I Am The Luna chapter 37 moonlight muse

I Am The Luna by Moonlight Muse Chapter 37

A Symbol 


“Zaia, what’s wrong? Do you want me to come down there? Because I swear if you don’t tell me, I will.” Sebastian’s growl makes me blink.

“I… it’s my birthmark.” I say quietly, brushing back a few wet strands of my hair.


“My birthmark. There’s the old book I’ve been going through of old practices like healing, and I just saw the symbol.


“Are you serious? I’ve looked for it all over, and never found anything.” He asks, sounding


“Yeah… it’s exactly the same…” I murmur,

staring at it.

The very same mark that is on the side of my breast, with the upside down V and the symbol…

“What does it say?” he asks, his voice hushed as I drag my eyes away from the symbol and scan the page. Trying to read it, whilst my head spins.

“Blood Born,” I say, reading the title, before I look at the first line of the small text. “The

Blood Born symbol graces the ones born of the Celestial Lunar… within their blood is the fire to quench the earth and moon of all life. Beings or monsters, we know not, but fear them, we do. For it is said that they are the judgement upon the people. By the warning of our Goddess, recite her words; Forget me and I will send my Blood Born, and that is when it is time to end my creation, for they will have forgotten me and I… I will bring an end to their time…and forget them.” 3

There’s silence as I quietly reread what I just

read out loud.

Pushing my hair back, I tuck the phone between my chin and ear as I check the next page, hoping

for more.

“Bullshit, that can’t be true, that’s just… none

of this stuff is real.”

“We exist, Sebastian, we’re werewolves. How can you say that this doesn’t mean something? And don’t you think we are forgetting the goddess?”

“Really Zaia, this is modern times. Why should

we be praying daily to a god that probably

doesn’t exist?”

I close my eyes.

“She does exist.”

“You don’t know that. Maybe she’s moved on. I don’t think there’s a god or goddess watching down on us,” Sebastian replies quietly.

“I do though, and I know she’s real because WE exist. The paper you have read ‘Beware the ones that wear the mark of discord, mischief, and death.’ This might just align with that.”

“Is there more?” he asks.

I scan the rest of the symbols and drawings. There’s not much I can make out and part of the text is in a language I have no knowledge of.

“No. There are just some smaller drawings and a language I do not recognise.”

“The talented bilingual Zaia Toussaint doesn’t know the language, that’s a first.” He says, but despite his words, his tone is still serious.

“What can it mean?”

“It sounds a little ominous, but don’t overthink it. That’s more than I ever learned with regards

to your birthmark, and I’ve been looking. Where did you get that book?”

“Dad had it. It was in one of the old boxes in the

safe room. They’ve not been touched for years.” I reply, staring at the symbol. Even the smallest flick to the symbol in the centre matches the

birthmark I have…

“He might know more then,” Sebastian


“I’ll ask him,” I say.

“Yeah, in a casual manner, there’s no harm in it, and see what he says because you are his daughter and bear that mark.”


“Take some pictures of the page and if you find anything else of that, too. I’ll get them from you

next week when we meet for the business.


My heart skips a beat, and I let out a scoff of disbelief, remembering that. “You know that’s my project. Why would you do this?” I ask icily. “I will win that deal partnership.”

“I have no intention of winning that deal. My only intention is to be near you and perhaps I’ll

score another kind of win.”

My heart skips a beat as his voice dropped a few octaves and the words slip from my lips before I

can stop them.

“And what kind of win might that be, Mr King?”

I’m giving him an opening to flirt, and I know I

shouldn’t. Why does the heart want what it


“The kind where I win a smile from the most

beautiful woman on the planet.” 3

My breath hitches. I was expecting something a lot dirtier from him, but either he is behaving or he knows exactly what melts my heart.


“Tell me, if I win a smile, what reward will I

get?” He asks sexily.

Ah, there he is, ever the businessman.

I roll my eyes, still feeling a little jittery.

“Hmm, how about this, make me laugh, and I don’t mean a scornful laugh, but get an actual laugh out of me, and I will give you something,”

I say.

“Oh? Anything you give me will be worth it for

sure, but no violence better be involved.” He

says, a little suspicious.

“Fine. I promise.”

“Good, otherwise I might need to return the favour with a spanking session.” He says arrogantly.

