I Am The Luna chapter 39 moonlight muse

I Am The Luna by Moonlight Muse Chapter 39

An Impulsive Moment 


One week later and we are finally at the long -awaited business meeting. Through the

large windows, I can see the snow covered

mountains in the distance.

This place is beautiful, but not as beautiful as the sassy redhead sitting before me.

Seated around an oval table as everyone here gets their chance to show what they have to offer. There are only five companies that have made it this far and, of course, I pushed my way in with my reputation alone.

But I’m only here for Zaia, however, I’m glad I came, because I wasn’t expecting the Harrison heir to be here…

He had a rather poor reputation tainted with accusations of assault, possession and

supplying drugs and for his party going sideways.

Kyle Harrison is a man in his mid-twenties.

It’s obvious his father brought him here in an attempt to show him the ropes of the business, but it’s not fucking working. He

looks bored and tired and wasn’t even

hiding it until Zaia stepped through the doors and now he has his eyes glued on her.

“Thank you, Mr Oscar.” The Client, Mr Keith

Harrison, a billionaire with several strings of businesses beneath him, says.

There are only three companies left to give

their presentations.

One is the sleazy bastard seated not far from

me who has his eyes stuck on Zaia’s breasts

and it’s fucking pissing me off… but he isn’t as obvious as Kyle Harrison. Then, there’s the Toussaints, and the Kings left to give our presentations.

Zaia is seated on the opposite side of the

table and a little down from me.

She’s wearing a soft blush blouse which is


tucked into her high white pencil skirt, and I can’t fucking say I’m not checking her out


I can see the lace outline of her bra beneath

her shirt that’s ever so slightly sheer. The hint of cleavage is fucking enticing too…

Her hair is put up in a sophisticated bun, with small earrings and the entire dirty fantasy about fucking her on this very table is made worse by the pair of glasses she’s wearing.

A fashion statement, but one that just makes my mind fall in the gutter.

I’m sure I’m not the only one fantasising about her right now, but she’s mine, not theirs.

“Ms Toussaint,” Keith says, smiling at her. The corners of his eyes crinkle.

The Harrisons are humans, and proof that humans age faster is clear from the man. who is probably around the same age as my own father.

“Thank you, Mr Harrison.” She responds. softly, yet clearly, gathering up her iPad and


She gives him a smile, one he returns, one that’s a little too friendly for my liking.

She stands up and my eyes dip to her perky peach of an ass as she makes her way to the

front of the table. Unable to deny that the

way it moves only sends a strong wave of

pleasure through me.

Now that’s the only kind of peach I want to

sink my teeth into.

Luckily for me, it means she’s now standing

at a point where I can get an even better

view of her.

She’s one of three women in the room and

although I know she’s an excellent

businesswoman, she looks far too fucking gorgeous to be here.

She’s confident, graceful and to the point as she delivers the Toussaint’s plan if they

were to get the project.

She deserves the job. Her approach is new, different and definitely very efficient.

But I also realise that regardless of how good her business strategy is, the younger

Harrison will give her the job.

I can see it in his eyes, the way he’s lusting over her, and it’s obvious that his father is simply happy he’s taking an interest in the job. Not realising he’s more interested in the


If this partnership didn’t mean so much to Zaia, I would have intervened, but instead, I sit here, trying to contain my rage as Kyle Harrison eye-fucks her as he watches her


Keith listens to her with full attention as I

watch his fucking sleazeball of a son.

Zaia is halfway through her presentation, pointing out some factors on her slide when

I see his hand slip under the table and I realise exactly what the fuck he’s doing, he’s

touching himself, getting off at the sight of


He might try to be fucking discreet, but I’m not fucking stupid.

I look away, my heart racing in anger, not even realising I’ve snapped the pen in my hand.

“Mr King?” Keith asks, “Are you alright?”

I glance up. Everyone but the bastard is looking at me. He’s too busy looking at Zaia and imagining God fucking knows what.

