Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 71

The next day, the first thing Sophia did when she woke up was ask Yvonne to personally bring thirty thousand over to the Queens a few days later. Sophia’s reason for doing so was that she wanted to teach Megan a lesson for the time being.

Because of the issue with the vase, Megan had been feeling down for the past few days. Technically speaking, “down” was not enough to describe how dejected she had been.

She was grounded by Harold, and half a year’s worth of her allowance was cut. For a girl who was born into a wealthy family, having six months’ worth of allowance deducted was as horrible as death.

Moreover, it was already January, the month in which many upper-class social events were held.

Without money, she could not even make the necessary preparations.

Megan was a frivolous person. Now that she was grounded for a week, she did nothing but whine and complain every day.

On this day, a knock on the door broke the silence in the Queen residence.

Thinking that there was a guest, Megan was quite happy. She then hurriedly called Jessica to welcome the guest.

However, Megan’s glee did not last long when she found out that the guest was none other than Yvonne.

“Hello, Mrs. Queen. I’m Yvonne Leighton. Ms. Yarrow asked me to deliver compensation for the broken vase to you,” she said.

After returning to her room that night, Jessica was reprimanded by Harold. He even explained his thoughts regarding the vase to her.

Although Jessica was prejudiced against Sophia, the former’s impression of the latter had improved slightly. Yet, Jessica still looked down on Sophia. “Ms. Yarrow is so courteous. The compensation Meg mentioned the other day was not to be taken seriously. She is still young. You know she was just joking.”

Breaking into a professional smile, Yvonne neither held a haughty nor humble attitude. She said, “Ms. Yarrow has mentioned that compensation must be given. Here’s the exact amount of money. Please check it carefully.”

Jessica did not expect Sophia to pay for the compensation as three million was not a small sum.

When Jessica opened the bag handed over by Yvonne, the former thought that there would be stacks of cash inside. Instead, she found a box, and inside the box was the money.

The sum is over three million. Is this all she gave us? Sophia is ridiculous!

Megan, who was standing aside, burst out laughing. “Sophia is hilarious. If she can’t afford to pay us back, then she shouldn’t do it. Three million isn’t a big deal to us anyway. Who is she trying to insult with this pathetic amount of money?” she said.

Not uttering a word, Jessica furrowed her brows and stared at Yvonne. It was evident that the look on Jessica’s face showed that she had the same thought as Megan.

Yvonne explained, “Mrs. Queen, Ms. Yarrow asked me to compensate you based on the price of the vase. The intention was not to insult you.”

Upon hearing that, Jessica’s expression darkened as she said, “Do you mean that the vase we bought for three million is only worth thirty thousand just because you say so? Or is it perhaps you think that we’re using a counterfeit as an authentic product? Go back and tell Sophia that she’s truly gone too far. It’s fine if she’s poor. But if she doesn’t even know basic morals, she’ll continue to live her life as a nobody.”

Yvonne felt as though she had heard a joke.

She even wanted to tell those people who Sophia really was. However, Yvonne held herself back from doing so. She kept calm, trying her hardest to maintain the smile on her face. “Mrs. Queen, you’ve misunderstood what I meant. We’re not trying to insult you. Coincidentally, the vase comes in pairs. One of them currently belongs to Ms. Yarrow, so your vase is indeed a fake piece. If you don’t believe me, you can consult an expert to examine it.”

“This is absurd! How can Sophia be so sure that the one she has is authentic?” Megan retorted.

“The vase originally belonged to William Watson, a descendant of the royal family. Twenty years ago, because he needed money to save his family’s business, he split the pair of vases up. One was sold to the chairman of Rising Group, Timothy Miller; the other was sold to Lucas Walker, a traditional painting master. Ms. Yarrow’s vase was bought from Lucas Walker three years ago. Also, according to the information we’ve obtained, the other vase is still in Timothy Miller’s possession,” replied Yvonne.

Face flushing, Megan felt that Yvonne was there to humiliate her and her family. Megan said, “Nonsense! How do you know that the information you have is true? Why not say the vase in Sophia’s possession is the fake? You’ve seriously crossed the line! I don’t care if you can’t afford to repay us. What are you trying to pull now? Do you think it’s necessary for us to resort to buying a counterfeit? Get lost! Take your money, and get out of our house!”

Grabbing the bag from Jessica, Megan threw it at Yvonne right away.

Yvonne dodged it, then frowned and said, “Ms. Yarrow has another thing she wants me to tell you, Mrs. Queen. She said that whether or not the vase is authentic, Mr. Queen can decide for himself.”

Enraged, Megan took her phone and gave Thalia a call. Megan believed that Sophia had deliberately asked Yvonne to come and humiliate her.

A month ago, Thalia was detained for several days. Although she had become a better person, her resentment toward Sophia kept growing each day.

The call from Megan made Thalia lit up like a lighter.

Over the phone, the two discussed a way to make Sophia pay for her actions.

Meanwhile, as Yvonne recounted what had happened to Sophia, the latter slightly raised her brows and said, “Thanks for your hard work.”

“Ms. Yarrow, we don’t actually have to compensate them,” said Yvonne.

Knowing that the vase was fake, Yvonne thought that it was best not to make any compensation. Recalling the fact that Sophia told her to bring thirty thousand to the Queen residence, Yvonne felt that it was truly somewhat insulting.

Hearing her words, Sophia could not help laughing. “Do you think that I took things too far?”

“I know you’re not that kind of person,” Yvonne said.

Snorting, Sophia said, “Well, you’re wrong. I did that on purpose.”

Sure enough, Sophia knew clearly that Jessica and Megan would not believe her. Hence, she let Yvonne deliver thirty thousand over to their place.

Didn’t Jessica and Megan look down on me before? Didn’t they call me a bumpkin who doesn’t know the ways of the world?

It was true that Sophia was rather inexperienced, but one thing she did know was that the Queens had been deceived as they had purchased a fake antique vase.

By the time Harold examines the vase, Jessica and Megan will have felt a huge slap in their faces, won’t they? Tsk, tsk. I’m really looking forward to it.

However, it was a pity that she would not see any of the Queens in her life ever again.

Yvonne was stunned. When she returned to her senses, her heart skipped a beat.

Oh, gosh! I like Ms. Yarrow even more now that she’s become mischievous.

“I’m sure you have your reasons for doing so,” she said.

As Sophia’s number one fan, Yvonne firmly believed that there must be a reason behind Sophia’s actions.

Smiling, Sophia said, “Yes. I’m the type to hold grudges.”

Hanging up the phone, Sophia was in a good mood. Thus, she wanted to visit Specter Entertainment.

As its owner, she thought that showing up in the company merely once a month was quite unprofessional.

Just as she was done changing and was going to head out, the doorbell rang.

Lifting her brows, she walked outside in her high heels. “Hello,” she greeted.

“Hello, are you Ms. Yarrow? These flowers are for you. Please sign here,” said the delivery man.

Frowning, Sophia asked, “Can I refuse to accept them?”

Being in a difficult position, the delivery man replied, “The sender didn’t leave their address. If you refuse to accept them, I can only return these flowers to the florist.”

“Just give them to me then,” said Sophia.

Upon signing the package, she took the bouquet of champagne-colored roses over.

There was no card or message that came along with the flowers.

Clicking her tongue, Sophia held the flowers and went back inside.

It would be a waste if she did not accept them.

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