Billionaire’s Rebirth Wife A Dangerous Flirtation chapter 2 by F BOY’s DOLL

Chapter 2: Dog Bite

Wayne had thought that Belinda would resist.

In the past, whenever he would be covered in bruises, he would retreat to somewhere Belinda couldn’t find him and secretly carve his arm with a knife a hundred times. This time was different. Now, she was sitting quietly on the bed like a porcelain doll, her eyes clouded with a layer of mist, her face devoid of any trace of anger.

Wayne’s gaze grew dark as he finally turned away from the bedroom, resolutely arranging for someone to wash up and prepare breakfast for her.

Once he was gone, Belinda’s wrist shifted, revealing the presence of silver lockpicking needles concealed within her sleeve. With a deft maneuver, she clicked the lock open, freeing herself from the handcuffs. This kind of thing was child’s play for her.

Gracefully, Belinda touched the floor with her jade-like feet, stepping onto the plush carpet. The mirror before her reflected a face she considered truly hideous. Pockmarked cheeks and uneven skin made her recoil in disgust. How could Wayne have dared to kiss her last night?

Belinda winced and hurriedly removed the remnants of last night’s makeup, the ugly visage melting away to reveal her true features. She knew she had to maintain a low profile in order to avoid crossing paths with Wayne.

“My lady?” A servant outside the room called. “Miss Josie is


Belinda gave her reflection a wry smile. She was right on time.

Moments later, she was making her way down the stairs. Her natural beauty was on display, leaving people shocked.

“Sister? Why did you take off your makeup? That pervert will fall in love with you the second he sees you!” Josie hissed, eyes full of jealousy.

“Fall in love with me?” Belinda smirked mockingly, “Isn’t that a good thing?”

Josie’s eyes widened with a hint of disbelief as she observed an unsettling iciness emanating from the girl before her. This wasn’t the Belinda she knew.

“Don’t forget that that man is insane! He’ll kill you!” Josie insisted.

“Wouldn’t that be just perfect? If he were to kill me, then you could take my place and marry him,” Belinda spoke with a cool detachment, her words carrying a bitter truth.

Josie instinctively took a step back, intimidated by the overwhelming aura emanating from Belinda.

Had Wayne somehow spread his madness to her sister last night?

Gritting her teeth, Josie resorted to playing dirty. “Actually,” she said cheerfully, “Harley asked me to come see you today. He said he missed you.”

Belinda smiled a wicked, knowing smile. “What else did he say?”

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On the other side of the monitor, the man’s face turned ghastly pale, and the pen in his hand folded in half under the pressure of his grip.

Here, the surveillance cameras showed Every corner of the villa.

He watched the girl smile when she heard her sister say the name “Harley”, and his dark eyes instantly shifted crimson.

An icy chill permeated the conference room.

“He also wanted me to give you this,” Josie stated. She held out a dainty glass bottle, glancing at Belinda’s expression. When Belinda took the bait without a moment of hesitation, it was obvious to Josie that her sister was as stupid as ever.

Belinda gazed at the bottle of perfume before her and nodded with a hint of approval. “Not bad.”

“Try it. See if it smells good,” Josie urged, impatient.

“Sure,” Belinda replied nonchalantly. Without hesitation, she uncapped the bottle and sprayed it directly at Josie’s face.

“Ah!” Josie shrieked loudly as the fragrance engulfed her.

The perfume, in truth, was laced with a disfiguring agent, causing irreparable damage to Josie’s face.

“What are you screaming about? Doesn’t it smell good?” Belinda smiled with a bloodthirsty expression, transforming her once angelic face into that of a menacing demon.

Unwavering, Belinda continued to spray the rest of the bottle on Josie.

“My face! My face!” Josie exclaimed in panic, hastily lifting her clothes in an attempt to wipe it off.

“Josie, what’s wrong?!” Harley, alerted by the commotion, rushed into the villa.

When he saw the girl writing on the floor, his heart ached.

Belinda’s once beautiful eyes turned cold as ice. Everything was falling into place, just as she had planned. Both of them were now within her grasp, and it was time to settle the score from their previous life.

“Belinda, what have you done?! You vicious, ugly-” Harley looked up at her and was stunned by what he saw.

How is it possible that the glimmering beauty before him was the wretch from before?

“Who are you calling ugly?” Belinda raised her arm and delivered a resounding slap across Harley’s face.

The slap knocked him out of his daze. That voice certainly belonged to the ugly wretch who used to dote on him, but… why was she so gorgeous now?

With a disdainful scoff, Belinda pulled out a tissue and meticulously wiped her fingers, as if she’d just touched a rotten piece of garbage.

Harley’s handsome face darkened, his pride wounded by the humiliation.

“Harley, please help me! Help me now! My sister is trying to

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kill me!” Josie sobbed. Her desperate plea instantly stirred Harley’s protective instincts, but his gaze remained fixed on Belinda’s figure.

“Your joke’s over, Belinda,” Harley held his hand out to her. “The antidote. Now.”

Before, Belinda had always been on her knees begging Harley for attention. It was only fair that he was finally returning the favor.

Unimpressed, Belinda put her hand to her mouth and whistled. Then she called, “Jerry!”

Emerging from the villa’s backyard, a wolfhound bounded forward, its tongue lolling out of its mouth.

“Hello, baby,” Belinda cooed as she petted the wolf’s head. “You see them? Those two people are bullying me.”

Jerry panted and slobbered in excitement: breakfast was ready.

If they hurt his mistress, he had no problem sinking his teeth into them.

“Off you go,” Belinda said, straightening herself and casting a nonchalant glance at her neatly manicured nails.

Jerry lunged forward and sank his teeth into Harley’s outstretched hand.

“Ow! Get this mutt off me!” Harley shouted, but Jerry stayed anchored to him.

“Harley, please, save me first! Take me to the hospital quickly! I don’t want my face to be ruined!” Josie cried out in fear,

touching her face anxiously. She clung to Harley’s leg, refusing to let go.

Overwhelmed by his own concern for self-preservation, Harley forcefully kicked Josie away.

“Ahhh!” Josie let out a piercing scream as if he’d shattered her


Belinda watched the scene unfold with a sense of satisfaction, savoring the sight of Harley’s blood staining the ground a pretty shade of scarlet. However, deep inside, she knew that this was not enough. The perfume and the dog bite were nothing compared to the torture they had inflicted upon her and Wayne.

“Alright, baby, that’s enough.” Belinda rubbed her brow, bored.

With a final shake of his head, Jerry opened his jaws and Harley was quick to yank his hand to his chest. He hauled Josie to her feet and rushed out of the villa with her.

They really were pathetic.

Belinda tsked. “I don’t want you being so aggressive anymore, okay? Biting is bad.”

Jerry whined and cocked his head.

How did his little mistress change at the drop of a hat?

The next second, Belinda’s face quickly regained its cold demeanor as she composed herself, and she waved for the nearby servants to clean the blood and drool off of the floor.

Back in the meeting room, his wide eyes watched every second of what happened in the foyer, especially when he saw Belinda slap the other man.

Wayne’s thin lips tightened into a firm line as he observed the sudden transformation in Belinda’s personality. How did she change like that?

And did she call that stupid dog her baby?!

His stomach turned with jealousy. His next priority was to get rid of the mangy thing…

Beside him, his assistant glanced at the multiple broken pens on the table.

Mr. Darlow’s mood was a roller coaster, wasn’t it?

The assistant, Aaron Griffith, spoke up anxiously, “President? Does that conclude our meeting?”

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