Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 93

It had been almost ten years since that incident during Sophia’s sophomore year. While her memory of it was still vivid, she didn’t quite feel like pursuing the matter anymore since so many years had passed.

After speaking about it with Katherine last night, she thought about it and felt that it was indeed not quite worthwhile.

However, it was actually sometimes difficult if one wanted to stay silent and keep a low-profile.

Sophia had just woken up when she received a voice call from Seraphina. The vibrations from her secondary phone were so great that the noise promptly woke her.

The sky outside was still gloomy. Sophia glanced at the time, only to see that it wasn’t even half past seven yet.

As the corners of her mouth twitched, she picked up her phone and answered the voice call. “Hello, this is Sophia speaking.”

“Sophia, it’s me, Seraphina! Do you remember that we’re having a class reunion tonight at a little over six o’clock in the evening today? I was afraid that you’d forgotten, so I gave you a call to remind you about it! By the way, we allow everyone to bring their other half, so bring Joshua along if he’s free!”

“Okay,” Sophia replied lazily.

Seraphina couldn’t discern anything amiss. If it had been Yvonne, she would’ve been trembling in fear ages ago.

After all, no anyone could withstand Sophia’s grumpiness in the morning.

“Oh yes, Priscilla and the others asked me for your WhatsApp. Do add them to your contacts! It’s destiny that we studied together, so we former classmates have got to keep in contact.”

“Okay,” Sophia again answered placidly.

Seraphina proceeded to mention the location of the hotel and the room number of the private room once more before hanging up the phone.

Sure enough, when Sophia exited the chat interface, she saw several new messages from unknown numbers.

She merely swept her gaze over them but did nothing at all. Instead, she tossed the phone aside before picking up her primary phone and making a call.

Meanwhile, Seraphina rushed over to the group chat with Priscilla and the others as soon as she hung up the voice call to update them about things. She texted: Don’t worry! Sophia is definitely attending tonight! She’s something else now! I heard that she’s the owner of Specter Entertainment or something.

The instant her message went out, someone in the group replied: I’ve checked, and that company’s registered capital is only two million. There are merely a total of thirty celebrities under the company at present. The most popular celebrities are Katherine Quinn and Mason Queen, but they just rose to fame in recent years. It’s no more than a small company! Can it compare with the Fortune 500 company that belongs to Prissy’s husband’s family?

Someone else then typed: Of course not! Besides, when she and Alexander divorced, the Xenos family didn’t give her a single cent! What’s to fear about her?

Another person echoed: Yes, exactly!

While the four-person group was all abuzz, Sophia had also just hung up the phone.

Coincidentally, the hotel where they were having the class reunion had been acquired by Sophia two years ago.

Well, what can I do? I wanted to be kind and magnanimous, but the circumstances seemingly aren’t allowing me to do so.

The class reunion was at six o’clock in the evening, so Sophia left home at half past five and hailed a taxi. By the time the taxi came to a stop in front of the hotel entrance, it was six o’clock on the dot.

No sooner had she alighted from the taxi than she heard a familiar yet foreign voice. “Hey, isn’t this our campus belle?”

As Sophia turned, she immediately caught sight of a familiar woman. The woman was holding a handbag from Lucent’s winter collection that year, and the coat she wore was Dazzle’s new winter collection. Even her shoes weren’t cheap.

After so many years, Priscilla was still as high-profile as ever.

Sophia flashed her a smile. “It’s been a long time, Priscilla.”

“Oh, you still remember me?”

“My memory is pretty good.”

Sophia was a top student who always cinched first place at school, so her memory was naturally good.

Conversely, Priscilla’s memory wasn’t all that impressive.

Upon hearing that, Priscilla smirked slightly. “It’s almost been ten years since we graduated. I heard that you’re doing quite well.”


Sophia wasn’t the least bit modest, and that turned Priscilla off. “We seem to be late, so we should hurry up and go in.”

