Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 141

Loving my Rejected Luna by Blossom Harold
Chapter 141
“I’m not in support of this, Zane” Daniel muttered as he watched Zane get ready
to go meet up with Liam.
“Well too bad, Daniel because I’m doing this” Daniel sighed at his words.
“Okay then why can’t I come with you?” Zane sighed then turned around to face
“Because even though he hates both of us, he hates you more and might actually
try to kill you this time. Don’t worry about me, I can handle myself” Daniel

“You saw what he did to me, Zane. I don’t think you can handle him all alone”
Zane scoffed.
“Don’t underestimate me, Daniel. I trained you and Liam and therefore, I know all
your tricks. Besides that, I’m aware he’s far more stronger than me now but I’m
not going there without a plan. I have only two goals, to taunt him and draw
some of his blood” Daniel furrowed his eyebrows.
“His blood? What do you need that for?”
“I had a talk with Anastasia earlier today and since we won’t be able to defeat
Liam with just mere combat skills, we need to add a little magic, don’t you think?
She told me we needed some of his blood to create a weapon that can kill him”
Daniel’s eyes widened with realization.
“That’s something I would have never thought about. This is why you’re the
Alpha, Zane” Before Zane could reply, his phone suddenly rang and his eyes
almost popped out of its socket when he saw who it was.
He hurriedly picked up the phone then pressed it against his ear.
“You bastard, I’ve been trying to reach your phone and…”
“Calm down, Zane. I was kidnapped too” Levi’s voice came through which made
Zane furrow his eyebrows.
“What? Isn’t your father working with Liam?” Levi sighed.
“It’s a long story which I’ll tell you later. We need to meet up, we have a lot to
talk about”

“How’s Kiara? Is she there with you? I want to speak with her” Zane hurriedly
“She’s doing okay, Zane and she told me to tell you not to worry about her. I
can’t give her the phone right now because Liam has his men watching over her
like a hawk but just know she’s okay” Zane but his lower lip.
“Can I… Can I at least see her? I just… I miss her so much” Levi was quiet on
the other end for a while.
“I can’t be seen talking to you so let’s meet up tomorrow. I’ll have my brother
video call me so you can see her, okay?” Before Zane could reply, the line was
cut off.
“You can relax now since they said she’s doing okay” Zane shook his head.
“I can’t relax. I need to see her for myself but I’m relieved that Levi is there with
her” Daniel smiled.
“Never thought I’d see the day you’d be happy another man was protecting your
woman” Zane rolled his eyes.
“Just shut your mouth” Zane reached into his draw and pulled out two daggers.
“Don’t wait up for me” Zane muttered as he turned back to Daniel.
Daniel stared at him for a while then nodded.
“Good luck, Alpha”
Zane walked into the field of the school while glancing around. It was already
past eight and he still hadn’t seen Liam and he was getting impatient.
Just then, Zane halted in his steps as he listened to the wind with his eyes
closed. Then at that moment, he turned around abruptly and grabbed Liam, who

had tried sneaking up on him, by the neck before opening his eyes.
“Wow, I expected nothing less from the strongest Alpha alive” Liam uttered with
a smirk. Zane slowly let go of his neck then crossed his arm.
“Were you trying to attack me from behind, Liam? Because you know you can’t
fight me one on one?” Liam scoffed.
“Don’t flatter yourself, Zane. If I wanted to kill you just now, I would have but I
want us to fight fair and square” Zane smirked.
“Okay then but first, let’s talk” Liam furrowed his eyebrows.
“I have nothing to say to you, Zane. I’ve said it all” Zane tilted his head.
“Well I’ve not said anything to you yet. I know you teamed up with Levi’s father
just to attack us. I know you could never do it alone but you didn’t even bother to
know your allies real intentions before joining forces with him” Liam frowned.
“What the fuck are you talking about? Levi’s father wants you dead and I want
you and Daniel dead so it’s a win win if you ask me” Zane nodded.
“Fair but Levi’s father doesn’t just want to kill me, he wants to kill all wolves and
with your help, he can achieve that” Liam frowned as he thought about what Levi
had told him earlier.
“I won’t let him do that. After I’ve killed you and Liam, I’ll kill him as well” Zane
“Well I expected nothing else from you because you only know how to fight dirty.
How do you expect to become an alpha that way, Liam?” Liam scoffed.
“You play dirty all the time and now you’re trying to play dirty by trying to get into
my head” Zane raised an eyebrow.

“Well you can’t deny that I am saying something smart Liam. This world is a
scary one and if you turn your back to your enemy, you might get stabbed in the
back but the real problem here is do you recognize who’s your real enemy?”
Liam stared at him for a while then without warning, he lunged at Zane and
landed a scratch along Zane’s abdomen.
Zane let out a groan as he placed his hand above his abdomen while glaring at
“I don’t know what you’re trying to insinuate here but I’m the strongest being in
the world now, Zane. No one can stab me in the back. I’ll kill anyone that tries to
do that” Zane smirked as he straightened up. He could see that his words had
gotten to Liam.
“You haven’t changed a bit. You just became slower. Daniel, now!” Zane yelled
and Liam turned around with wide eyes, trying to look for Daniel but then
realization dawned on him. Daniel wasn’t here! He had just been played!
Before he could react, he gasped when Zane stabbed him from behind right in
the spine.
“Never turn your back to your enemy, Liam. I know this isn’t going to do much but
at least it will buy me some time to get away from you” Zane whispered into his
ear then pushed Liam to the ground before bringing out his other dagger and
slitting Liam’s arm slightly then placing it into a transparent bag.
Liam watched him with furrowed eyebrows and a grimace on his face. He tried
to move but the dagger on his spine had paralyzed him for the moment.
“See you on the battle ground, Liam” And with that, Zane left…

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