on the bed with his help.
“Please Liam, why can’t we just leave and start our lives together from
scratch? That’s what we both wanted before, wasn’t it?” He stared at her for
a while then took a hold of the blanket and covered her with it.
“Get some rest” He muttered and before she could stop him, he vanished
leaving her devastated.
She hoped she didn’t make the wrong choice by calling up Daniel.
Levi glanced at the men sitting on each side of him as he thought about a plan
in his head. It could either cause him his life or he could get away unharmed.
He took a deep breath before hitting the man beside him with his elbow then
swiftly picked up his gun and shot through the other’s skull before opening the
door and jumping out.
He heard the car screech to a stop behind him but he didn’t dare turn around
as he stood up from the ground and ran straight into the woods.

You are a fool for running into the woods, Mr Medici. This is our territory” Levi
heard one of the men say, followed by a howl and the stomping of their paws
hitting the ground simultaneously.
“Shit!” Levi harshly muttered as he hid behind a large tree. He glanced behind
him before reaching into his pocket and pulling out the bullet that was made
specifically to kill wolves in an instant. He knew carrying this around was going
to come in handy one day.
He heard a growl right behind him so he stepped out from behind the tree and
fired the gun straight at the wolf who immediately fell to the ground with a
Before Levi could run away, one of the wolves pounced on him from behind.
Levi fell to the ground with a groan as his gun fell out of his hand.
The wolf aimed to bite his neck but Levi immediately blocked its attempt with
his arm then screamed in pain as the wolf’s fang dug into his skin before using
all his strength to reach for the gun then he shot the wolf right in its skull.
The wolf’s brain splatter all over him and he let out a groan before pushing its
lifeless body off him.
He took some breaths before getting up from the ground then he reached into
his pocket and cussed loudly when he saw that his phone screen had been
damaged on impact.
“I need to get to a phone center” He muttered to himself before grimacing as
he stared at the huge bite wound on his arm. He needed to get that treated
immediately but first, he needed to get through to Zane and warn him about
Daniel paused as soon as Zane walked into his room.
“Where are you going so late at night?” Zane questioned with furrowed

Daniel cleared his throat before turning around to face Zane.
“I’m just going for a little drive. I need to clear my head” Zane stared at him for
a while then walked over and sniffed his shirt.
“Why did you sniff me?” Daniel questioned with confusion written on his face.
“You’re wearing cologne. You never wear cologne unless….”
“Don’t read too much into it and don’t wait up for me” Daniel muttered as he
grabbed his dagger and a knife then walked out of the room.
After contemplating it , Zane decided to follow him.
As Daniel drove down the road, he glanced at his side view mirror and sighed
when he saw Zane’s car behind his. He knew Zane was going to try and follow
Daniel has a weird feeling. He was either walking into a trap or Heather really
wanted to talk to him but the latter seemed unlikely but he didn’t want to take
any chances.
Maybe she was in Trouble and needed his help. He couldn’t just turn her away.
Plus, if he was walking into a trap,he didn’t want Zane to be caught up in his
Thinking that, he stepped on the acceleration and tried his best to get rid of
Zane which was a hard proven task because Zane was determined to follow
him but after a while, they both lost each other in traffic and Daniel let out a
sigh of relief when he couldn’t see Zane’s car again.
“If something happens to me tonight, at least you can still save the pack” he
murmured to himself as he packed right in front of the park.

He took a deep breath before getting out. He glanced around, searching for
Heather while calling out her name.
A sinister feeling was starting to crawl up his spine as he walked deeper into
the park but it soon vanished when he found Heather seated on one of the
“Heather” He called out her name as he ran up to see her. She abruptly stood
up from the swing as she watched him with wide eyes.
“You came,” Daniel smiled.
“Of course I came, you needed me” She frowned but before she could say
anything, Daniel’s eyes widened when Liam suddenly appeared behind her.
Daniel snared at him as he got into a fighting stance which just made Liam
“Don’t worry, he just wants to talk to you” Heather uttered and Daniel turned to
her with a frown.
“Heather…. How could you?” She furrowed her eyebrows but before she
could say anything, Daniel screamed out in pain when Liam shot him in the
Daniel fell to his knees with his eyes still on Heather while she stared at him in
“What… what did you do to him?” She questioned as blue veins suddenly
began to appear on Daniel’s body as he got paler.
“You don’t have to worry about that, Heather. Take her back to the car” She
turned around and grabbed Liam’s collar while shaking her head frantically.
“This wasn’t the plan! You said you were only going to talk to him!” He rolled
his eyes at her.

Well, my love. Plans have changed and tonight, everything will finally come to
an end starting with Daniel’s life”…

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