I Am The Luna chapter 25 moonlight muse

  1. A Mother


I press my foot on the brake as I wait for the security guards to unlock the large gates that leads to the entrance of our home. Once the large gates swing open, I drive through.

“Good evening Madam,” the night security guard says, tipping his hat to me.

“Good evening, Aaron,” I reply, sliding my car window up.

I glance up at the house when it comes into view. The upstairs window lights are on and due to the warmth, a few of the windows are open.

The sound of a child’s laughter reaches my ears, and it’s like music. I park up in the driveway and turning the ignition off, I get out and shut the door quietly, wanting to surprise them.

I lock the car doors and make my way up the three steps that lead to the large four-bedroom home. Dad did not hold back. He gave us this when we first arrived.

Not only is it in a private area, but it’s extremely secure on all sides. The property itself has large walls topped with spikes surrounding it.

“Come on, time for bed!” Mom’s voice rings in the air.

Oh, he’s being a handful again!

I shake my head, unable to stop the smile from spreading on my face. I step inside and lock the door behind me. Putting my bag and keys down, I kick my heels off and stretch.

Goddess, it’s been a long day…

I cross the large square hallway and hurry up the carpeted stairs, glad I made it home before they fall asleep. The door to their bedroom stands open, there’re toys and towels strewn across the carpeted floor, and I pick them up. I massage the back of my neck as I stop in the doorway and peer inside.

Mom is sitting on one of the two beds that are against one wall with a chest of three drawers standing between the two beds.

“Mommy is home!” I gasp when my three-year-old son barrels into me, wrapping his arms around my thighs.” Mommy! I made an airplane!”

I smile down at my little Zion, and he stares back at me with bright blue eyes and black hair. A spitting image of his father, right down to the dimples in his cheeks.

I crouch down and pull him in for a hug. “Hey Superman, show me this plane,” I say when I move back and tug his cheeks lightly. “Ok, Mommy!” He runs off, and I

slowly stand up as I scan the room for

my little Tinkerbell.

I notice her in the bed, hidden behind

Mom, I walk over to them and kiss

Mom’s forehead softly as she beams up

at me.

“Ah Zaia, you’re home, thank the goddess.”

She always worries until I’m home and

safe. That’s what mothers do.

She gets up and I sit down as the girl in the bed stirs.

She’s already asleep….

I brush back her dark copper-coloured hair, my heart clenching slightly.

My princess almost never made it… she spent six months after her birth in hospital until she was deemed strong enough to leave… despite being three years old, she is extremely small, unlike Zion, who looks older than his age.

They both are of Alpha bload, but my

Tinkerbell doesn’t have much weight

and is quite petite in size, but she’s no

less bright than her brother.

“Mommy…” she whispers, her eyes

fluttering open. Grey eyes stare back at

me, and I nod.

“Yes, my darling, I’m right here,” I whisper, kissing her forehead.

“I’m happy…” she says with a gigantic yawn. “Will you tell us a story?”

I nod before I turn around.

“Zion! Do you want a bedtime story?” I

ask the boy who is gathering up the

airplane he has built with Legos.

“Yes, please, but look at my plane. Sia

helped me,” he says, glancing at his

sister in bed.

“Oh, did she now… that is incredible, you two are incredible and so clever! Look at this amazing plane!”

I see Mom slip out of the room, leaving me with my two dew drops as we all shuggle into the bed, and I read them a story of a young boy who goes on an adventure to discover lost treasure.

Soon they are both fast asleep, but I continue the story, letting them drift into a deep sleep. Only then do I slowly lift Zion up and put him into his own bed.

“Goodnight, Mommy…” he murmurs sleepily.

“Goodnight my Superman,” I reply, kissing his cheek softly before pulling the bedsheet over him.

I turn back to Sia and fix the sheet around her. I feel her pulse in her wrist, frowning slightly. Irregular…

I kiss her forehead softly, trying to soften the pain in my chest..

My little Sia… until this day, the doctors don’t know what’s wrong with her. But we aren’t giving up. We will find a way for her to get better.

I sit there for a while, gently caressing her hair before I pick up the toys that lie around the bed and place them aside before dimming the light. I make sure the monitor is turned on before I leave the room.

I leave the door open a crack as I take out a few pins from my hair and shake it loose just as Mom comes down the hallway.

“Long day?” she asks sympathetically.

I nod. “Yes, but it was a good day,” I reply.

She smiles with understanding, “Then come, let’s go have some tea. You can

tell me all about it.”

The dim hallway lighting makes her face glow, and I can’t help but smile as I walk over to her and give her a hug. Thank you, Mom. That would be amazing.”

“What else are mothers for?” she replies.

I hug her tightly. She’s right. Without her, I wouldn’t have been able to do all of this…

“Thank you, Mom,” I whisper before I move back. “Now come on, let’s go get that tea.”

Mom nods as we both make our way downstairs. She puts on the kettle and I take a seat at the kitchen counter.

“Any update with the doctors Sia flew out to see?” Mom asks after a moment.

“They are being analysed by a doctor currently, hopefully soon,” I whisper as I stare at the glitter in the black granite counter, trying to mask my guilt.

Mom nods. “This is not your fault, Zaia, she will be ok. I can feel it, in my bones,” she says determinedly.

I look up at her, our eyes meeting, and I slowly nod.

I will believe it too and I will make sure my little princess gets the right treatment that she needs. 2

No matter what.

Because she is my daughter, and she is a fighter.

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