I Am The Luna chapter 26 moonlight muse

I Am The Luna by Moonlight Muse Chapter 26

A Scatter of Pearls



“Have I already told you that you look beautiful tonight?” Someone whispers in my


My breath hitches, not sensing him coming

closer and I almost turn when a hand

touches my waist, stopping me.

His scent fills my nose and I smile, tilting my head and poking my eyes out playfully at

Atticus. (2

“Twice actually,” I say softly, sipping the champagne from my glass.

He smirks. “I guess I just can’t express it enough.”

I am about to reply when Dad taps the microphone, capturing my attention.

“Ladies and gentlemen, all esteemed guests,

may I have your attention,” Dad says, making the chatter die through the hall.

We are in one of the lavish five-star hotels not far outside of the Crystal Shadow Pack territory for Dad’s dinner party he is hosting

in my honour.

The night has been a blur of meeting people and making small talk, and not all of them

are werewolves, hence Dad’s use of a


Atticus raises his eyebrows playfully at me as we both give Dad our full attention. Atticus’s pack and our pack became allies thanks to the friendship between Atticus and

Although Atticus still makes it clear that I am the one he wants, we are simply friends, but I won’t deny that I appreciate having him in my life. Even the children like having him around and call him Uncle too.

It’s nice having a friend. I never heard back from Valerie and, for some reason, the

emails that I sent returned to my outbox with a ‘failed’ notification. 1

“As everyone knows, my Daughter Zaia Toussaint has been a great asset to my company for the last few years. Being voted in as managing director of the company last

year by the board itself. I can assure you that had nothing to do with me!” He chuckles and others do, too.

He takes a moment, allowing the rush to die down before he slips his free hand into his

pocket and looks at me.

“Well, it’s the truth. She has proven herself greatly and not only to me but to our company. Her hands-on approach to handling every hurdle, as well as her work ethic and professionalism towards our clients, have not only been appreciated by others, but above all by myself.” Dad continues.

I watch him, as I adjust the pearl strap of my ivory-fitted dress that reaches the floor. My hair is pulled up in a stylish updo with a

small pearl hair ornament. A few small

items of pearl jewellery adorn my ears and

hands. Winged liner and glossy lips finish

off my look.

I can sense many eyes on me as Dad

continues and a few whispers, which I don’t

bother with.

“It has been a while since Mr. Simmons has

been contemplating retiring from his

position and tonight, hot only will I be

announcing the new CEO of Toussaint

Enterprises but also the heir to the majority of this empire! It is with my greatest pleasure to announce none other than my daughter, Ms Zaia Toussaint!) Dad says and everyone begins clapping as the cameras

pan on me.

My eyes widen in surprise. Yes, I have aimed to grow, to do better every single day, but I never expected Dad to name me his heir this


“Congratulations, Red,” Atticus whispers in my ear, taking my glass from me as Dad

holds his hand out to me, motioning me to step onto the stage.

I look up at Atticus, my heart skipping a beat.

He knew…

He winks at me, and I take a deep breath, smiling for the cameras as I make my way over to Father, and allow him to help me up the steps to the stage.

I glance out at everyone gathered here, waiting for the clapping to die down.

Right… a speech…

How do you do that when you are not expecting it?

“I am speechless,” I begin, rewarded by light laughter, and I smile. “I want to thank everyone for attending tonight and being a part of this beautiful moment. I want to thank my father for believing in me, the board members for always supporting and guiding me and above all, I want to thank my mother, Melanie Walton for standing by

my side through thick and thin… last but not least, I want to thank Atticus Payne for

always being an incredible friend, and for always supporting me. Thank you.”

I brush a strand of my hair back, tucking it behind my ear, only for it to slip out again.

Everyone claps and Dad gives me a hug, congratulating me as the camera flashes

blind me from all directions.

Soon, an influx of people are surrounding

me, and I’m lost in the sea of faces as I try to remember everyone’s names.

I’m almost out of the crowd when I suddenly feel as if I’m being watched.

An intense gaze that reminds me of one person and it makes my heart pound.

I close my eyes, my heart thumping, goddess

why does it feel like…

I spin around, my eyes darting around the hall before I find the doors on the far end, but all I see is the back of a man in a black

suit, but it’s only for a second before he disappears from view…

Dinner is over and I’m glad that the hard

part is over.

I’m exhausted mentally from all the

socialising, and I just want to head home and curl up with my babies. I have just gotten off the phone with Mom, having excused myself to go to the ladies’ room.

