Hiding From My Possessive Alpha chapter 4 by bluedreams

Enduring Pain

The next morning, I woke up feeling fulfilled. I moved a little and felt a sharp pain between my legs. He had fucked me real bad.I tried to move only to realise a steel like grip holding me in place. His arm felt like iron-made. I wasn’t able to move an inch. But still, I managed to turnd around in the circle of his arm to face him. A smile lit up my face when I looked at him. His mask was slightly off. I could see his one closed eye, half of his lips, and his strong jawline. He owned the finest pair of lashes I had ever seen- Dark and long. They almost look like black wings of satan. From what I could see he had a straight nose. His lips were bow-shaped. His strong, firm jaw was peppered with a hint of beard. He must have shaved yesterday. I was more than satisfied with what I was seeing. This man was adonis. I knew many alphas who were renowned for their handsome faces. I wonder who among them was he?

My curious gaze slipped down his throat to the vast expanse of his chest. He was so big compared to me. His first three buttons were opened. I caught a tattoo peeking from behind his white shirt. Curiosity gripped me. I pinched the front of his shirt and slowly parted it, revealing a beautiful tattoo. It was a pair of wings sprawled across his chest. I was awed until realisation struck me. Wings? A sinking feeling began to collect in my stomach.

He can’t be him, right? My mate can’t be him. I lifted my lashes to his neck. My face paled, panic set in. He was wearing a chain with a hideous claw. Oh god…Oh god…. Realisation was cruel. I am mated to a monster. I am mated to a cold blooded murderer. I didn’t want a heartlesskiller for a mate no matter how devilishly handsome he is. I was sweating now. How could the moon Goddess do this to me? I was scared. Shit scared.

My family will kill me if they find out I am mated to him. I know they won’t hesitate. And if he found out I belonged to an enemy pack, he would imprison me. I will die in both scenarios.

I had to get out of his grip-or better suited- death claws first.

It took me a good minute but I managed to squirm out of his steel like hold. Glancing at him every other second, I adjusted my dress and grabbed my mask from the floor. Putting it back in place, I tip-toed out of the room.

Kyle had perhaps already left. The party was long over and no one I knew was in sight. I didn’t have time to look for him either. So I dashed outside and got a cab. The driver continued to send me curious glances throughout the way. Can’t blame him, I knew with a nest-like hair and smudged eyes,  I was looking like a mess. More like a ghost. Horror-struck ghost. I asked the driver to adjust the mirror so that I could see myself. With my fingers, I combed my hair and swiped my face clean with the hem of my dress. It didn’t do much but atleast I wasn’t looking like a ghost now.

I lent money from our territory guard and paid the driver.

Now that adrenaline was not crashing through my veins, I realized I was sore. I limped my way towards my home. Moreover, a walk without panties felt like a walk of shame. He had ripped my panties off.

I knocked at the door. A soft padding noise hit my ear before the door was drawn open. It was aunt. The first emotion to flare up in her eyes was not concern but suspicion.

She eyed me up and down with a hint of disapproval.

“Where were you the whole night?” she questioned.

“I didn’t find my mate if that’s what you are worried about,” I lied curtly and walked past her into the house.

“ I hope the person you were with is at least an alpha. And keep your attitude in check, this will only ward off your suitors,” she commented while closing the door. I paused as tears stung my eyes. They didn’t care about me at all. Their love for their pack had blinded them completely.

“What if he is not an alpha or is from a rival pack? What will you do then?” I finally let out the question that was bugging me for months. My heartbeat had slowed down in dreadful anticipation.

“Then you will have to sacrifice your bond for the greater good. But if your mate happens to be from the rival gang then we will have to make the most of you,” my uncle appeared from somewhere and stated. I looked at him and a shiver ran down my spine at the seriousness of his expression. He meant it. No way I was going to tell them the moon goddess had set me up with that freaky monster. They will kill me for sure to weaken him. No matter how powerful a wolf is, his strength begins to diminish after their mate’s demise. I would be the perfect pawn for them to bring him down. I didn’t want to be a part of this violent tussle.

Without giving a response, I began climbing up the stairs towards my room. Tears had blurred my vision.

Kyle threw the door open wide and came inside with a pale face. Uncle asked him what was wrong. I turned to see him and frowned when I noticed a hint of dread in his eyes.

