I Am The Luna chapter 40 moonlight muse

I Am The Luna by Moonlight Muse Chapter 40

A Bitter Surprise 


Something happened, and I don’t mean the lights simply going off. When Sebastian walked through the conference hall doors after the turmoil had died down; I could sense the rage that was burning behind those eyes.

I don’t know what happened, but the news of Mr Harrison’s son being attacked had spread and that had caused a delay to the final half of the meeting. But Mr Harrison refused to cancel it despite his son being rushed to the hospital.

Understandable, since everyone here had

come from all over the states.

“Do they know what happened to him?” One

of the men asks another quietly.

“No, but whoever it was, hit him quite badly. They think he was hit with a weapon. His jaw

is completely smashed by the looks of it…” The man trails off when Mr Keith Harrison

steps into the rooms, now flanked by two guards, as he adjusts his jacket.

“Thank you, Ladies and Gentlemen… Security is handling the matter and the building will be on lockdown until they make sure all threats are cleared. There is nothing to fear. Shall we continue?”

The fact that he’s saying that, it’s almost as if he isn’t surprised something happened to his son. I have heard a lot about the young heir, and he is trouble.

I saw the way he was

watching me during

my presentation, and it made me completely uncomfortable. I just hope he isn’t around


“Of course,” Sebastian says, b

voice hostile.

I look at him sharply. It’s subtle, but I know

that tone…

Did something happen?

“Well, would you like to go next, Mr King?”

“I’ll go last,” Sebastian says.

I’m curious as to what he’s thinking, and I take my seat as the next presentation begins.

I win the job, despit


I am confident Toussaint resources being slightly less than some of these companies, not to mention the casualties of the mining accident. I am still confident I can do this.

I’m nervous. This is my biggest project,

something I’ve


It’s something D

Poured my heart and soul

said I wouldn’t be able to acquire until recently. When he saw my plans, he said he had confidence in me. I

personally want to show him that I am


The fact I am a woman already puts me at a slight disadvantage compared to the rest, but I won’t let it get in my way.

Feeling his burning gaze on me, I glance at

Sebastian. He’s trying to contain his aura…

What is going on with him? Our eyes meet. and I raise my eyebrows questioningly at him slightly.

But he simply looks away, his brows creased in a deep frown, flexing and unflexing his hand as he combs his fingers through his beard.

I turn my attention back to the presentation, not worried or threatened by the current

presenter and what he is offering to Mr Harrison. He has not offered anything that the others before him haven’t already… and I’m not being conceited, but I’m feeling


His presentation finishes, and Mr Harrison asks a few questions before he looks at


“Mr King.”

He gives him a curt nod before standing up. Everyone here is in high-rank positions in their respective companies. A deal worth


“Thank you for allowing me to step in despite the late entry. I had a lot on my plate and when you initially reached out to me, I had far too much going on, but I think I can offer something new to this project.”

My heart drops, my smile fading as I look at

him. He never told me he had been offered this deal prior.

He’s going to knock me out of the game.

Sebastian may be an idiot, but when it

comes to business, he is the best. He isn’t called the Black Beast for nothing…

His eyes meet mine and I look away, trying to hide how hurt I’m feeling. Forcing a polite smile on my face, I look down at my file


He’s going to take this from me, too.

“As everyone knows, the King Empire has

the largest number of staff working under

  1. With factories that deal with steel, iron,

bricks and mortar, we can offer a lower price than purchasing from elsewhere. Any jobs. we do would be the most cost-efficient for our clients. There is not one company here, and correct me if I’m wrong… that has even two-thirds of the manpower we hold…”

My biggest fear…

The only part of the Toussaint offer I was concerned about, and I had said I will be putting in work and dealing with other contractors. Now he’s gone and put

emphasis on why I shouldn’t get the job and why he is better

Why is he doing this?

I know he said this wasn’t a deal he wants to

win… but then what will he do? Make a

mockery out of me and then say, you got the deal because I let you?

I look up at him, and his eyes meet mine.


“Are you alright, Mr King?” Mr Harrison

asks, making Sebastian look away smoothly.

“Yes, of course…” Sebastian says hesitantly.

A few people exchange looks, and Mr Harrison sits back, observing him.

“There is not one deal that you have ever lost

yet your ex-wife, do forgive me, Ms Toussaint, well she has shown she might be very capable.” Mr Harrison says, making a few people glance at me.

Of course, most of them know… but as his

wife, I

Was never in the business game.

Harrison’s words ‘Might be very capable’ don’t sound very encouraging

Sebastian’s struggling with himself, despite how emotionless and cold his face is.


thire correct, I never lose a deal… and I

think I want to keep that streak. Hence, I

don’t think I can compete with Ms Toussaint …” I look up in surprise, not expecting that.

A twinge of irritation rushes through me. I don’t need him to give me the job.

Harrison nods. “I have always wished to work with you, I have heard great things and all the projects you work on have been successful so far…” His gaze flits to me and I realise he’s hinting at that accident again.

I had won him over by proving I can do this… but he is clearly leaning towards Sebastian.

“That is true… but I think we can all agree that Ms Toussaint deserves this job. I am willing to partner with the Toussaint group and offer them the manpower they do need. If that is an option for both Ms Toussaint and you?”

What is he doing?

“A partnership?” Harrison sounds


He’s taking it away from me.

“What percentage are we talking?” Harrison. asks. “I do like Ms Toussaint’s approach, however, my only concern is the areas that the King Empire excels in.

“Twenty percent for the Kings and Eighty to the Toussaint Empire,” Sebastian suggests.

My heart is thumping as I try to remain. emotionless.

“Is he trying to cause problems for his ex?”

One of them whispers but I catch it.

“I wonder why he would even offer that unless he wants somet

I stand up, trying my best to

contain the

anger that is raging through me.

“The Toussaint group pull out. Mr Sebastian King can keep the project.” I say quietly.

I feel humiliated. The moment Sebastian

stepped up, Harrison has not once been

interested in me.

Thank you, Sebastian, for showing me my


“Ms Toussaint, we can’t take simple things like this to heart.” Harrison chuckles.

Sebastian is frowning, his blue eyes meeting


I smile gracefully before I shake my head. ” Not at all, Mr Harrison. I just do not wish to work with Mr King’s Company. Have a good day.”

Gathering up my belongings, I walk to the door, chin up, despite the sinking feeling in my stomach.

“Ms Toussaint, the building is still under

lockdown,” Harrison calls.

“That is fine, I will go have a coffee,” I say with a smile over my shoulder

I lost.

The doors open and I step out, my heart heavy.

I can feel his eyes on me, but once again, the father of my children truly disappointed me.

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