Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 142

Loving my Rejected Luna by Blossom Harold
Chapter 142
Kiara raised her head as soon as she heard footsteps. She almost heaved a sigh
of relief when she saw Levi.
He gave her a glance before turning to Liam’s men that were standing besides
“Leave us, I need to talk to her alone and get some information” Liam’s men
glanced at themselves before turning back to Levi.

“I’m sorry, we can’t do that Mr Medici. We were specifically told not to let you
near her” Levi almost rolled his eyes.
“You don’t have to go too far. Just wait outside, I would like to talk to her alone”
When they still didn’t move, He let out a sigh.
“Get out, now. I won’t say it twice” He uttered then pulled out his gun and pointed
it at one of them. They glanced at themselves again before letting out a laugh.
“We are wolves, Mr Medici. Your bullet won’t hurt us” Levi smirked.
“Oh but my silver bullet certainly will and so will the substance I rubbed on it. You
may be wondering what that is, well let’s just say it kills wolves in an instant”
Their eyes widened and they glanced at themselves again before glancing at
“We’ll be right outside this room and we are giving you ten minutes” Levi rolled
his eyes as they walked out.
After they were gone, he snapped his fingers and Lucien and Sebastian walked
in with a tray of food.
“I heard you haven’t eaten anything good since you got here and I’m sorry about
that. I don’t know what my brothers were thinking” Levi muttered as he turned to
glare at Lucien and Sebastian.
“To be fair, we weren’t really allowed to speak to her for too long since Liam
didn’t trust us” Levi sighed before turning back to Kiara and began untying her.
“What do you think you’re doing?” Kiara questioned as she stared at him with
wide eyes.
“You’ve got to eat, right? I would have fed you but I don’t want things to be
awkward and I’m still trying to get over you so feeding you would be too intimate”

She bit her lower lip but said nothing after that.
After he was done untying her, he handed her the food and she began eating like
an animal. It was obvious she was so hungry.
“It feels like I haven’t eaten in years” She muttered with a mouth full then was
about to stuff another spoon full in her mouth when she began coughing.
Levi immediately jumped up to pay her back then turned to Lucien.
“Water!” Lucien handed him the cup of water and he placed it on Kiara’s lips and
she immediately drank it.
After she had calmed down, he let out a sigh and handed the cup back to Lucien.
“Be careful, Kiara. You don’t want to choke to death now, do you?” She rolled
her eyes then resumed eating without saying anything.
“I spoke to Z….” She raised her fingers to stop him from saying to much then
motioned towards the door with her eyes.
“They can hear you so be cautious of what you say” She murmured and he
nodded slowly.
“Just know I told him you’re okay and everything will fall into place soon” She
smiled at him then nodded.
“I believe in both of you and that’s why I’m not worried” Before Levi could reply,
Sebastian gasped then turned to Levi with wide eyes.
“Father has arrived and he wants you to come pick him up at the airport” Levi
“Only me? Why?” Sebastian shrugged

“I don’t know but I don’t think you should go” Levi let out a sigh then turned to
“Tie her up carefully, okay? I’ll go meet up with father and don’t worry about me,
I can handle myself” Lucien and Sebastian sighed as they watched him walk out
of the room.
“Should we go after him just to make sure he’s safe?” Lucien questioned but
before Sebastian could say anything, Kiara spoke.
“What did I tell you? Learn to trust him. Levi is smart and can handle himself”
Daniel rushed up to Zane as soon as he saw his car pull up in the driveway.
When Zane climbed out of the car, there was a scarch on his abdomen which
had completely healed and besides that was nothing? How?
“You didn’t get hurt? How?” Daniel questioned and Zane smirked.
“Well let’s just say Liam isn’t as smart as he thinks he is. He’s still the same
Liam, you just need to know how to outsmart him” Daniel nodded slowly as he
followed behind Zane as they walked into the pack house.
“I’ll take it as you were able to accomplish your mission?” Daniel muttered while
nodding at the people who greeted them on the way.
“Of course I did. I’m going to my room to speak with Anastasia, make sure no
one disturbs” Zane muttered and Daniel nodded as he halted in his steps.
Just as Zane disappeared from his sight, he suddenly felt a tap on his shoulder.
When he turned around, he saw Raymond behind him.
“Alpha Raymond” Daniel uttered as he bowed his head slightly.

“Yes yes. You might want to see this” Daniel furrowed his eyesbrows as followed
“What is it?” Raymond sighed.
“I had been feeling useless about the whole situation since and decided to do
something about it so I went though Liam’s room here and I found some things
you would like to see” Daniel but his lower lip as he walked into Liam’s old room.
They had so many memories here that he still couldn’t believe Liam wanted them
“Here” Daniel turned towards Raymond and he gasped when he saw the pictures
in Raymond’s hand. He took them and his blood ran cold.
They were illicit pictures of Heather while she was having her bath or dressing
up. He had been watching her all this time!
He wasn’t in love, he was obsessed!…

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