Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 43

While Charles watched the elevator door close, he took out his phone and called Alexander.

Alexander, who just finished his meeting, frowned when he saw who was calling him. “What’s the matter?”

Due to his divorce from Sophia, Samuel and Charles were constantly laughing at him. If he had to be honest, he did not want to receive any calls from either of them at all.

They would certainly not bear any good news with them, after all.

To his surprise, all Charles said was, “Alex, do you know what your ex-wife is working as?”

Alexander froze.

What does Sophia work as? She seems unemployed, but she’s a top student who studied finance. Still, it seems like she has always been in the Xenos residence for the last three years while she had been married to me.

“She doesn’t have a job.”

“Are you sure?” was all Charles uttered before ending the call.

Staring at the phone screen, Alexander could not help furrowing his brows.

In the past, he would be sure of his answer.

Now, he was not.

After his divorce from Sophia, Alexander began to realize that he seemed as though he never understood her. It was the same as how he did not know Sophia would not be as hysterical as other women when she was angry. Instead, she would take her revenge in a calm and collected manner. He, too, did not know that she was not as in love with money as he thought she was. At the very least, she never asked for anything during their divorce.

In their three years of marriage, other than the thirty thousand that he had asked Felix to transfer to Sophia every month, he never gave her any other money.

There was once after the divorce when he suddenly went to check that account’s balance, and it was then he found out that there was a total of one million eighty thousand in there—thirty thousand each month for thirty-six months of three years.

If Sophia did not have a job, how could she possibly not use any of the money he gave her and still afford her daily necessities?

At that very moment, Alexander felt that he had been a blinded fool for three years. Rage flooded his senses, and his expression darkened. Then, he summoned Felix with the intercom.

Felix soon entered the room, thinking that Alexander had called him for work matters. To his bafflement, Alexander asked, “What did Sophia work as back then?”

Felix blinked in astonishment before he hesitantly replied, “It seems like Ms. Yarrow doesn’t have a job.”

“Then where does she get her money from?”

Felix shot a careful glance at Alexander before saying, “Mr. Xenos, Ms. Yarrow is a shareholder of Specter Entertainment.”

Indeed, Alexander only found out after the divorce that his ex-wife turned out to be the chairman of Specter Entertainment, which was a company with swift developments in recent years.

Alexander then waved his hands dismissively. “You can leave.”

Felix sighed in relief. Just as he was about to turn and leave, Alexander suddenly uttered, “Wait.”

“Mr. Xenos?”

“What was with the video yesterday?”

Felix raised his head to look at Alexander before telling him what he knew. “Ms. Yarrow left after her meal. She just had a brief argument. Nothing else happened.”

Then, Felix hesitated. After he steeled himself, he added, “It seems like Mr. Evan is courting Ms. Yarrow.”

“Evan Conant?”


Alexander scoffed, “Why are you telling me this? Does this have anything to do with me?”

At that, Felix fell silent.

I’m an idiot to have told you about it.

“Mr. Xenos, I’ll take my leave now.”


Alexander gave Felix a cold glance as the latter left.

The night fell quickly at Jadeborough in November. After seven, the sky was already pitch-black.

If not for the sports car parked in front that Sophia spared a few glances at, she would not have seen Evan standing by her doorstep.

By then, Evan had clearly seen her there, for he quickly stopped in front of her car with flowers in his hands.

Sophia raised her brow and wound down her car window. “Anything I can help you with, Mr. Evan?”

“I was too abrupt yesterday. I’ve come to apologize to you today.”

Tsk. This is the first time I’ve seen someone bring red roses to another’s doorstep to apologize.

Nevertheless, she gave him a smile. “I wasn’t offended. If there’s nothing else, Mr. Evan, please move aside. I’m driving in.”

The door was already opened, and Sophia’s car was parked right in front of the entrance. She was about to drive in, but Evan had bodily blocked her way.

Evan then raised his hand and glanced at his watch. “It’s still early, so why don’t we go out for supper?”

Sophia recognized the watch on his wrist—it was a classic mechanical watch of a luxury brand that cost more than two million. In other words, his watch was almost as expensive as her car.

She found his action funny, as it was a lot like a child showing off how many toys he had. However, Sophia did not care at all.

“Let’s not. I don’t eat supper.”

Still, Evan shamelessly said, “Then I’ll come into your house to have a cup of water.”

The smile on Sophia’s face faded. “There’s a water shortage in my house.”

“Then I’ll order a drink and have it delivered here. You don’t mind me coming for a seat in your house, right?”

“I do.”

Sophia did not like to waste her time on things like these. After pushing open the car door and getting down from the car, she looked at Evan before pointing at her car. “Mr. Evan, I’m sure you recognize this car, right?”

“I do. It’s a limited edition Ferrari model that was released last year. There’s only a hundred of this model, and it’s more than three million each.”

Sophia nodded and smiled. “You should know how much a house in Jadeborough costs, right?”

“I’m not very clear about that, but I do know the real estate prices of this area. It’s around eighty thousand. Yours is near water, so this house must cost around fifty million.”

Evan thought he realized something, and he added, “Do you like cars or houses? I can give you both.”

Even though fifty million was not a small sum, Sophia was Alexander’s ex-wife, and Evan felt that it was worth it.

However, Sophia lifted a brow in response. “Mr. Evan, I think you’ve misunderstood this. You might not know about this, but I bought the car and the house myself.”

Evan froze. By then, he would be a fool not to understand what Sophia was trying to tell him.

Then, he thought about how he was trying to flaunt his watch to her, and that made his face heat up.

Still, everyone in the upper-class social circle knew that Alexander’s ex-wife left the marriage without asking for anything. Therefore, he refused to believe that she had bought the mansion herself.

Knowing what he was thinking about, Sophia scoffed, “I have the capability of purchasing ten of these mansions, let alone one. So, Mr. Evan, I’d ask you not to waste your time on me because you’ll only end up looking—”

At that, she paused and narrowed her eyes, “—like a fool.”

Each of her words was like a slap on Evan’s face.

There was no way Evan could stand it, so he snarled, “Sophia, don’t push your luck! You know well where your money comes from. Don’t you dare think that you’re someone reputable just because you’ve gained some money from Alexander!”

Sophia frowned. Right as she was about to respond to him, the sounds of car honks came from her left.

Instinctively, she turned to the side, only to be blinded by the car lights. A second after she raised her hands to shield her eyes, the door to the car opened, and Alexander stepped out of the car.

Sophia stiffened as a rare wave of surprise washed over her. As she watched Alexander walk toward her, she asked in confoundment, “Is something up?”

Alexander glanced at Evan, who was pale from fury. “When has Mr. Evan started enjoying forcing others?”

Others had been comparing Alexander to Evan since Evan was a child. Moreover, Evan always lost in the comparison. When he was younger, he was often furious about that, but later on, when he found out that he was certainly no match for Alexander, he began avoiding Alexander.

The reason he was so interested in Sophia was mostly due to the fact Sophia was Alexander’s ex-wife.

What he thought was, If I can conquer the woman Alexander failed to conquer, won’t that mean I’m better than Alexander?

Now that Alexander had appeared, Evan instantly turned cowardly. Still, he stubbornly snapped, “You’re the one who enjoys forcing others! It’s natural for men to go after fine ladies! There’s nothing wrong with me courting Ms. Yarrow, so how can you call that forcing her?”

Then, Evan shoved the bouquet of roses into Sophia’s hands and said, “I’ll contact you another day.”

Once that was said, he returned to his car and drove off.

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