Hiding From My Possessive Alpha chapter 3 by bluedreams

One Night-Stand With My Mate

I tugged the neckline up for umpteen times, my uncomfortable gaze flitting through the crowd. The people were milling about. Groups breaking and forming. I just hoped my discomfort wasn’t showing on my face. I was wearing a bright maroon gown with a low cut neckline and a slit on the side. aunt said the color will attract male’s eyes but if you ask me the color is so bright that it will surely blind anyone who will dare to look my way. But like always, I had no choice. My family is desperate to get me tied with an alpha. Their desperation scares me. What if my mate isn’t an alpha? What if my mate failed to fulfill their conditions?

“Back straight, chin high, and SMILE,” my brother Kyle instructed me in a low warning tone. I straightened my stance and willed my lips into a smile. The room was bursting with powerful auras. I was wearing a black lace mask that wound around my eyes. The black lace stood in contrast with my red blood lipstick. I was attending the ball with my brother. The ball was arranged by the alpha of Silverstone pack for unmated wolves. Silverstone pack is the most powerful pack on our side. The ball was like a mating ceremony but with a twist that came in the form of a mask.

“What a beautiful lady like you doing all alone here?” a man approached me. He was also wearing a mask but his brown eyes were bare for scrutiny. I gave him a sweeping glance, taking in all the details. The aura he radiated was very strong. An alpha. His physique was impressive. His thinning hair had streaks of white. I gathered that he was in his late thirties.

“She was waiting for someone like you to approach her. So very kind of you to take notice,” Kyle offered in my place. I cringed inwardly. The way he said it, made me feel like a prostitute waiting for her another customer.

Although his mouth was hidden behind the mask, I  heard the man chuckling.

“I am glad I caught her before anyone else could. She is beautiful,” I caught his gaze sweeping down my body, pausing a little longer on my assets.

“Can I have the honor of dancing with you?” the man held out his hand to me. I blinked at him. Celine shook her head in my mind. Kyle nudged me by his shoulder while smiling at the man. I, reluctantly, put my hand in his. I couldn’t understand why he was forcing me to dance with him. This man wasn’t my mate.

“I am Erick Dawson of Blood Moon pack? May I know who I am dancing with,” he asked me while dancing. Erick Dawson. I have heard about this man. He is the alpha of Blood Moon pack and his mate died six years ago during childbirth. The loss of a mate and pups is the most cruel punishment that any wolf can endure. I felt pity for him.

“ Evangelina Annesley of Silver Moon pack,” I introduced myself.

“A very beautiful name for a beautiful girl,” the man complimented.

“Thank you,” I replied as he spun me.

“So Holmes is your Alpha,” he prodded further.

“Yes, my uncle is his beta,” I replied, clueless to his intention. My wolf groaned in the back of my head. She was irritated by him.

“Interesting,” he remarked.

“I assume you haven’t found your mate yet,” he popped another question while keeping his eye contact with me.

“Hopefully this ti..”

“I have a proposal for you. You see, I am the man of riches. The coal mines under my ownership disgorge diamonds. My mansion is bigger than some of the packs and is equipped with all kinds of luxuries. I have everything that a girl like you can dream and need. And you know what, this all can be yours. In exchange I want you to be my luna and give me an heir,” Erick put forth.

I froze up, stunned. Did he just try to buy me?

“What?” I blinked at him, confused.

“You heard me, girl. I’ve seen you a few times. You are beautiful and would do. I don’t know who your mate is but I would like to assure you that I can provide for you better than him. So just say, yes,” an edge of threat creeped into his tone, daring me to deny .

“No,” I roughly pulled my hand from his hold and walked away, feeling both humiliated and furious. How dare he? Fury throbbed my veins. The way he said that, it made me feel so filthy. I am not an object he can buy. It’s a different thing my family treats me like one but still, who is he to put a price on me. Hot angry tears burned my eyes. Why was everyone treating me as if I don’t have a heart? I am many things but not materialistic. He can shove his riches up his ass and choke on it.

I paused when I felt a prickling at the back of my neck. The feeling was eerie. I felt as if I was being followed. I whipped my head around but found no one. Shaking it off, I stepped into the washroom. After wiping my eyes and calming myself down, I came out of the bathroom and dragged my feet towards the hall.

I was done being seen as a showpiece. Almost all the men I was introduced to showed more interest in my cleavage then in me. Kyle left no attempt to insinuate that I was available for any powerful man who would be willing to take me as a mate. Why did Aunt have to pick this dress? Why am I even here? I was missing my books and my fiction crushes.

Lost in my thoughts, I missed keeping my eyes on my surroundings. The realisation came late. I gasped when a callous hand wrapped itself around my arm and pulled me back into a dark room. My eyes turned round and I was about to scream but my attacker deterred my attempt by pressing his hand to my mouth. He let go of my bicep to lock his arm around my waist, immobilizing me. With one tug, I found myself flushed against a hard muscular wall. Sweat beaded my forehead. My heart was close to bursting out. I clenched my eyes shut.