“Zavion murdered the alpha of Silverstone,” Kyle broke the news, sending everyone into stunned silence. My heart thudded violently against my chest.

This is the work he was talking about.


“We have introduced you to every alpha. It seems Moon Goddess has chosen an ordinary for you,” Kyle said disappointedly. I didn’t react and kept my gaze steady on my plate. If only then knew….. Since that night, I haven’t been able to forget him. His cold silver eyes still haunted my dreams. I still remembered how good his soft wet lips had felt on my skin. And his massive cock was another story. I couldn’t see his tool but I can tell it was quite big. Too big for a small girl like me. It took me a couple days to walk straight.

“Honey, I think it’s high time we think about alpha Dawson’s proposal,” my aunt reached for my uncle’s hand on the table and purred softly. My heart froze. Uncle nodded thoughtfully, causing anxiety to grip my guts.

“ You are right, Maddie. It’s time. I will see him tomorrow and discuss everything,” uncle answered after a minute of pondering.

“But he is not my mate,” I objected loudly, Ignoring the fact that I was surrounded by people who cared nothing about my opinion.

“We gave you enough time already. It seems your mate is either dead or belongs to some low class which means he is of no use to us. And that devil spawn Zavion has become ballistic since murdering the alpha of Silverstone. He has gone right down mad slaughtering packs like a bunch of cattles. It’s only a matter of time before he’ll attack us,” Kyle spat acidly.

I couldn’t help but wonder if his sudden madness had something to do with me. I mean, I had disappeared on him. This must have enraged his wolf for sure. I swallowed hard. I will have to make sure he never catches me or I’ll be done for.

“I will make sure we are done with the mating ceremony within this week,” uncle announced, making me almost choke on my food.

“And don’t you dare create a scene,” uncle sent me a cold warning glare, daring me to speak a word. I remained quiet. There was no use of fighting or pleading. They already had made their decision.

As he had decided, he went to the Blood Moon pack the next day and returned with good news for the pack and my family. I was going to be sacrificed like a lamb at the end of the week. The news made me nauseated. I was already feeling down for a few days and this news only worsened my mood.

I rushed to my bathroom and threw up. My stomach was churning with disgust.

The following days went in a blur. My aunt bought me a silver gown for the ceremony. Logan and his mate also came to congratulate me. He should have noticed my puffy eyes and dull expression or maybe he did but conveniently ignored it for the “greater good.”

The only person who stood by me was my friend Hanna. She was as against this mating as I but we both were powerless.

A couple days before the mating ceremony my life swerved another sharp turn when I learned I was pregnant. And what worse, I wasn’t alone when I received the news. My uncle, aunt, and Kyle were also there. All three of them had steam coming out of their ears.

“You filthy whore….Whose bastard you are carrying?” Kyle smacked me right across my face in front of the doctor. It hurt like bitch and I was sure it was going to leave an ugly bruise. I gritted my teeth but refused to speak.

“Answer him,” came my aunt’s furious voice. I kept my gaze low.

“Stupid little slut,” my aunt slapped me across smy cheek. My ear rung for a long momnt. “What are we going to tell Dawson? He will run us down. Dear Goddess, why didn’t you take her along with her parents? She is such a pain,” aunt fretted without a stop.  I could feel her disgust for me in her high-pitched voice. Tears flooded my eyes. I wasn’t expecting anything good from them but her barbed comments still hurt. I should have gotten used to it by now but I didn’t. How can one get used to cruelty?

Honestly, I was also upset with moon Goddess. Why did she not kill me along with my parents? I was dying everyday anyway. Their taunts, their glares..they never cease. I missed dad. I missed mom. I missed my old life. I missed being treated as a living person.

“No need to tell anything to anyone. We will get rid of the child,” my uncle declared in a composed tone. My gaze snapped to him. His words pricked over my skin like a thousand needles. My instincts perked up like a dog’s ear when in the vicinity of danger. My wolf growled in defiance. Unconsciously, I wrapped my arm around my belly and retreated a step.

“ We will bring her to you tomorrow. Keep your schedule free,” uncle told the doctor without removing his warning-filled eyes from me. A fat dollop of tear slipped down my eye. They were going to kill my pup.

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