Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 94

After Sophia had finished speaking, she picked up a glass of fruit juice at the side and walked away.

The class representative back then, Elijah Harman, came over. “Sophia, don’t take offense at Xandria. She has always had a vile tongue.”

Sophia merely smiled. “Everyone hasn’t changed.”

Having said that, she paused for a moment. “It so happens that I haven’t changed either.”

As Elijah stared into her alluring eyes, his heart inexplicably skipped a beat.

Oh my God, how could there be such a sassy and sexy woman!

Sophia lowered her head and took a sip of juice. At that precise moment, Xandria, who had been lambasting Sophia for being a bully, abruptly let out a shriek. Then, she shoved Seraphina away. “This is impossible! It’s impossible!”


Xandria left, stumbling with every step she took. At that, Sophia’s lips curved upward slightly.

Since everyone hasn’t changed, I don’t need to show them any mercy.

Therefore, she didn’t hold back when the woman provoked her.

“It was your doing, right?”

Sophia chose a spot and planned to sit down when Priscilla walked over with a glass of champagne.

Quirking an eyebrow, Sophia eyed her for a moment. “What are you referring to?”

I’ve done many things, so how am I to know which one she’s talking about?

“Was it you who published Xandria’s husband’s infidelity on the internet?”

In response, Sophia chuckled softly. “Please mind your words, Priscilla.”

After saying that, she paused for a moment before adding, “Me publishing it onto the internet and having someone do it are two different things.”

Priscilla snorted. “I just knew that it was you!”

“Thank you for understanding me so well.”

Sophia took a sip of juice before querying offhandedly, “By the way, what have you all prepared for me today?”

Never had Priscilla expected her to be aware of their scheme before the show had even begun.

Her expression promptly stiffened. “I don’t know what you’re saying.”


Sniggering, Sophia took out a pill from her handbag. “Don’t you find this pill familiar?”

Priscilla gaped at the pill between Sophia’s fingers, stunned for a brief moment. “Truly, I’ve got nothing to say to you. I’m going to find someone else to catch up!”

As soon as her words fell, she whirled around and hastily ran off in search of Seraphina and the others.

That pill was one she gave a server after bribing him in advance, asking him to figure out a way to drop it into Sophia’s drink while she wasn’t paying attention.

However, the pill appeared in Sophia’s hands right then.

Not only was she livid, but she was also a touch afraid.

She’s no easy prey whom we can do anything we please to. If she really knows that we want to make a move against her today, we’ll all be doomed tonight!

Sophia couldn’t help raising an eyebrow as she watched Priscilla’s back. Lifting her hand, she tossed the pill into the trash can.

No sooner had she done so than a member of the study committee back then came up to her and struck up a conversation.

The shy boy in the past had turned into a tall and handsome man. Nodding, Sophia replied, “I remember you. You’re Christopher Zimmer, a member of the study committee.”

A smile bloomed on Christopher’s face. “I thought you didn’t remember me anymore.”

Sophia’s eyebrows twitched. “Such a problem probably won’t happen with my memory.”

Christopher was momentarily startled before realization dawned upon him. “True. Your memory can be considered photographic.”

“I heard that you’re living in Jadeborough. How are you doing?”

“I’m doing pretty good, thank you.”

Meeting his goddess again after ten years, Christopher still didn’t quite know how to express his feelings for her.

While he was hesitating, Sophia could already guess his intention. Her main purpose in coming that day was to teach people a lesson, not to obtain confessions of love.

Just when she was going to excuse herself to another spot, Seraphina came over out of the blue. “I need to talk to you, Sophia.”

She gazed at Sophia with urgency written all over her face. Pursing his lips, Christopher could only stand up reluctantly and give them some space. “Please excuse me.”

The instant he left, Seraphina hurried over. “The thing is, Sophia…”


“Can we talk someplace else? I really don’t know how to say this!”

As Seraphina spoke, she even lifted her hand to tug at Sophia’s hand, but the latter simply dodged. Sophia snagged her handbag and got to her feet, looking at the woman with a smile in her lovely eyes.

Seraphina’s gaze flickered for a second, but it was fleeting. In the next heartbeat, her expression reverted back to its initial anxious and restless look. “Let’s go to a quiet place.”


Sophia’s lips turned up, for she was intrigued to see the trick they had up their sleeves.

Hence, the two of them left the private room. The long corridor was eerily silent, and Sophia followed behind Seraphina, walking unhurriedly on her boots. “Can’t we talk here?”

Seraphina glanced back over her shoulder. “The matter is rather embarrassing. Let’s talk in the cubicle in the restroom, okay?”

Tutting softly, Sophia agreed with a smile, “Okay.”

In no time, they both entered the restroom.

The hotel’s restroom was particularly high-class and clean. The moment Sophia stepped in, a blinding mist appeared before her eyes. She reflexively screwed her eyes shut in a flash.

Soon, she sensed someone restraining her hands and forcing her forward.

With her eyes closed, Sophia called out in the dark, “Seraphina?”

“What’s there to be smug about? No matter how smug you are, you still ended up in my hands, no?”

The person who spoke was Priscilla. Sophia opened her eyes, only to discover that she was being restrained by Seraphina and Priscilla’s other lackey.

“What do you want to do?”

Smirking, Priscilla eyed Sophia with a fake smile. “Don’t you already know?”

While saying that, she took out a small pill from a white bottle. “Eat this. You want to marry into riches, no? My uncle likes you quite a bit. After tonight, that dream of yours is going to come true again! Don’t be too grateful to me. I’m just this kind, Sophia!”

As she spoke, she threw a look at Seraphina and her other lackey. “Keep a tight grip on her!”

Sophia watched as Priscilla approached her step by step. When the latter reached her, she lifted her leg and kicked the woman to the ground.

Priscilla fell onto the ground hard, stunning Seraphina and the other lackey at the side. The pain was so great that Priscilla wailed at the top of her lungs.

Before Seraphina and the other woman snapped back to their senses, Sophia had already grabbed their wrists.

As soon as Sophia exerted force, they were in such pain that their faces drained of all color, and they hastily dropped their hold on her.

Lifting them by the collars, Sophia flung them into the cubicle at the side hard. Then, she swiftly poured the super glue she prepared in her pocket directly onto the door.

By the time Seraphina and the other woman gathered their wits, the door was already glued shut. “What are you doing, Sophia? Let me out!”

It’s been so many years, yet they haven’t improved at all! It’s always the same few tricks!

Turning a deaf ear to them, Sophia picked up the pill that had fallen to the floor and strolled over to Priscilla. “Thank you for being so good to me. However, you should save such a great opportunity for yourself!”

As she said that, she pinched Priscilla’s chin hard. Priscilla cried out at the pain, and Sophia seized that opportunity to toss the pill into her mouth before keeping her mouth pressed tightly together to prevent her from spitting it out.

Only after waiting for about a minute did she drop her hold on Priscilla. Straightening, she stared down at the woman on the floor. “I hope your dream of marrying into riches remains intact after tonight.”

While speaking, she reached out and knocked on the door of the cubicle in which the two people had been shouting and screaming with amusement in her eyes. “I wish you both a wonderful memory tonight!”

After Sophia had finished speaking, she dragged from the side the signage that wrote: Restroom Closed for Maintenance. Then, she placed it in front of the restroom door.

As Priscilla stumbled out of the restroom, Sophia followed behind her and considerately took her into a presidential suite.

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