The person behind me pushed his face into the crook of my neck and inhaled deeply.

“Mate,” he growled. My eyes snapped open. Mate? Did he just say mate? I flinched when I felt a wave of electricity running riot through my veins but the person clinging to me held me close.

“I was looking for you for so long….Finally, I found you,” he spoke in a smooth baritone. So deep and husky and so dangerous. My core clenched. His voice was intoxicating just like his scent, Pine and sandalwood. I felt my body react to his deep voice. His hot breath brought goosebumps to my skin. My eyes fell close as he rubbed his nose up and down the side of my neck, filling his lungs with my scent. Goddess, what beautiful torture is it? I moaned. He growled. His tight hold around me grew firm and in a flash, I was lifted off the ground. He took me somewhere with quick long strides.

The next thing I felt was the soft mattress under me and then his huge frame hovering over my body. He was huge. Muscular, and so strong. We both were wearing masks. All I could see was his eyes. His slate grey orbs. They were hauntingly beautiful. Their sheer intensity frightened me first, intrigued me next and in a second I found myself mesmerised by them. The power they held was staggering. Those eyes must not have submitted to no soul. His stare was so brazen and penetrating that I felt my insides melting. I lifted my hand to uncover his face but he stopped me by grabbing my hand.

“What’s the rush, mate? We have our lives to know each other,” he brought my hand to his lips and kissed it softly. Sparks erupted on the spot where he kissed. We both sighed. I don’t know why he refused me but I was in no condition to say no. The bond was already getting stronger.

He bent his head and pressed his lips to my jaw. A shiver passed through me. His lips were slightly moist and soft like feathers.

I moaned, urging him to do much more than just kissing. He obliged me by peppering soft kisses along my jaw. When his mouth was close to mine, he exhaled hotly on my lips and claimed them into a passionate kiss. He was rough from the first touch. His mouth mauled mine, biting and sucking.

“So delicious,” I felt dizzy by the desire he was pouring into me. To make it more thrilling, he shamelessly began grinding his lower half against mine. Selene have mercy, I felt both embarrassed and aroused. His bulge felt so large. With just one kiss, he had set my nerve endings on fire. My core was gushing out. I was certain he could smell my arousal.

“Mmmmm….something is smelling really good here,” he unlatched his lips from mine and rubbed his nose against my cheek. He stopped both kissing me and grinding me. I felt a flush of disappointment.

“Please,” I moaned like a wanton. I wanted more. Why did he stop?

“ What do you want, baby?” he urged me on in his sexy voice.

“I want you,” I couldn’t recognize my own voice, it was vulnerable and so lustful. I wouldn’t have been this shameless if not for my lust building up.

“Where?” he asked again, teasing me purposefully. He threaded his fingers with mine in a silent command to guide me to that part. Driven by desire and curiosity, I guided his hand down to my center. He unlocked our hands and cupped my clothed pussy, kneading it with a little pressure. Thousands of sparkles danced where he was kneading me, teasingly, gently, as if he had all the time in the world. He is a tease. Fuck! I got a tease for a mate. The touch burned me. I moaned and felt him smirking against my skin.

“You are such a whore for my touch. But I like it,”  He remarked while slipping his large hand under my skirt and sneaking into my panties. I gasped when his fingers made contact with my wet pussy.

“I like how your little pussy is weeping for my touch,” he stroked my tender flesh with his long thick fingers. The throb down there was faster than my heartbeat

“I feel a beat here,” he rasped, teasingly, while pressing his thumb on my clit. My bud begin to throb with more fervor.

“So fucking sensitive,” he whispered and pinched my clit, earning a yelp from me. I felt tears stinging the back of my eyes. But before they could fall down, he began rubbing my clit to soothe the pain. The pain changed into pleasure. This was the first time I was being touched intimately. And that too by my rightful mate.

My heartbeat stuttered when his finger skimmed down to my hole, blowing up my anticipation. His finger tip languidly circled the outer circle of my pussy. I clenched his bulging bicep in response.

“This is mine, sweet mate. Remember that. Always,” with the last word, he plunged his finger deep into me. My body tightened around his thick long finger. I felt full and so uncomfortable.

“Ta..take it out..It hurts” I pleaded as a sharp pain zapped through me. This didn’t feel good at all.

“Sshhh..it will be alright,” his deep, soothing voice coaxed my pussy to clench him harder. His cock was throbbing and twitching. It felt so alive inside me. Once my snatch adjusted around him, he began thrusting. The first few thrusts brought only pain but then I began to feel a shift. The wet noise accompanied his brutal t  Soft moans floated from my mouth as I felt a strange pleasure building up inside me. The shameful squelching noise bounced off the walls as he fucked me with his fingers. Again and again. My lips curled into an O shape when he added another finger, bringing his game to a new level. I moaned and squirmed feeling his thick fingers plowing me. Not log before, I felt a ball expanding into the pit of my stomach. I screamed when it exploded causing a powerful tingling to spread through my insides. From the tip of my fingers to the sole of my feet, I felt the impact. It was mind-blowing. For a few seconds, I felt as if my soul had left my body and I was floating freely in the air.

