Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 155

Kiara screamed as tears ran down her cheeks.
“Why won’t you let me see her? I want to make sure she’s okay” She yelled
while Lucien just sighed as he walked closer to her.
“I already told you she’s okay and so is the baby. You know you can’t leave
here” She groaned with tears still flowing down her cheeks.
“Then if I can’t leave, bring her to me. I need to make sure she’s okay. Why is
no one telling me anything?! What happened to her in the first place?!” As
soon as Kiara had heard Heather’s loud scream, her heart had immediately
sank and she had been crying here for what felt like hours.
Even though Lucien told her Heather was better now, she was still worried.

“Did… did Liam hurt her?” Kiara asked after a while as she raised up her head
to stare at Lucien who pursed his lips.
“I can’t say for sure but…”
“Tell me the fucking truth, Lucien” He paused for a while then sighed.
“Yes, it appears that Liam did hurt her” Kiara’s eyes widened slightly and then
she began shaking her head frantically.
“No, how could he?! Why would he do that?!” Before Lucien could say
anything, Samantha barged Into the room with several men behind her.
“Your time with her is over. Get him out of here, now” Lucien furrowed his
“Were you not told you weren’t allowed in here?” Lucien uttered and was
about to take a step towards Samantha when the men blocked her from his
She chuckled loudly as she walked over to Kiara.
“Well Liam doesn’t want you or your brothers here anymore. He has given me
full authority over what happens to Kiara now. Get him out, I need to be with
my sister” Lucien frowned but before he could say anything, the men grabbed
him by the arm and began pulling him out of the room.
“Let me go” He uttered as she struggled against their hold. This was the worst
time for him not to carry his gun.
“Sure” One of them said as they threw him out of the room, banging the door
in his face.
He immediately whipped out his phone and dialed Levi’s number.
“There’s a situation, Levi. You need to hurry here immediately”

Kiara watched Samantha’s every move with a scowl on her face.
“What do you want?” Kiara questioned earning a grin from Heather.
“You all thought you were really slick, huh?” Kiara furrowed her eyebrows.
“I don’t understand what you’re talking about” Kiara was still in a vulnerable
state because she had been crying but she tried to seem tough in front of
“Well you don’t need to understand, you’ll find out really soon. Chain her”
Kiara’s eyes widened as she watched the men walk towards her with a large
chain in their hand.
“What… what do you think you’re doing?” She questioned as one of them held
her down while the other untied her.
“I’d advise you to stay still” One of the men muttered but as soon as she was
free from the rope, she kicked the one in front of her in his area and he
doubled over.
She tried punching the one holding her but Samantha came forward and
slapped her so hard that Kiara could feel her cheek swelling up.
“Stop trying to act like you are powerful because you’re nothing without Zane.
Tie her up, now” With that, the men held Kiara down tightly while she
screamed at them.
As soon as the silver touched her flesh, she hissed in pain then glared at
“I’m going to make sure you regret this, Samantha” Kiara threatened which
made Samantha smirk.
“Till then” Samantha suddenly pulled out a syringe and injected and stabbed
Kiara’s arm with it.

Kiara screamed out in pain as she suddenly began to feel an internal burning
sensation and it wasn’t the good kind.
“I just injected you with silver because I enjoy seeing you in pain and I don’t
trust you. I don’t want communicating with any wolf including yours”
“You bitch!” Kiara yelled in pain. She was feeling all kinds of excruciating pain
at that moment and she could also feel herself drifting into unconsciousness.
Her body couldn’t take this much pain.
“Good bye, sister. By the time you wake up, it will all be over” Kiara opened
her mouth to say something but no words came out. Instead, her eyes
drooped and everything turned black.
After the disturbing call Levi got from Lucien, his first instinct was to go to the
warehouse and save Kiara but he had to think strategically.
The only way to explain Liam’s sudden change is If he has found out
“Sebastian, I want you to go down to the warehouse and take out the
weapons. Transport them to the secret location immediately” Sebastian
furrowed his eyebrows.
“But why?” Levi rolled his eyes.
“Trust me, okay? And if you see any of Liam’s men coming towards you, kill
them on the spot” Sebastian’s face turned serious as he nodded.
“And then what?”
“Wait for my signal. Go now, okay?” Sebastian nodded then immediately ran

Levi watched Sebastian from the window and immediately he was gone, he
ran down to the parking lot, towards his car but before he could get in, Liam
appeared in front of him with a smirk.
“Hello Levi. Where are you going in such a hurry?” Levi briefly glanced around
and saw that he was already surrounded.
“What do you want?” Levi muttered.
“You all thought you could fool me. Hell, I knew you were working with Zane
from the start. You see, even you are starting to underestimate me but not
anymore. Tonight, I’ll come out victorious while you all rot in hell” With a snap
of Liam’s fingers, his men began rushing towards Levi but Levi immediately
pulled out his gun and shot one of them right in the head.
“I’ll go with you willingly. If anyone dares to touch me, they’ll face the same
death. Try me” Levi muttered as he stared at Liam right in the eyes.
Liam smirked then nodded.
“Don’t worry Liam,I know you’re not to be underestimated as well. You see we
could have been the best partners but you chose the wrong side and now
you’re going to suffer the consequences. Take him down to the dungeon, I
have something to finish here” Liam frowned as he walked towards the car
and willingly got in.
Liam’s men got in seconds later and soon the car zoomed off while Liam just
stood there with a smirk on his face. His plans were finally falling into place.
Now there was only one person remaining to make this all come together.
He turned towards the hospital window Heather was in with a smirk.

Heather stared at the phone in her hand with a thoughtful expression on her
After a while of contemplating, she turned on the phone and dialed his number.
He immediately picked on its first ring.
”Daniel? Can we meet up tonight? We need to talk”

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