“Perfectly,” I say through gritted teeth.


do continue Ms Toussaint, we will take a short break after your presentation,” Keith says with a gesture of his hand.

“Of course. Thank you, Mr Harrison.” Zaia says. She glances at me, concern in her eyes

before she turns back to the screen.

I turn my attention back to the sleazeball. His track record for being a fuck boy with a questionable past is something I know of. It

is Keith Harrison who handles all business.

deals. I was not expecting him here or in any way involved with the business.

I don’t want Zaia working around him.

I don’t know how I made it through the meeting without losing my shit and when I get to the bathroom; I splash water on my face, trying to calm the anger within me.

“All ok Alpha?” Daniel, my assistant, asks,

“Yeah,” I growl. “Get out.”

I’m about to turn the tap off when the door opens, and a few men enter, laughing.

“Did you see her ass? Who wants to bet I’ll have her by the end of this week?” Kyle’s

fucking voice comes, and I know exactly who

he was talking about.

“I think by the end of the day, redheads are said to be fun.” One of his cronies snickers.

Don’t lose your shit, Sebastian…


My eyes are blazing as I make my way over to the door, but it’s his next words that snap the last threads of my self-restraint.

“Think she’ll be up for anal? Who cares? I

like to surprise them, and by then it’s too damn late!” He asks them, before bursting into laughter.

Daniel is standing outside, and he’s pale, clearly having heard the conversation. Four of Harrison’s guards stand here and I simply

walk past them as Daniel follows me.

“Kill the lights,” I mutter through my earpiece, turning, and walking down the


“Alpha? Is everything ok?” Another one of

my men’s voices comes back.

“Do it. Now.” I command quietly, passing the second set of his bodyguards.

“Alpha…” Daniel mutters, but I ignore him.

“Go to the meeting room now,” I command him, giving him no option but to leave. 2

I turn the corner, assessing the security

cameras at every corner, before I slip out of sight, waiting for my command to be carried


My eyes are blazing silver, my claws are out

and all I want to do is beat that sleazeball

with everything I fucking have.

It’s a few minutes before the entire building blacks out, and the alarm goes off.

Smirking, I turn swiftly and head back the

way to the bathroom. No one says that about

my woman and gets away with it.

A few red lights are flashing as someone shouts why the generator hasn’t kicked in.

Well done, boys.

There are shouts as security tries to secure

the building and I silently sneak past the first set of Harrison’s bodyguards without even being noticed.

Like a thief in the night.

The perks of being a werewolf….

I spot the bastard outside the bathroom arguing with four more security guards.

“Please, Mr Harrison, we need to stay on

alert until everything is checked.”

“It’s just a fucking power trip… big fucking deal.” He shoves the man blindly, walking towards me, unseeing as he takes his


“Move it, man!” He curses one of his men.

I smirk, staying in the shadows. The place is pitch black save for the flashlight one of the guards is carrying and I lean back against the wall, not wanting to be seen.

“Please, sir!”

“Go fuck yourself, Weasel!” he curses, rounding the corner and stumbling right over my feet.

“Two minutes Alpha.” My man’s voice comes through the earpiece.

I know I don’t have the time to drag this out … reaching down; I lift him to his feet before I punch him across the face. Damn hard.

I deliver a second punch, this time letting go

of him and he goes stumbling back roughly, hitting the opposite wall.

The satisfaction crunch of something breaking is like music to my ears and I quickly move away, knowing the lights will be on any minute.

A grunt and groan of pain escapes him as he slumps to the ground. I can hear the shouts

of his men. 2

I want to threaten him, but I don’t want this pointing back at Zaia.

I need to get back to my spot before they spot me, or worse, the lights come back on.

I now feel a little better. I fix my jacket and

collar, sleeking back my hair.

Time to get back to that meeting… because there’s no way I’m going to let Zaia work

with a fucker like him, even if it means I

have to take this deal from her.

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