Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 42

Sophia did not frequent the gym in the past. She did not like others watching her while she trained, so before getting a divorce from Alexander, she used to do running in Alexander’s personal gym.

After the divorce, she took a trip around Epea and realized that she truly did not have a good physique. Katherine then suggested Sophia should get a private instructor, and she even recommended someone to her. That was how Sophia began going to the gym.

She would train three to four times every week, and she would work out for two hours each session.

By the time Sophia exited the gym, it was after six in the evening. The sky outside was already as dark as ink.

Sophia had a few missed calls from Katherine, for she had kept her phone in her bag the entire time. After a slight furrow in her brows, Sophia then decided to enter a pasta restaurant for dinner. It was only after she took her seat and made her order did she finally click into her chat with Katherine.

As it turned out, Katherine had sent her dozens of continuous messages, one of them with a video attached.

Upon watching the video, Sophia finally realized what Katherine was talking about.

Someone had recorded her conversation with Bethany at the restaurant in the afternoon and posted it on a video-sharing website.

Initially, the netizens reposted the video onto their own social media because they found it thrilling to hear cursing and profanities from the pretty woman in the video.

Later on, someone realized that Sophia and Bethany were the ones in the video.

One was Alexander’s ex-wife, and the other was Alexander’s rumored first crush.

Thus, the video became even more interesting.

That was how Sophia ended up trending again.

Sophia could not help but click her tongue as she read the comments under the video.

It seems like the netizens have good taste. Everyone can see that I’m much better than Bethany. Yes, that’s right. Alexander’s the blind one.

Although Sophia was not a narcissist, she was a woman, and women enjoyed receiving compliments.

Most of the comments below the video were praising her.

My god! This young woman is so pretty! This is the first time I’ve seen someone capable of cursing so nonchalantly and elegantly! I love this!

This young lady’s face looks way better than the one at the side. She’s so fine! Ah! Mom, I’m in love again!

Argh! She’s so, so cool! This is how you should treat pretentious b*tches! Hahaha! Now I know what to do the next time I meet one!

There were many similar comments, and Sophia had to admit that her mood was great after reading them.

After a while of reading, Katherine replied: Isn’t she too shameless? By the way, isn’t she with Alexander? Why is she suddenly having meals with Evan Conant? Hahaha! Does Alexander know about this? Why am I suddenly so happy about this?

Sophia could not help but chuckle at Katherine’s message. She then replied: If my guess is right, Alexander didn’t get together with her.

At the start, Sophia thought Alexander had given his heart to Bethany, but after the happenings of the past few months, she realized that Alexander had no heart at all.

Okay, I feel a little better after thinking that.

Nevertheless, half a year later, Sophia realized she no longer cared about whether or not there was anything between Alexander and Bethany anymore.

As a matter of fact, Sophia found out that single life was fantastic.

Who cares about love? Who cares about falling in love with others? What’s wrong with loving myself?


“Wow, in that case, that’s great! Hahaha! Maybe Bethany strung Alexander along. Hahaha! Soph, I’ve suddenly got an evil plan in me.”

It seemed like using mere words was no longer enough to express Katherine’s excitement, for she sent Sophia a voice message instead.

Hearing the message, Sophia then lifted a brow. “I’m sure your evil plan is going to be rather evil, so I’d suggest you not do it.”

Katherine chuckled guiltily. “Don’t be like this, my old friend!”

Right then, Sophia’s pasta arrived, and she texted Katherine to tell her that she would be eating. After that, she put down her phone and ignored her friend.

Once she was done with her meal, Sophia went strolling around the nearby mall. After buying a bouquet of fresh flowers, she drove back to the mansion.

That night, she took a nice lavender bath and got a good night’s sleep.

The next day, Sophia received a call from Yvonne, who told her that Expedite’s chairman was interested to meet her.

Sophia just woke up when she heard Yvonne’s words. After a moment of digesting it, she said, “Tobias White wants to meet me?”

Yvonne replied, “Yes, Ms. Yarrow. Expedite has been experiencing a shortage in funds since last year. Perhaps Tobias wishes to discuss the matter of acquisition with you, or perhaps he wishes to sell shares.”

Sophia pressed her lips together. “Then please make the arrangements for me.”

A pause later, she added, “But I don’t want to meet Tobias as Suny.”

If Tobias knows that I’m Suny, doesn’t that mean that Alexander, Samuel, and the others would know that I’m Suny as well? I don’t want to deal with so much trouble.

“I understand, Ms. Yarrow.”


After ending the call, Sophia went to make a bowl of instant oatmeal.

Around eleven, Yvonne called to tell her that she had arranged a meeting with Tobias for the next afternoon.

As Sophia had nothing to do for the day, she went to the beauty salon in the afternoon.

Just as she was done with her session, she encountered Kristen and her group of married friends.

With a faint smile on her face, Sophia walked past them. Kristen had her head held high, thinking that Sophia would greet her. To her surprise, Sophia’s eyes remained fixed in the front as she walked past her.

Before Sophia could walk further away from them, one of the women uttered, “Mrs. Xenos, wasn’t that your ex-daughter-in-law?”

Kristen’s expression darkened. “I guess so. I didn’t catch a clear glimpse of her face.”

“She’s so uncivilized. At the very least, she was once your daughter-in-law. How could she possibly just walk off without saying anything?”

Kristen had gotten a high status in the group of women because of how excellent Alexander was. Later on, she also gained the admiration of many upon “taming” Sophia.

Naturally, Kristen would not want the others to realize that Sophia no longer cared about the Xenos family with the obvious change in Sophia’s demeanor.

That was why she scoffed and said, “Why else did you think Alex wanted to get a divorce with her?”

The woman who spoke earlier nodded. “True.”

Sophia was just a short distance away from them, so she heard their conversation. Nevertheless, her only response was to lift a brow. She could not be bothered to care about it.

They can say whatever they want. I’m out of this hell named the Xenos family.

After Sophia left the beauty salon, she decided to head to Magic Sense.

After all, that was the company she had hopes for.

What Sophia did not expect was to meet Alexander’s childhood friend, Charles.

Better words came out of Charles’ mouth than Samuel’s, so Sophia did not have too terrible of an impression of him.

Regardless of that, he was still someone associated with Alexander, and she did not plan to talk to him.

On the other hand, Charles, who was normally arrogant and aloof, called out her name. “Sophia.”

Sophia halted in her tracks and turned to look at him in surprise. “Is there something I can help you with, Mr. Johnson?”

The Johnson family was focused on investments. Therefore, Sophia could make a guess as to why she had encountered Charles there.

As Charles looked at her, he asked, “Are you here to visit a friend?”

“I didn’t know your jurisdiction spreads so far and wide, Mr. Johnson.”

Despite her words, there were no changes to Charles’ expression. “It’s just a random question.”

He then paused before continuing, “It’s nothing. I won’t disturb you any longer.”

Sophia nodded in response before entering the elevator.

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