Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 106

“You…. She’s a wolf” He uttered in disbelief as he stared at her purring. Zane
took Levi’s suit that was on his desk then walked up to Kiara and stood in front of
“Change” She immediately did as he ordered then wore Levi’s suit before turning
to Levi. She pursed her lips as she stared at him and she was about to take a
step forward but he trembled and moved backwards with his eyes still wide.
“A wolf… you are a wolf, you are a wolf” He muttered like he still couldn’t believe
“Yes and so is Zane, Heather, Daniel and Liam” Levi gasped with his hand over
his mouth. Heather was a wolf? He had been staying with a wolf? He… he fell in

ove with a wolf?
“Stop freaking out. Just because we can change into wolves doesn’t make us
any less of a human” Levi nodded.
“It does! You are all monsters” Kiara frowned.
“Don’t be like this, Levi. I told you this because I thought you’d be cool about it”
He scoffed.
“You just changed into a wolf in front of me and you thought I’d accept it just like
that? I…. I need time to process what I just saw,” She nodded.
“I understand. Let’s go, Zane” Zane nodded then grabbed her hand and led her
towards the door.
“Don’t worry, we’ll bring back your suit one day” Zane uttered then they closed
the door behind them. Levi sat in that position for a while before he let out a sigh.
Everything felt so surreal.
His phone suddenly rang and when he saw the caller id, he immediately picked
up and pressed the phone to his ear.
“You all were fucking right, they are wolves!” Levi muttered in disbelief and his
brother, Lucien chuckled.
“I told you, father would never lie about that. So I’m guessing the plan worked?
You finally believe?” Levi nodded then he remembered Lucien couldn’t see him.
“Yes. Now, all I have to find out is where the pack is and I know exactly how to
do that”
“That’s good. Although Sebastian said he’s going to kick your butt because Zane
broke his arm” Levi rolled his eyes.

He should be grateful to me because Zane could have easily killed him” He was
still baffled by the image of Kiara changing into a wolf. He couldn’t believe he had
doubted his father when he said Zane and the rest were wolves? He was even
surprised that Heather was a wolf but he guessed it all made sense now with
how close they all seemed. Fuck, he didn’t even understand what he thinking
“Make sure you go with the plan. Find the pack so we can get this over with once
and for all. I want you to be the one to find the pack so father can be proud of
you for once” Levi sighed.
“Okay, I’ll get right to it” Then he hung up and slumped back on his chair. He was
in love with a wolf? What fantasy world were they living in?
Heather watched with a smile as Liam finished his plate of food.
“Damn Heather, you are such a great cook. You don’t know how long it has been
since I’ve been able to eat such good food” She grinned.
“I learned how to cook from my grandmother. She was the best cook I knew. I’m
glad you like it because I poured all my heart into making this” He smiled then
leaned closer and placed a kiss on her lips.
“It’s delicious, thank you” She smiled then served some of the food on her plate
and ate her own food. They finished eating and Liam offered to take her
shopping and of course she didn’t say no so they spent most of their day at the
mall with Heather buying everything and anything that caught her eye. She felt
bad at first because she knew she was spending a lot of money but Levi didn’t
once complain and even told her to buy more and the most expensive things.
Gosh,just how much did these men have?
After that, they stopped for lunch then went back home and hot all cuddled up as
they watched a movie. Heather was feeling really content any time Liam kissed

her unexpectedly. She would smile back at him then kiss him back.
The sun was setting and they were having a full blown make out session when
her phone suddenly rang. She heard Liam groan and she couldn’t help but
chuckle before placing a kiss on his lips.
“I’ll be back” She murmured then climbed off him before walking towards the
dining table to grab her phone. She furrowed her eyebrows when she saw the
caller id then her eyes suddenly widened. The date!
She didn’t want Liam to hear a thing so she hung up and messaged Daniel.
[I’ll be at Levi’s Villa in 20 minutes] She texted then switched off her phone before
taking a deep breath and walking back into the living room and smiled when she
saw Liam had stood up from the chair.
He walked up to her and was about to kiss her again but she took a step
“I… I have to leave now. Kiara called me just now and said she needed me with
her” Liam frowned.
“Okay…erm… when will you be back? You promised to stay the night” She
frowned. She was trying to push the guilty feeling away but it was choking her.
How can she be leaving a guy to go on a date with another guy? What had she
“I’ll be back before midnight, don’t worry” He smiled.
“Can I at least kiss you?” Without answering, she pressed her lips on his.
“I’ll be back, okay?” He nodded.

“Do you want me to drop you off?” She shook her head Immediately then smiled
to make it less suspicious.
“Don’t worry, I’ll take a cab” He smiled then nodded then watched as she walked
out of the house before frowning. Something was definitely going on and why did
he have a feeling it had something to do with Daniel?

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