I had bid the kids goodnight before ending the call.

I know I need to return… the quietness of the hotel hall is pleasant…

“Come on, Zaia, just a few hours left. Get back in there.” I tell myself as I look in the mirror at my reflection.

I adjust the strap of my dress, pulling a face. I know my personal assistant picked it out, but this single pearl strap just doesn’t feel enough to support my breasts.

Well, I’ve made it through more than half of the evening. Just another hour or so to go. I’m sure I’ll be fine.

I sigh heavily, before pasting a small smile on my face and exit the ladies’ room, almost tripping over the hem of my skirt. I frown, bending down as I tug it free and smooth it


Not looking where I’m going, my arm knocks into someone, making me gasp as something catches on my pearl strap and to

my horror, the violent tug breaks the string, making pearls go flying everywhere.

I feel my dress come loose and my hands instantly go to my dress, my heart thundering.

“I do apologise, I…”

My heart thuds as the husky voice behind me

trails off.

A voice I recognise…

“It’s alright,” I say quietly, refusing to turn.

I scan the hall, my eyes darting back to the bathroom door as I clutch my dress to my


“Allow me,” his seductive voice comes, still making goosebumps rise on my skin as he reaches over and pulls the door open.

His intoxicating scent hits me and I’m about

to rush into one of the stalls when his

fingers go to the side of my waist.

“What are you…” I trail off, as his fingers. brush the satin until he grabs a hold of the string that once held the pearl’s- in his fingers, and he tugs it.

My heart is pounding as he steps closer, and I step away, but it’s a mistake because I now

see him in the mirror before me.

However, I refuse to look at his face.

If I don’t see it, it’s not true…

“Let go,” He commands in his deep voice that for some strange reason still has an

effect on me.

I spent years trying to get rid of those emotions… I don’t need him back in my life!

Why did this have to happen?

“I said let go,” he repeats, yanking at the string and I gasp, loosening my hold a little.

Deftly, he pulls the strings tight, yanking me against him.

My heart thunders, my breasts heaving as the heat of his body envelops me, and his knuckles graze down my back, making my core clench and awakening a terrifying

desire I never knew still existed within me.

His heart is racing too as he ties the two ends of the string, yanking on the dress a few times. He finally lets go, but my heart is still thudding.

“There,” he says quietly. Swiftly pulling out the pins from my hair and allowing it to cascade down my back. “Easy fix.”

I’m no longer able to stop myself from

looking up at our reflection and my heart


It’s him.

The same black hair that I loved to run my fingers through… the same piercing blue

eyes that seem to see right through me, that chiselled jaw and….

“You look even more beautiful than I

remember…” he says, shocking me.

My eyes widen as I remain frozen.

He runs his fingers through my hair, but it’s then when I remember the faint scar that his mark left on my neck after his rejection that I am brought back to the present.

I step away from him and turn, glaring up at him.

“This is the ladies’ room, Mr King. Do you need me to show you to the door?” I ask quietly.

He doesn’t respond, his eyes raking over me shamelessly, but what shakes me the most is the carnal hunger that’s clear in them.

Why are you looking at me like that, Sebastian?

“I wouldn’t mind you showing me a lot

more than that…”

“Excuse me?” I ask sharply.

He looks away frowning, and it’s then the slight scent of alcohol hits me. Is he drunk?

“Three years… Who would have thought that a business deal I want to reject would bring me to the same place as you…”

I don’t respond. Tonight is my night, and I will not let anyone destroy it.

“You look good… You’re doing incredibly for yourself. CEO of Toussaint Empires… I

commend you. Congratulations.”

“Excuse me,” I say emotionlessly.

Three years may have passed, but I have not forgotten what he has done to me.

I move towards the door, when he speaks,

making me freeze, my hand on the door


“How are they?” he asks quietly.

My heart thuds as I stare ahead.

“Good,” I reply, keeping it short.

I push open the door when he suddenly grabs my arm, yanking me back inside and kicking the door shut with his foot.

He pins me against the door, making my eyes widen as my back hits the door.

“I know I’m the last person you want to see right now… but… I think you deserve to know that Valerie’s family have decided to pull the plug. If you want to see her one last time, then you should do so now.”

My heart thunders as those words sink in, and I stare up at him, my body filling with dread.

“What do you mean, pull the plug?” I ask. My throat feels dry and my stomach churns.

“Three years, Zaia… She’s been in a coma for three years. There’s nothing more we can do. The doctors and her family have given up.”

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