Billionaire’s Rebirth Wife A Dangerous Flirtation chapter 3 by F BOY’s DOLL

Chapter 3: Marriage

“Meeting adjourned,” he said flatly before his long legs carried him out of the conference room.

Those left alone in the room were silent for a moment,

speaking only when they were sure he was gone.


“Are we just tools to him?”

“He didn’t listen to a thing we said.”

“He watched that monitor the whole time!”

Not one of them dared to admit that their president was right.

Belinda’s bare feet padded through the empty halls of the Darlow Villa as she searched for water.

Even the kitchen was spotless. The stove had been scrubbed with such meticulous care that it appeared as though it had never experienced the flicker of a flame.

As she slipped on her shoes, ready to go out and buy a few bottles of water – and maybe some fruit – she was stopped in her tracks. Standing at the doorstep were two stern bodyguards, their demeanor as cold as ice.

“Young lady,” one of them said. “You are not permitted to leave.”

Belinda stood frozen in place, her mind racing as she realized she didn’t have as much freedom as she thought.

“I just need to buy something really quick. I’ll be back soon,” she smiled, trying to negotiate.

Surprise flashed across their faces when they fully took in the young woman’s appearance. There was something different about her…

But still, their orders were to let no one pass.

Belinda found herself trapped in a seemingly inescapable situation. Unable to find a way out, she resorted to sitting on the ground just beside the door. Patiently, she waited, hoping for a breakthrough.

From his office building, Mr. Darlow watched the surveillance cameras closely, and a sudden pang of pity gripped his heart when he saw Belinda sitting hopelessly at the front door. Quickly, he stepped on the gas pedal and hastily made his way back home.

As he entered the villa, a chilling sensation enveloped him. There, he found the young woman still seated on the ground. Her face was scrunched up in a frown.

Concerned, he called out, “Belinda? What are you-”

At the sight of Wayne, Belinda’s eyes lit up with joy, prompting her to spring up and leap straight into his arms.

Wayne, taken by surprise, embraced her wholeheartedly. She burrowed further into him in response.

“I wish we were married already.” Her words carried a dreamy

essence, tinged with a touch of resignation.

Wayne’s body tensed, his expression becoming confused. Did he mishear?

The Belinda he knew was never interested in marriage. He had to imprison her to keep her close, but today she unexpectedly opened up. Could it be another conspiracy? Was she planning to escape using this opportunity?

Wayne’s lips tightened, his narrow eyes showing his skepticism. Despite that, he didn’t want to let go of this opportunity.

“What did you say?” Wayne wanted to confirm one last time.

“I want to marry you and become Mrs. Darlow,” Belinda said, her starry eyes holding a persistent determination in them.

Mrs. Darlow… The man’s throat tightened. He never thought a name could sound so perfect.

“Alright,” Wayne’s voice trembled slightly.

Regardless of the reason, if Belinda asked, he would agree, even if it meant sacrificing his life. “Let’s go meet your family then,” he said, reaching out and taking Belinda’s hand.

The documents required for Belinda were kept at the Summers’ family home, so if he wanted to make things official, he had to visit them.

It was an inconvenience, but Wayne wanted to follow the procedure meticulously, and Belinda deserved nothing but the best.

Without wasting a moment, Wayne headed to the garage,

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selected one of the many cars available, and drove straight to the Summers’ estate.

“Wait for me here, I’ll be back soon,” Belinda told Wayne as she arrived at the Summers’ family residence. She decided to go inside alone, knowing that Wayne was uncomfortable around strangers.

“Alright, darling. Thank you,” the man said, pursing his lips and placing his fingers on the steering wheel.

As Belinda entered, she immediately felt a cool breeze, accompanied by a surprised voice.

“Belinda, you’re back?” Boris, the eldest, was the first to rise from his seat.

Brandon also jumped up and hurried to his little sister’s side. They had just been discussing going to the Darlow villa to see her. When Belinda saw her two older brothers, her eyes suddenly welled up with tears.

In her previous life, Belinda had broken the hearts of her two brothers with her whimsical behavior. She had even caused her older brother to go to jail and her second brother’s career to shatter due to… complicated circumstances.

Despite everything, Belinda still remembered Boris’s words before he went to prison: “You be good now. You won’t have your big brother to take care of you anymore.”

“Brother,” Belinda called out in a shaky voice, feeling

incredibly blessed for her second chance. She thanked God in her heart.

“What’s wrong? Is it Wayne? Tell me what he did,” Boris asked, his lips pursed as he looked at his sister, who was on the verge of tears. Anger flashed across his handsome face. He had always believed that the Darlow family was full of crooks who had stolen his sister’s happiness. Everyone knew that Wayne Darlow was a classic manipulator, appearing gentlemanly one moment and monstrous the next. Belinda should never have been left in his hands.

“No, it’s not him,” Belinda quickly shook her head. “I just miss you guys.”

“Belinda, you don’t need to be afraid. If that man threatened you, I’ll settle the score with him,” Brandon declared, holding a knife in his hand. Even if it meant going to jail, he was willing to stand up for his sister.

Belinda was shocked. She had always viewed Brandon as the gentle and easygoing one. His ferocity was entirely new to


“Brandon, no. You still have to be a star. If you kill someone, you won’t get a single role,” Belinda chuckled, finding amusement in the situation.

“Fuck being a star! My sister comes first!” Brandon’s handsome face softened slightly, but his determination remained unwavering.

“Wayne was kind to me. He never bullied me,” Belinda couldn’t help but smile when talking about Wayne.

The brothers froze, unable to believe that this was still their little sister.

Before, they had made a pact not to marry but to keep an eye

on Harley instead.

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Although they didn’t like Wayne, they despised that other man even more. He was someone who didn’t deserve to be in the picture. But now…

“Did Wayne cast some sort of spell on you, or is he controlling your mind?” Brandon tensed up and held his sister’s hand, attempting to assess the situation.

“Belinda?” Wayne called out as soon as he entered and noticed the other man holding her hand.

A flicker of anger flashed in Wayne’s eyes, causing a faint burst of bruises on the back of his hand. He was tempted to approach and pull Brandon away, but… he was afraid it would make Belinda unhappy.

As Belinda turned around, she felt the intensity of the fire in Wayne’s eyes, scorching her raw.

When did he come in?

She quickly pulled her hand out of her second brother’s grasp, not wanting to provoke Wayne. His possessiveness had reached a level where he struggled to control himself, bordering on an almost perverse obsession with her.

Belinda quickly stepped forward and firmly took Wayne’s hand, giving it a gentle shake. “Wayne, please calm down. You’re worrying me,” she said, her voice filled with concern.

The warmth and softness in her voice instantly snapped the man back to his senses. He anxiously looked at Belinda. “I’m sorry, darling. I didn’t mean to. He was just a little too close for comfort is all.”

“He’s my brother. You don’t need to worry.”

At that, Wayne pursed his lips. Those were her brothers’ names she said in her sleep last night…

Brandon furrowed his brow, realizing that Wayne would have been on him in seconds if Belinda hadn’t stopped him.

With a sigh, Wayne put his arm around Belinda’s waist and pulled her close. “Come here… Did you get your papers?”

Boris grimaced and gave Wayne a dangerous look.

“Papers for what?” The two brothers spoke almost simultaneously.

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