“Oh please, you wish. You really don’t back down.” I say, shaking my head.

I’ll let him see the children. 8

I don’t know how right now, but I figure something out.

He deserves to see them… and with Sia being

sick; I want her to meet him….

I push the painful thought away. Tilting my head, I stare at the book. I know Sia has not yet attained her wolf, she’s only a child, but maybe I could try some of these healing remedies on


“I don’t back down, I’m an Alpha, losing isn’t in my genes. Regarding the birthmark, don’t worry too much about it. We’ll figure it out.” He

says quietly.

He’s serious now, and he means it. The no- nonsense Sebastian who will get things done… 1

“Thank you,” I say quietly.

“You aren’t alone. I’ll always have your back, even if I’m not by your side.”

I’m silent. That ache in my chest is still there.

“So did you ask Payne?” 1

“He denied remembering or doing it on purpose,” I say.

“Be careful of him. I don’t trust him, Zaia. He’s a shrewd one.”

“Of course, you’d say that. You’ve never liked him.” I reply, frowning slightly. I know he isn’t perfect… but…

“Think what you may. I stand by my words.”

“Of course, but I also have been around him for the last few years and he’s been a good friend,” I say quietly.

He doesn’t reply, and I’m about to change the subject when suddenly I remember something I

want to ask him.

“Sebastian?” I begin nervously.


“Annalise, what happened to her?” I ask quietly.

There’s a pause before he sighs. “Nothing.

Shortly after you left, I told her it wasn’t

working out and ended it. She’s still in the pack, though.”

“I see… I’m surprised she simply remained there if you two broke up.” I ask, trying to sound like I really didn’t care.

“Are you becoming possessive of me again,

Little Fox?”

“No. Keep wishing. I’m just curious, because

why would she remain there if there’s no reason


“I couldn’t just boot her… after all, I wanted whoever was watching to see that she’s still


Meaning for a while, they kept the façade up…

“How long did you pretend to be with her?” I ask, the words bitter in my mouth.

“Several months… but I used the excuse that

Mom doesn’t approve of her, to end it.”

“Ah, so she thinks she still has hope… not wonder she isn’t meddling. She probably thinks you are the easiest step to power.” I say bitterly.

I don’t know why I’m upset, but the memory of the rejection has returned to my mind and the pain I had felt…

“There’s nothing between us, trust me.”

That I can’t, not when it comes to women.

“Father also told me that there’re talks about you and Cara getting engaged. Is that true?” I ask bravely.

Of course, he’ll think I’m getting jealous.

I’m expecting an instant response, but it doesn’t come, making my stomach churn.

“Dad’s been pushing for it, but I won’t be accepting.” He says, all traces of amusement gone from his voice.

My heart thuds. “You won’t be, but you haven’t

said no… because it looks to me like she has

been hanging around you and you two have

been bonding over late-night dinners.” I say,

unable to keep the sharpness from my voice.


“Look, it’s your life. Do whatever you want, Sebastian. But if you plan to marry someone else, then you should stop flirting with others. It doesn’t look good.”

“The only woman I want in my life is you, Zaia. Dad and I have not seen eye to eye since you left, and rest assured, Mom still misses you. Our family is incomplete without you and the little

ones. Cara can think what she wants. I’m not

taking another Luna. Ever.” He says, his voice dangerously low.


“You know what hurts the most?” I ask. I’ve already dived in, why not just give him a piece of my mind? “The fact that first, you decided to hurt me by faking you wanted your ex – my sister back. Then, you went after Cara, or your dad suggested her, regardless of whichever. She used to be a friend of mine… What can I expect from you, Sebastian?”

“I’ll show you what you can expect from me when I see you next week.” He says almost


I close my eyes, trying to calm my heart.

“Good night, Sebastian,” I say, knowing this conversation is going nowhere.

“You confuse me, Zaia… Do you want me or

Because it’s driving me crazy trying to read you.” His voice comes.


“I don’t,” I reply, removing the phone from my ear and cutting the call.

Closing my eyes, I toss the phone onto the bed, groaning as I rest my head back against the headboard and stare at the wall opposite.

“What do I want? A part of me

the logical part

wants nothing to do with him, but I’m not an

idiot, to deny that he still does something to me

and that… to admit that I…

“Still love him.” 3

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