And so, both popular figures in class back then arrived late. The instant they entered the private room, a bunch of classmates greeted Sophia with astounded looks in their eyes.

Many years had passed, but she was still the Sophia of the past, her countenance as enthralling as ever.

Priscilla was also considered a beauty, even more so after she had dressed up meticulously.

When she stood beside Sophia, however, her delicate makeup appeared too heavy. In terms of aura and features, Sophia resembled a dazzling peony at full bloom, while Priscilla was more of a wildflower by the side of the road. She was lovely among the green weeds, but when she was placed together with a peony, she was entirely overshadowed.

In the past few class reunions, she would definitely be the center of attention the moment she arrived, with the limelight on her.

Alas, that was without Sophia’s presence. She had almost forgotten that she could only ever be the supporting character whenever Sophia was present.

Priscilla felt as though she had returned to her high school days. As long as Sophia and Katherine were around, she could only be a nobody forever.

Seraphina’s boyfriend was a small-time manager in the company belonging to Priscilla’s husband’s family, so Seraphina had been currying favor with Priscilla over the years.

During the class reunions for the past few years, she would praise Priscilla to the skies without fail as soon as the latter arrived.

That day was no exception. Before coming over, she had prepared a ton of compliments.

But the instant she saw Sophia, she couldn’t quite bring herself utter those flatteries.

After all, the difference was like night and day.

Sophia hadn’t attended the class reunion for many years, so news of her could only be gleaned from the internet. It was a rare appearance for her this time, so the majority of the people went up to her as soon as she stepped into the room.

Being the campus belle and top scorer, she was considered the goddess of eighty percent of the boys in her class back then.

It had been ten years after graduation, and most of them had some achievements, so they were all eager to flaunt themselves before their goddess upon hearing that Sophia was attending the class reunion that year.

However, that thought vanished into thin air after they laid eyes on her. They weren’t worthy of her ten years ago, but ten years later, she was all the more unattainable to them.

Needless to say, she was beautiful. That aside, her calm and elegant aura was no longer a matter of wealth and riches.

“Have you been appointed as an angel in the past few years, Sophia, that your aura is increasingly different from us mortals?” a male classmate who was relatively poor asked.

Smiling, Sophia was just about to answer when a female voice interjected, “What angel? Why, didn’t you all see the news that she married Mr. Xenos of Odyssey? But then, that was over four years ago. A year ago, they got divorced.”

The person who spoke was Priscilla’s lackey during high school, and she used to make such sarcastic remarks often in the past.

Even after so many years, she was still as foul-mouthed as ever.

In response, Sophia arched an eyebrow and remarked mildly, “You’ve paid much attention to my life, Xandria.”

At once, Xandria Lister’s expression stiffened. “Anyone who goes on the internet knows this.”

Chuckling nonchalantly, Sophia commented, “Indeed. But probably everyone who goes on the internet is also about to know that your husband cheated on you.”

“What nonsense are you spouting? My husband loves me! How could he possibly cheat on me? In fact, he just drove me over! If I hadn’t felt that it wasn’t quite appropriate to bring my significant half to our class reunion, he even wanted to come in with me! He can’t leave me for a single second, so don’t run your mouth, Sophia! If you want to speak, do so with evidence!”

Sophia regarded Xandria with a half-smile but didn’t bother riposting. It was as though Xandria made a casual remark.

Nonetheless, that statement was indeed rather despicable. Naturally, someone stepped forward to smooth things over.

At that moment, Seraphina tugged at Xandria. “Stop, Xan! Don’t say anything more!”

“Let go of me and allow me to speak! What campus belle? Is she so great just because she’s beautiful? So what if she’s pretty? Right now, she’s still a divorcee! Do you all know that is? It’s a woman someone doesn’t want and abandoned!”

The smile on Sophia’s face faltered. “Sorry, but I was the one who didn’t want Alexander.”

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