Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 70

Instantly, Jessica was stunned. “Samuel, are you absolutely sure?”

Megan reacted similarly, as her face had turned as white as a sheet. “Samuel! Are you nuts? I’m your cousin! How could you help an outsider to accuse me!”

Harold looked toward Sophia, whose facial expression remained unchanged as she slowly met his gaze. “Mr. Queen, it’s getting late, so I’m not going to disturb you any longer. As for the vase, I’ll have someone send the money over later.”

After saying that, Sophia glanced at Stephen. “Can we go now?”

It took a moment for Stephen to return to his senses and nod. “Okay.”

After saying that, he bid goodbye to Harold and Jessica before leaving the Queen residence with Sophia.

Sophia had been calm and collected from beginning to end.

Looking at Sophia’s back, Harold suddenly thought of something. “Samuel, is Stephen’s girlfriend Alexander’s ex-wife?”

Samuel was a bit confused but quickly nodded. “Yes, it’s her.”

Harold furrowed his eyebrows. “That woman is not a simple one.”

Samuel could not help but sigh. She’s definitely not simple.

That night, Megan looked like a clown in comparison to Sophia. More importantly, Sophia did not even need to bat an eyelash at her. This went on to show that the two were on different levels.

After Harold finished talking, his expression turned indifferent, and he slapped Megan. “Where are your manners?”

Megan was Jessica’s only daughter. Thus, the latter felt heartbroken seeing her husband slapping Megan. “What are you doing, Harold! Meg is just being rash, that’s all. You should talk it out with her instead of beating her!”

“Being rash? If I remember correctly, she and Thalia gave Sophia a hard time during Dad’s birthday party two years ago. You might think that you were making a fool of her, but you failed to realize that other people were judging your actions as well! Look at how Sophia reacted just now. She did not show a single hint of anger from beginning to end. What about you? As the only daughter of the Queen family, I gave you the best since you were young. Yet, I was utterly embarrassed by your behavior just now!”

There was no way Harold was not aware of his daughter’s personality. It was just that Sophia was Alexander’s wife back then, and the incident happened at his father’s birthday party. As the Xenos family did not like Sophia, Harold did not find the need to intervene in that matter at the time.

However, things were not the same as before. As someone who had done business for years, Harold was good at judging people.

Sophia was calm and collected when dealing with things. As a woman in her twenties, she did not feel scared or shy away when meeting his gaze. Judging by that two factors alone, Harold could tell that she was someone that had experienced a lot.

Meanwhile, Megan was stupefied by her father’s slap as a buzzing sound echoed in her head. Holding her face, she did not dare to say anything else.

Quickly, Samuel found an excuse to escape. As soon as his car exited the mansion, he gave Alexander a call.

This time, Alexander did not reject his call. Samuel let out a soft snort. “Alex, I’m just returning from Aunt Jessica’s house. It’s a shame you didn’t come! You missed out on such a good show.”

On the other end of the line, Alexander laughed coldly. “With your intelligence, it’s hard to say if you’re the one watching the drama, or if you’re the one starring in it.”

Samuel was speechless for a moment before continuing, “When Sophia was touring around Uncle Harold’s house, Megan pushed her, causing Sophia to lose her balance and crash into Uncle Harold’s precious vase. While Megan was making a scene, I was struggling with whether to help her or my cousin. However, I did not expect your ex-wife to force me to become a witness in the middle of the storm! Let me tell you, Alex. Sophia seems like a different person ever since she divorced you. Why do I feel like this is the real Sophia? You don’t even know how scary her gaze was just now. Although she was smiling, I could feel an overwhelming tension coming from her.”

Alexander put out his cigarette and questioned, “You’re calling me just to say this?”

“What else? Aren’t you concerned about your ex-wife?”

Alexander lit up another cigarette. “If you’re so worried about her, you can pursue her. You’re such a handsome, cool, and sophisticated man, after all. It’s easy for you to win her heart. There’s no need to probe me for answers.”

Samuel wanted to snap after hearing that. How could a close friend say something like this to me? Alexander is really asking for it! No, maybe I’m the foolish one! ”All right, then. If I ever tell you about Sophia’s matter again, I’m a pig!”

It was the first time Samuel hung up the call in anger. What a stubborn jerk! Who was the one that called me last night, asking me to get rid of Stephen?

After hanging up the call, Alexander’s eyes darkened as he stared at the dimming screen of his phone.

This has nothing to do with me.

Stephen glanced back at her when the car slowly drove into Sophia’s mansion. “I’m sorry, Sophia. I didn’t know they would treat you this way.”

Sophia raised an eyebrow. “Perhaps I’m the one that should be apologizing. Your godmother’s mood must have been ruined.”

Hearing that she could still joke around, Stephen let out a sigh of relief. “Perhaps. But that’s something my godfather should take responsibility for.”

Sophia grabbed her bag. “Yeah. Your godsister must be having a rough night too.”

Stephen smiled. “She’s a grown adult, so she must take responsibility for her own actions.”

“That’s true. I’m heading in now. Good night.”

“Good night.”

Stephen waved his hands. Looking at her retreating figure, he was unsure if Sophia was angry or not.

In fact, her mood was better than Stephen expected. Sophia was not one to forgive and forget. A few years ago, Megan and Thalia had wanted to make a fool out of her during the birthday party. That was why she decided to sit still despite knowing that Megan was going to ambush her again that night.

Sophia was not that good of a person. When Megan pushed her, she could have steadied her footing.

However, Megan had been bugging her the entire night. There was no way Sophia would hold back, so she decided to go along with it.

Besides, even if the vase was authentic, Sophia could easily afford to pay the compensation.

Wasn’t it Megan who started all of this? I’ll gladly play along with her. Yes, now that things have gotten out of hand, they’re putting the blame on me.

After remembering Harold’s darkened expression, Sophia could not help but grin. Megan must be having a terrible night right now, isn’t she?

Meanwhile, not only was Megan having a rough night but Alexander too.

Indeed, it was another restless night for the latter.

After filing a divorce with Sophia, he found it hard to sleep at night.

When he left that night, he was determined not to return to Sophia and humiliate himself.

However, when he heard Samuel saying that Stephen brought her to the Queen residence, and as Stephen’s girlfriend no less, Alexander felt restless.

The anxious feeling continued until four minutes past midnight. When he closed his eyes, all he could think of was the memory of Sophia singing while sitting on the stool.

The thought of wanting to claim Sophia grew stronger and stronger, and Alexander felt like he was going crazy.

Perhaps it was just like Samuel had said. Alexander was just fooling himself when he said that he did not care.

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