Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 107

Heather came down from the cab in front of Levi’s Villa and saw Daniel leaning
against his car, waiting for her. He was dressed in a black suit and he looked
absolutely delicious.
She paid the cab driver then walked up to him. As soon as he noticed her, he
walked up to her with a smile.
“You came,” She shrugged.
“I do live here so I was bound to come anyway. Can we leave now?” He nodded
then they walked back to the car and he opened her door for her. She knew he
was trying to impress her but she was just shocked to see Daniel be a

He climbed into his side then smiled at her before starting the car and driving
“So how was your day? Did you do anything eventful?” He questioned as he
drove and she sighed.
“You do know I was with Liam right? I feel so bad that I had to leave him to go
on a date with you. This won’t be happening again, you know” Daniel smiled.
“It will all be worth it, trust me” She scoffed.
“Worth it, how? I’m sure I’m going to regret my decision before the days run out”
Daniel sighed.
“Why are you being mean to me? I just want to make it up to you and show that I
love you but you’re making it hard on me” She turned to him with a raised
“What were you expecting? That I’d welcome you with open arms? You hurt me,
Daniel in more ways that you know and you’re going to do more than just saying
you love me to change that” He sighed.
“I’m sorry, I just… I’m not good with words, so I just wanted to show you instead
do you’d believe me” She stared at him for a while but didn’t say anything.
When they got to the venue, Heather was surprised by it. She had expected
them to go to a restaurant or something but they were at the movies?
“We are going to watch a movie?” She questioned as he took her hand.
“Yes love. Don’t you like movies?” She nodded.
“I do but I… I didn’t think we’d be coming to the movies” He chuckled.

“Don’t worry, love, okay?” She sighed then walked in with her. The place wasn’t
really full compared to how It was anytime she came here with Kiara.
She furrowed her eyebrows when Daniel just walked past the counter and didn’t
bother to get them tickets or something to eat during the movie.
“Erm… Daniel? Where are we going? And about popcorn?” She questioned and
he paused before turning to her with a smile.
“We don’t need tickets for this because the movie is about us” She furrowed her
eyebrows but before she could question him, he walked into the theater. She
followed him and gasped when she saw the inside.
They were the only ones in the theater and there were balloons and flowers
everywhere. It was beautiful!
“What’s all this?” She questioned as she walked down to the front and saw the
snack bar by the side.
“Our very own movie. Sit, let the movie begin” She furrowed her eyebrows but
sat down beside him as she stared at the big screen.
She suddenly gasped when her picture showed up on the big screen. She was
bending over a lake and staring at her reflection, giggling and laughing because
of something Daniel had said. She was completely oblivious to him taking a video
of her.
“You… I didn’t even know you were taking a video of me at that time” She
muttered with her eyes glued to the screen.
“I found my old phone that I used when we were dating and when I turned it on, it
was full with your pictures and videos. I remember always taking pictures of you
unaware or taking videos of you unaware because I just loved doing that then I
would watch them at night with a smile on my face. I don’t know how I forgot all

about this but I was literally obsessed with you. Anytime we would separate to
go meet our family, you would be the only one on my mind and I’d be counting
down the hours before I could see you again” She was crying full blown now as
she listened to Daniel’s voice and watched the video.
The video now showing on the screen was of them laying on the bed and she
was smiling and laughing at him while he filmed out. Inside the video, he uttered
the word ‘I love you’ several times and even placed a kiss on her lips and a bright
smile appeared on her face. It has been so long since she smiled like that.
“If we were so in love and you loved me so much, why did you…. Why did you
make me reject you? Why did you tell me you fell out of love?” He sighed as he
clenched his fist.
“At a point, I did stop loving you because I was falling in love with someone else”
She turned to him and she prayed he wasn’t about to say who she thought he
was going to say.
“And who might that be?” He sighed.
“I didn’t know when the feelings started and trust me, I tried pushing it aside
because I knew it was wrong but I just… I just couldn’t and….”
“You fell in love with Kiara? My best friend? Your best friend’s woman?” She
asked in disbelief. He had been in love with Kiara? He immediately grabbed her
hand when he saw the shock on her face.
“You have to believe me, I was shocked as well when I figured it out. I didn’t
want to like her so I tried forgetting about her and focusing on you but she
always came around me and Liam because of Zane and she was smart and
sweet to us. I… know it’s wrong and I didn’t want to ever say it out because I

knew you were going to get hurt by this but… I’ve decided to come clean” She
scoffed as she stood up from the chair.
“The worst thing a man can ever do to me is be in love with my best friend. How
could you? How could you?” She was utterly shocked. She had never expected
such words to come out of Daniel’s mouth.
He immediately stood up and grabbed her hand.
“Please don’t be mad at me and I swear, I don’t love her anymore, I love you and
I always loved you” She snatched her hand out of his and sneered.
“Don’t ever reach out to me again, I do not want to see your face” Before he
could stop her, she ran out of the theater and didn’t stop running till she couldn’t
feel his presence anymore before she dialed Liam’s number.
He picked on the first ring and when he heard her crying, he immediately asked
her what was wrong?
“Please come pick me up, I don’t know where I am” She murmured as tears
flowed down her cheeks.
“On your location, I’ll be right there” As promised, after some minutes, Liam’s car
pulled up in front of her and he got out. She ran up to him and wrapped her arms
around him as she cried on his chest.
“Are you okay?” Without answering, she smashed her lips on his. She had to
forget About Daniel and the only way to do that was to move on.
“Make love to me, Liam”

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