“Mmmm…You taste delicious, sweet mate,” I heard him saying. I stared dazedly at him as he licked my cum from his fingers. Catching my eyes, he smiled wickedly and leaned closer.

“You wanna taste yourself?” he asked, his eyes shining with desire. I could only blink in response. His thick fingers grabbed my jaw and forced open my mouth. My mate spit into my mouth.

“Swallow, sweet mate,” his velvety voice caressed over my goosebumps ridden skin. I obeyed him and swallowed his spit. His eyes lit up with something wild and a pleased smile tugged over his lips. He looked so predatory, so dangerous. My pussy clenched involuntarily.

He eliminated the distance between us and shoved his tongue inside my parted lips. His tongue teased mine. I tasted myself on him. The taste itself wasn’t much delicious but the way his tongue rolled around mine, it plunged me into a swamp of pleasure.

“Now you are stretched enough to take me,” he slowly zipped down his pants, freeing his throbbing erection. And the next thing I felt was his hot rod blocking off my pussy. He was so hot and so evident. I forgot to breathe.

He kissed me all over my face and whispered, “take deep breaths and relax.” I gulped and nodded.

With his palms planted either side of my head, he began pushing inside me. My eyes turned wide as I felt his head parting my cunt. It slid in slowly.

“Nnnnghh,” I grabbed his shoulders and whimpered in pain. He had just pushed his head in and I was already full.

“ Fuck, woman,” he growled and pushed deeper. My eyes teared up. This hurt like hell. But he didn’t stop. He didn’t stop until he was good inches in. I was full.

“Is..is it all the way in?” I asked, staring into his beautiful eyes. The way his eyes crinkled, I assumed he was smiling.

“Not yet,” with that, he retreated. I breathed. But my reprieve was short-lived as I got all the air knocked out of my lungs when he slammed hard inside me. I screamed and sobbed. This was painful. No, this was searing. He lapped up my tears and pecked my lips over and over again.

“The pain will pass soon,” he comforted me in a soft tone but down there began thrusting roughly in and out of my body. I rocked back and forth with his each thrust like a leaf being swayed by wind.  With troubled breathing, I waited for the pain to subside. After a long few thrusts, it did. My eyes connected with his as he moved up and down on me. A strip of thrill trickled up my spine first before a smashing wave of pleasure surged up my whole being. His cock was relentless and brutal as it pierced into me without a break. I moaned as he yanked my gown down and exposed my twins.

“Mine,” he growled before taking one into his mouth. He sucked hard on my tit while kneading the other with his free hand. His cock was inside me and his mouth and hand were playing with my tits. I was swamped by an addicting mix of pain and pleasure. His hard thrusts turned harder and I came around him once again. The man fucked me through my release, pushing through my constricting walls. Pumping me with more pleasure.

“How my cock feel inside you?” he demanded between his hot panting. I couldn’t for the life of me think straight.

“Answer,” he thrust harder, eliciting a whimper from me. I swear to God they lie in the books. What I read in books could never compare to what I was feeling right now. This was a mad rush. I was scorching under my skin, my veins quaking violently as if electrocuted, my senses were fucked fogged. This man was driving me insane.

“Bi..big…..bre….ughh…breaking me,” I managed through my broken moans. He chuckled and rolled my nipple. An electric pulse shot through my tip and I cried. In that moment, I realised I am mated to an alpha who enjoys claiming his dominance over others. And I didn’t know whether to cry or moan over this fact. My pussy clenched around his shaft. He grunted.

“Clenching my cock like a wanton slut. Bad, bad woman you are,” he tsked and dealt me with a deep hard thrust. I gasped, my legs went limp and my eyes rolled back. I felt him inside my womb. His dirty talk was only making me wetter. He was calling me such nasty stuff and I was enjoying it.

“I am going to fuck this sluttiness out of you,” he growled and began fucking me for real. I jerked under him with his every thrust. Not long before, he let out a feral growl and shuddered above me. Right then,  I felt something hot and sticky filling me up. My eyes grew wide.

It was him. He was releasing inside me.

Once he was done, he collapsed over me. A content smile touched my lips. I finally found my mate. I wound my arms around his large body and kissed the edge of his jaw. He purred and I giggled.

“I have a work to finish tomorrow and then we will go to my pack and mate there,” he told me while pecking my shoulder. I only hummed in response, knackered out.

The outside world had ceased to exist for us long ago. I couldn’t tell about him but I was bone tired. My lids closed on their own and I fell into slumber wondering how Hannah would react to the news.

Little did I know my life was going to turn upside down after this.

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